Bepannaah 26th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 26th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 26th November 2018 Written Episode

Aditya pins the doc to the wall. Is this how you will handle my Ma? You wanted me to hospitalise her! You couldn’t handle her for a day! I will sue this hospital legally if anything happens to my Ma. She is my only family now. I will then burn this hospital personally. Doc admits that it was a mistake. We are looking for her. He tells her to find her asap. Nurses are gossiping about Anjana. A lady comes and makes an entry in the register. Nurse gives her a file and card. She is assigned a night shift with Dr. Khanna. They hear some commotion and go to look outside.

Anjana is having trouble wheeling her wheelchair on the road. She is shouting for Harsh everywhere. Autos, cars pass by in high speed. Nurses and ward boys are afraid to go rescue her. Aditya is asking everyone about his mother inside

the hospital. Nurse informs doc that Anjana is on the road. She might meet with an accident. Doc and Aditya rush outside. A truck is approaching Anjana. The same girl rescues her. Anjana holds her hand but is shocked to see the girl. You? Everyone rushes to Anjana’s side. Nurses compliment the girl on what she did. Anjana asks the girl to take her with her. These people are really bad. Aditya runs to his mother’s side. The girl leaves. Anjana questions him as to why he left her alone. He promises her he will never leave her again. Another girl comes to call the girl inside. Dr. Khanna is calling you inside. Her dupatta falls on Aditya as she walks back inside. Aditya is lost for a second. Anjana tells Aditya that a girl saved her today. She was really nice. I felt as if I knew her already. Don’t know what would have happened if it wasn’t for her. He assures her he wouldn’t have let anything happen to her. Nurses take her inside. Aditya asks a nurse to find out about the girl who saved his mother.
Wasim tells Roshnaq to leave the lights on. She knows he is upset that the girls have gone away. They will be back soon. He asks about Zoya and is unhappy to know that she isn’t talking much these days. It is good that the kids should be engrossed. They should just be away from Mumbai! Roshnaq is sure Zoya wont go back to Mumbai. She is smart enough. He hopes for the same. Noor calls Roshnaq. They talk to her on speaker. They pray for the well-being of their daughters. Wasim hopes that they don’t fall for those guys ever again!

Flashback shows Zoya coming to her Abbu. She breaks down in front of her parents. Wasim takes one look at her and announces that they are leaving Mumbai tomorrow itself. Pack our bags. He comforts his daughter. Roshnaq knocks at Zoya’s room. Inside, Zoya cannot stop herself from thinking about Aditya’s accusations. Tears stream down her cheeks as she stares blankly ahead her. Flashback ends. Roshnaq is caressing a photo. Everyone says that Aditya is your past. No one ever told me what really went wrong. I thought you guys loved each other honestly. How did it end so soon? I know you are acting strong and I hope you continue being strong. I am still afraid thinking that you are not over Aditya yet. I know that it is same for him too. I wish I knew how to fix it.

Anjana is sleeping. Aditya is sitting next to her and refuses to leave her side. Doc tells Aditya to go home and relax. We will find a good nurse for your mother. Aditya tells him it is ok. There is no one at home anyways. My home is where my mother is. You need sleep and not bed to really sleep. I will stay with Ma. Doc gives in and excuses himself. Aditya picks up that dupatta as he heads outside the ward. He looks at the dupatta. Anjana’s words echo in his head. He lies down on the chairs outside the ward and covers himself with that dupatta. The girl is walking past him when she sees her dupatta draped over him. She picks it and walks away. Aditya sits up immediately. He finds a coffee mug there and picks it.

Next morning, it is Noor’s orientation day in a NGO. A lawyer is invited to guide them about the life of refugees. Noor is surprised to hear it is Arjun Hooda. Arjun and Noor look at each other but then she looks away.

Mili is waiting eagerly for Aditya. Staff members gossip that Aditya lectures them for being punctual yet he is missing from an important meeting. Mili calls them heartless. His mom is unwell. I wish I could stay with her. He does not allow anyone to interfere in his personal matters. A girl taunts her for the same. Mili tells her to say whatever they want to but not take it out on Aditya. She speaks to Aditya’s photo lovingly. I guarantee your heart will beat for me one day. I will teach you to live again. She kisses his photo.

Doc apologizes to Aditya for yesterday. We will find a great nurse for your mother. Aditya also apologizes for being so rude yesterday. I have no one else in my family. Don’t know how I will live without her. Doc nods. We will find a perfect nurse for your mother. Aditya looks at Anjana who is still sleeping peacefully. I will be back soon. I wont let anything happen to you. He kisses on her forehead before leaving. Aditya is near his car when the nurse comes to tell him that that girl was a physiotherapy intern. It was her first day. She was on night shift. Aditya tells her to thank the girl on his behalf. He gives her some money to give to the girl. Nurse takes it. Aditya is driving when he receives Mili’s call. She informs him about the clients waiting for him. He tells her to keep them engaged till he comes. I am on my way. She agrees. Take care of Ma’am. Nothing is greater than mom in the world. Hope she gets well soon. He thanks her and ends the call. Aditya is unable to see anything due to the shine coming from a bracelet. He stops the car and notices the girl with the same dupatta on the road. He takes Zoya’s name. She boards an auto before he can get down from his car. He starts following the auto.

Mili says Aditya is never late. In case he is late, he gives instructions to manage. Her friend tells her to keep trying his number and goes inside to check on the clients.

The past moments flash in Aditya’s mind as he starts chasing the auto. It cannot be Zoya! What if it is indeed Zoya? How does it matter if it is Zoya?

Mili is worried for Aditya. Just pick my call once and say that you are okay. Don’t trouble me like this Adi Sir!

Aditya collides with a car while trying to overtake the auto. The guy taunts him. Aditya beats the guys as they pass remarks about his wife. Police comes on the spot. The auto is on a standstill nearby. Aditya sees it as he leaves in the police jeep.

Precap: Doc tells Aditya that his mother is improving a lot. She has made a special connection with our new intern. Aditya is curious about the new intern. Anjana is all calm with the new intern and holds her hand assuredly as the girl gives her an injection. Aditya sees it and looks relieved.

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