Bepannaah 27th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 27th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 27th November 2018 Written Episode

Aditya paces in his cell. His friend (Kunal) enters. Inspector and Kunal get into a conversation. Mili comes as well. Kunal says Aditya does not wish to come here. It is you guys who ring him here again and again. Inspector remarks that he comes here for some reason or other even if we don’t want it. You both run such a big law firm yet you don’t abide by the rules! He says we are trying to figure out more about the laws this way. Stop wasting your time over fake criminals. Inspector tells him it wont work every time. You will be in for a long time someday. Aditya tells him to hurry up. Kunal pacifies Yadav Sir with Swiss chocolates. Mili asks him if he went to Switzerland. Kunal gives the box to Yadav. How are your kids? Your son is giving board exams, right? Yadav says you keep very much updated.

Kunal says one should keep friends close and enemies closer. We are friends. We are fighting for law and order only. Aditya only gets angry when someone breaks law. I give personal guarantee it wont happen again. Yadav tells him to pay the fine and then take Aditya. Take these chocolates too. I have sugar. Kunal says it might be you, your kids or someone else who eats them but I wont take it back. I will fill the fine too.
Arjun has given a brief to everyone. Noor’s Boss introduces Arjun to Noor. He praises Noor in front of Arjun. Someone calls him so he leaves them in each other’s company. Arjun asks Noor how she is. She says I am fine. How are you? He shares that he came to meet her before leaving Mumbai but the door was locked. She tells him no explanation is required. I think what we are doing here is more important than both of us! She excuses herself.

Mili asks Aditya if he is fine. He asks them who is handling the meeting if they are here. She tells him that she scheduled them for tomorrow as they couldn’t get in touch with him. He lashes out at her. Will you guys shut down the company if something happens to me tomorrow? Kunal says we were worried for you. Why are you scolding her? Clients don’t listen to anyone but you! We will hold the meetings tomorrow. Mili is in tears. Kunal tells her that Aditya isn’t bad but his temper is. He must be feeling bad but he wont say it. You can leave for the day. I am with Aditya.

Arjun stops Noor. Can we go for a coffee if you have some free time? She denies politely. He says I am away from home since a year. I don’t wish to return home after what happened. It felt good to see some known person around. I wont take much time. She agrees to join him at the coffee shop and goes to take her bag. Arjun gets a call from someone. What about Bhai?

Aditya keeps thinking about the girl he saw. Kunal asks him what happened. It looked like someone got you really angry. Aditya tells him not to joke. I thought I saw her. He stops from taking Zoya’s name. Are you sure? Aditya says I imagine her everywhere. Kunal says she is in Dehradun. It makes no sense. Aditya reasons that nothing is logical in his life anymore. I thought nothing will surprise me anymore in life but nothing can shock me anymore. Kunal points out that he did get shocked. Aditya cuts off the topic and they head towards the hospital.

The new girl is feeding food to Anjana. Anjana tells her that she dint wish to be here earlier but she likes it here since she (the girl) is here. It feels as if God sent you here as an angel. My beautiful angel! Nurse comes there with injection. Anjana starts shouting at her. The girl holds her hand. She takes the injection from the nurse. Anjana stays calm while the girl gives her injection. She pats at the girl’s hand lovingly calling her her fairy.

Kunal and Aditya reach hospital. Doc tells Aditya that his mother is improving a lot. She has made a special connection with our new intern. She is doing everything on time. Aditya is curious about the new intern. Doc tells him that he is in the ward with his mother. Aditya enters in the ward. Anjana is resting and a girl is standing near her. Doc calls out to that girl. It is Jaya (an old intern). Jaya tells them that the new intern left after giving injection to Anjana. Aditya asks his mother how she is feeling. She replies that she is feeling better now. I will recover soon as I have my angel now. Nurse points out that she calls that new intern angel. Anjana speaks sweetly about her angel. Aditya thanks doc. I saw Ma so calm and hopeful after so long. I needed such girl for Ma only. Please tell her to look after Ma. Doc doubts she will do it. She is psychiatrist intern. Aditya is sure money can make everything happen. Talk to her. Let me know if you cannot convince her. I will do it. The girl is standing outside the ward and overhearing their convo (her shadow is seen on the window). Doc excuses himself. Kunal also goes outside. The girl hides behind the reception counter. Aditya looks at his mother. I will bring your angel to you again. You will be fine then. He steps out of the room and is drawn towards the reception counter.

Kunal gives his phone to Aditya telling him that Arjun is calling.

The girl’s hand can be seen on the reception counter.

Anjana asks Aditya if he cannot do anything correctly. I am handling Delhi and South East Asia’s clients together. I can find new clients but how can you be careless with Mom? Aditya asks him why he does not come over to look after mother if he is so concerned. It is easy to say all these things after being 2000 kms away. Come over if you are so worried! I only know how I am managing Ma. Don’t worry. Ma and I are with each other. Kunal tells him to calm down. We are in hospital. Aditya throws the phone away. Kunal says you are taking out Zoya’s anger on everyone since past 1 year. You don’t even realise what you are doing. I really hope you can move out of all this!

Arjun gives coffee to Noor. He has got their old names written on the cover. They think of their initial meetings. Noor tells him that nothing is like it was in the past. He says sorry to her. I should have asked. They ask about each other’s family. Noor tells him how she got into this volunteer work. They discuss this awkwardly. Noor shares that one should always look around and understand that sometimes our pain is not bigger than the pain of the people around us! He is impressed by her thoughts. I can see its positive effects on you. She says time teaches everything. It is easier to be drowned in pain but it is tougher to smile! Arjun recalls how their relationship ended in the past. They get up to go but see a cyclone warning on the tv. Noor’s house is far. Arjun invites her over to his house as it is 5 minutes away. She is hesitant but he advises her to be practical.

Aditya calls Mili. He tells her to fix all his meetings after 9 pm. She tries to reason that it is too late but Aditya is proud that no one will mind it. Aditya Hooda does not have time for anyone before 9 pm.

Noor is lost in thoughts. Arjun asks her if she is uncomfortable here. She denies. He asks her if they cannot sit or talk nicely. You seem in a rush, unrest. She asks him if she should act like everything is normal. I shouldn’t have come here! It would have been better to face the cyclone instead! She gets up to go. He holds her hand asking her to stay. He tries to ask her what the problem is but she pushes him away. He gets hurt on the head.

Doc tells Aditya that the intern refused. Aditya speaks of money. Doc says it isn’t about money. She isn’t comfortable with the arrangement. Aditya is sure she wants to negotiate. Give me her number. I will talk to her. Doc speaks of hospital policy. Aditya says I found a nurse for Ma after so much difficultly yet you are saying no to me. I am convinced you cannot take care of my Ma if you cannot convince that intern! I will take her to a hospital where she will be looked after! I know that money can buy everything! Doc calls out after him but Aditya walks away. The new girl is listening to their convo from far.

Precap: The mystery girl comes to Hooda House and looks at everyone’s photos. She lights a diya in the house temple. It is none other than Zoya!

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