Bepannaah 29th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 29th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 29th November 2018 Written Episode

Aditya asks Zoya what she is doing here. Why are you here? She tells him that she forgot her phone. I came to take that only. Anjana asks him why he is shouting at her Pari. Don’t be mean to her. Aditya recalls doc’s words. He makes Mili take Anjana inside and dismisses the party. Anjana tells him to be nice to Pari or she will hit him. Everyone leaves.

Aditya reminds Zoya that nothing is left between them. You left me and this house long ago. Why are you here then? I dint want to make you look down before Ma. She thinks you can save him but how can you save my family when you couldn’t be with yours! She warns him to be mindful of his words. I dint come here to take anything. I am here only for Ma. I assure you I don’t even want to come in your way! Sadly, I cannot avoid seeing your

face. He tells her he will take care of his mother but she questions him on it. How can you take care of her when you cannot even take care of yourself? She leaves.
Roshnaq gives tea to Noor. She finds Noor a little lost. Are you fine? Is something bothering you? Noor recalls her meeting with Arjun. Roshnaq says I feel you left something in between. Did you have a fight? Did anyone say anything to you? Noor denies. Everything was too good. People were very nice. I am only thinking of that only. I was missing you and Abbu too so I came home. Roshnaq tells her not to hesitate before sharing anything with her. Your happiness matters the most to me. Noor hugs her. I know it too well Ammi.

Zoya comes home and switches on the lights. She looks at the house emotionally. Few flashbacks are shown. Wasim had an attack when Zoya had broken her relations with him. A surgery was also advised by the doc. Zoya apologizes to her father. He tells her not to worry. Have to do a lot for you and everyone. Nothing will happen to me. Doc advises them to be careful.

At another instance, Noor and Zoya overhear Wasim apologizing to Roshnaq. I don’t know till when I will be able to look after you guys. I did whatever I could. Zoya has drowned in her pain. I don’t know why I feel that this life will be less to make it happen! Zoya tells Noor she will leave the house. He wont be fine till the time he will keep seeing my sad face. Noor reasons that it wont help but Zoya knows he will be happy once he will see her overcome her pain. I will smile once again and it will make him happy. Noor asks her what she will do and where she will go alone. Zoya shares that she has enrolled for clinical psychology and will be capable of helping others in 6 months. Zoya sits in a corner.

Another flashback shows Zoya calling her Ammi to share that she has completed her course and will get her internship letter today. How’s Abbu? Roshnaq shares that he is better than before. He gets happy after hearing about your progress. This news will make him happier. Zoya says this is what keeps me going. Roshnaq asks her when she is coming home. Zoya agrees to be home after her internship. Roshnaq tells her she will wait for her. Principal congratulates Zoya on her hard work and dedication. He gives her internship letter. Her smile disappears after seeing the location. He tells her that she got internship opportunity in the top psychiatrist hospital in India. You don’t look happy. She asks for alternative which puzzles him. Zoya’s phone starts ringing. She wipes a tear and speaks to her mother. Roshnaq asks her about the internship. Zoya lies that she is in Pune. Roshnaq tells her to take care. Call me if you need anything. Zoya agrees and ends the call. I cannot apologize to you for lying but it is important to keep you and Abbu at peace. I don’t want to trouble you anymore. I have shed enough tears for Aditya already. He is nothing to me now!

Next morning, Anjana refuses to eat food or medicine. I want my Pari! Bring her asap. Aditya requests her not to do this. This new nurse will look after you very well. Anjana knows he only sent her away. Now you only will bring her here. He tries to make her understand but in vain. I cannot trust her, especially not with you! This nurse is really nice. She will take good care of you. He tells the nurse to look after Anjana like her own mom. He leaves. Nurse tries to feed soup to Anjana.

Nurse compliments Zoya. You handle difficult patients so nicely. They listen to you only then. Doc asks Zoya if she is sure she wont continue Anjana’s treatment. Zoya shares that she went to that house only for Mrs. Hooda’s sake. I don’t want to go back there as the guy ruling that house does not respect others.

Aditya gets ready. He hears Anjana shouting that she will shoot herself.

Doc asks Zoya to come quickly.

Aditya requests Anjana to keep the gun down but she refuses. You stay busy in work. Harsh and Arjun are nowhere to be seen. Go away. I am tired sitting alone in the house. He agrees to stay at home but she refuses to fall for it. Only Pari used to come to meet me. She was my friend but you pushed her away too! Go away. Let me die peacefully. Zoya calls her Ma. Aditya looks at her. Zoya enters followed by the doc. Zoya requests Anjana to keep the gun down. I am here. I wont leave you. She inches closer to Anjana while talking calmly to her. Your Pari is here. I will take care of you. She takes the gun from her hand and hands it to Aditya. She hugs Anjana. Anjana is relieved to see her. Don’t leave me. Stay with me also in evening. No one stays with me. Aditya walks out of the room. Anjana cries. Harsh left me. Arjun isn’t coming back too. Aditya stays busy in work all the time. You should stay with me. Zoya helps Anjana lie down. Anjana says you are upset with Aditya. He does not know how nice you are. He will understand it soon. Zoya thinks she cannot tell her that the wounds given by Aditya will never heal. I will never be able to love him again.

Kunal and Aditya are in the hall. Doc tells Aditya to take care of Anjana. She is relaxed for now but please be careful. He leaves.

Aditya asks Zoya why she is here. You think you can come here after what you have done? My blood boils the moment I see you! Zoya says your blood actually boils over your misdeed but the truth is that you wont be happy blaming others all the time! You couldn’t be a good son, a good brother (she stops while adding good husband in the list). You never wanted to be a nice guy as you run from it always! Today your mother told you herself that you cannot take care of her. He asks her if she thinks he cannot take care of his mother. She says it should not matter what I think. Tell me one thing. What is a loaded gun doing in this house after knowing the critical condition of your mother? Such patients need to be treated like kids. They need attention and time rather than other things! You cannot get over your ego! If anything had happened to Ma then you would have just shed few tears and drowned yourself in drinks. I cannot lose Ma. I will take Ma to hospital with me. He refuses to let her go but she suggests filing a criminal negligence case if he wont let her do it. Being a lawyer you would know what that means. He tells her she will regret it. She replies that there is a lot that she regrets already. She begins to go but he pulls her back to warn her. They both stumble and fall down. They share an eye lock but then get up. Aditya walks out of the house in a huff. Kunal chases him till the car but Aditya drives away. Kunal is worried that he might do something wrong.

Aditya’s inner self asks Aditya why he freaked out so much after seeing the same Zoya that he has hated since a year. Aditya denies. His inner self asks him if he hates Zoya or himself. You think you separate every good thing from you! Aditya says she left me. His inner self asks him why he dint pacify her. Why did you leave her alone with Ma? It is your house. Throw her out of the house! You give her a right but you pretend to be unaware of it! Aditya looks at the road and sees a lady very near his car. He tries saving her.

Wasim and Roshnaq promote the new show Sitara (it is replacing Bepannah).

Zoya comes to her room. Old memories flash before her eyes as she looks around. She looks at the photos lying around. Aditya’s accusing words haunt her again. She hears someone asking about Aditya and goes out.

Kunal and Mili are checking with the servants. Mili asks her if she has seen Aditya. He is missing since last night. Police said they cannot file a report before 24 hours. Please inform us if you find any info. Zoya walks away. Mili gets a call from police station. She tells Kunal that they found a body. Zoya stops in her tracks.

Precap: Aditya requests Zoya to forgive him. She asks him why she should do that. What all should I forgive you for? He says I promised to support you and not fight with you but I dint trust you. I am sorry. I made a mistake!

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