Bepannaah 28th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 28th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 28th November 2018 Written Episode

Aditya has brought Anjana home and puts her to sleep. He tells the servant to look after her in case she wakes up. I am going for meeting. Servant nods. Aditya warns him not to move from there. Servant nods.

Arjun holds his head. Noor gets concerned. I am really sorry. She brings first aid and starts nursing his wound. He calms her down. It is a small wound. She holds his hands. She closes her eyes and they share a kiss.

Aditya is in meeting. Mili is waiting outside. She dozes off for a while while waiting. The client leaves. Mili comes to check on Aditya and finds him sleeping in his chair. She picks up the papers and rests his hands over each other. She covers him with a shawl. She leans closer to peck him his cheek when his phone starts ringing. Mili disconnects it and organizes everything

nicely. She smiles looking at Aditya sleeping peacefully. She leans and gives him a flying kiss. She leaves.
Aditya is disturbed in his sleep as last year memories haunt him. He wakes up and is shocked to see 12 missed calls. He calls back his servant and finds out that Anjana got hurt. She started shouting in the morning. We tried to calm her but she started running. She fell from the stairs. Kunal Sir took her to the hospital. Aditya is angry that they cannot handle anything.

Kunal and Aditya are in the hospital. Aditya blames himself for this carelessness. I shouldn’t have left Ma like this. Kunal says you cannot be at both the places at once. Clients need you and so does your mother. We can hold meetings over internet. Doc tells Aditya that the intern has agreed. She was here when your mother came here to get stitches. She changed her mind then. Aditya thanks him. Doc tells him her conditions. Aditya accepts them without even listening to him. Doc still tells him. One, she will work from 9 to 7 only. Two, she wont talk or interact with anyone at your home. She wont even meet you. Aditya is puzzled but doc says these are her conditions. Do you agree? Kunal finds her weird but Aditya gives in to the conditions.

Aditya briefs the servants about the conditions kept by Anjana’s new caretaker. She will have a key of this house so she can come and go as she pleases. Kunal still calls it strange. What if she turns out to be some criminal? Aditya says Ma found her Pari after so long. I promised her I will bring her back. Kunal gives up.

The girl comes to Hooda House. She caresses the photos on the photo wall. She covers the diya in the house temple. Her face is finally revealed. It is none other than Zoya! Zoya folds her hands in reverence. Vermilion box falls down and she mistakenly steps over it. She ignores it and walks ahead leaving her footprints on the floor.

Arjun and Noor are sleeping peacefully. She wakes up and looks at him with a smile. She switches on the lights and keeps her hand over his. She recalls their kiss and panics thinking about the promise given to Wasim. What did I do! I cannot make Abbu upset. I cannot hurt him for my own selfish reasons. He will break if he finds out about any of this! It isn’t right. She decides to put an end to it. She gets up and mentally apologizes to Arjun. She walks out teary eyed.

Aditya tells Mili to schedule his meetings between 9:30 to 6:30. You wont disturb me afterwards. Where are you lost? She replies that it is 7 already. He receives doc’s call. Doc says intern refused as you aren’t fulfilling the conditions on Day 1 only. Aditya apologizes. It was first day after all. I am sorry. He rushes out.

Arjun wakes up and looks everywhere for Noor but in vain. He calls her but the number is switched off. He gets worried. I hope she is ok. She dint even tell before leaving.

Aditya reaches home. Servant confirms that she left for the day. She left an envelope for you. He notices the lights on in his room and is angry. Who came here? Why is the door open? Sam (servant) is clueless. Aditya dismisses him. He reads the letter. This arrangement will work only if you will stick to the conditions. Don’t expect another chance after this. Aditya wonders who is it as per whom he will have to live his life now. He closes the bathroom door and main door of his room as he goes out.

Next morning, Anjana is asking everyone about her Pari. Aditya says she must be coming. Anjana plans to eat only when she is home. Aditya picks his breakfast and leaves. Aditya finishes his meetings in the day. Mili steals glances at him from far. She looks at the watch noticing the time but he runs out on time himself today.

Days pass by. Kunal tells Aditya he has changed a lot. I haven’t seen you this disciplined before! Poeple act like this only after getting married. Aditya calls it the need of the hour. Kunal asks him about Pari. Is she really an angel? Aditya denies. I am not interested. Kunal teases him again. You are following her orders just like Anjana. You are attending all your meetings and everything is going smoothly. Are you sure you aren’t married to her? Aditya looks at him. Kunal says it is benefiting everyone. I feel she has come to fix your life too. Aditya gets thinking.

Arjun comes to office looking for Noor only to find out that she has resigned. Preeti hands him a letter. Arjun reads it. I am sorry for going without informing you. Don’t blame yourself or that night for this. That was the best moment of my life. I cannot forget the promise made to Abbu because of me. I will cherish those memories for life. Maybe we aren’t meant to be together. Forget and forgive me if possible.

Mili clicks photos of Aditya stealthily. Kunal says it is right. Mili tries to dismiss but Kunal asks her if she planned something special for today. He wont do anything. Mili points out that he is too stressed and occupied these days. Kunal and Mili decide to plan a surprise party for him. He sends her to Hooda House to organize the party. I will bring him by 7. She agrees. You will take the lead in case anything goes wrong.

Mili is giving instructions on decor. Zoya comes out but turns her back to her. Mili asks her if she is Pari, Anjana’s caretaker. She introduces herself. Zoya keeps quiet. Mili understands that some people don’t like interacting too much. She talks nicely about Aditya and Kunal in front of Zoya. You can talk to me anytime if you feel like. We have planned a surprise party for Aditya today. I hope you can stay for this. Zoya excuses herself. Anjana asks Zoya why she left. Zoya tells her to rest. Anjana asks her if she will come tomorrow. Zoya confirms. She puts Anjana to sleep.

Zoya leaves her phone behind by mistake. She takes her bag and walks out avoiding being seen by Mili. Mili wonders if she is this shy. She dint even say anything and dint even say bye. Anyways, I only want to bring a smile on everyone’s faces especially Adi Sir. Will everyone be happy?

Kunal brings Aditya home. It is completely dark. Lights come on. Everyone claps for him. Aditya angrily asks them who all were behind it. Who asked for this? Anjana sings a happy birthday song for him just then. Aditya melts down and thanks her overwhelmed. She asks them to bring cake. Aditya is about to blow the candles but Mili asks him to first make a wish. Maybe God will grant you that gift today. Aditya kneels down and closes his eyes. Zoya enters just then. Aditya breaks the plastic knife in his hand. Everyone looks towards the door in confusion seeing his reaction. Only Anjana is happy. Aditya stands up.

Precap: Aditya asks Zoya what she is doing here. You left me and this house long ago. Why are you here? She warns him to be mindful. I am here only for Ma. I assure you I wont come in your way! He tells her he will take care of his mother but she questions him on it. How can you take care of her when you cannot even take care of yourself?

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