Bepannaah 30th November 2018 Written Update

Bepannaah 30th November 2018 Written Update by Pooja

Bepannaah 30th November 2018 Written Episode

Ward boy lets Zoya in. She walks towards the dead body recalling Yash’s death. She is about to lift the duvet when Inspector tells her that this isn’t Aditya’s body. The body has been identified. It is the grandson of that woman. He only brought them here. Zoya turns and notices Nani and Aditya at the door. Nani walks in sadly. Rajvir! Zoya looks at them in confusion. Nani cries taking Rajvir’s name. We lost to you Zoya. I lost! Aditya looks sadly at Zoya all along. Nani folds her hands before Zoya seeking forgiveness. I ignited hatred in my and even in Rajvir’s heart. I told him to take revenge but what did we get in return? Forgive us please. Don’t know how you will forgive us for what we did to you, Aditya and your family. God might forgive us if you will. God dint forgive Raj. He called

him. Take me with you son. How will I live without you? Zoya stands there teary eyed. Nani leaves from there. Aditya gets a call and takes Anjana’s name. They both rush towards home.
Doorbell rings. Roshnaq opens the door only to find Arjun standing at the door. He enters after taking her permission. Wasim and Noor are sitting on the sofa. Wasim is startled to see him there. Noor turns to look who it is. Arjun says I know you don’t understand me and my family but I came to tell you something after keeping all this and my past aside. Wasim allows him to speak. Arjun confesses that he loves Noor. Roshnaq stands with Noor. Arjun says life has given me a lot of pain but I only kept asking for Noor in return. She loves me too but she wont say it to you as she loves you more than she loves me. I want to marry her and want your and aunt’s permission for it. Wasim steps between them. He asks Noor if Arjun is speaking truth. Do you love Arjun? She is in tears. She ends up accepting it that she loves him. I don’t love anyone else more than you which is why I came back. Wasim tells her to stay quiet now. It is my turn to speak. You came back as you love me the most? She nods. He reminds her that she and Zoya are his lifelines. You left your love for my sake? Do you think I will be able to live after seeing tears in your eyes? He tells Arjun to take care of Noor. I see honesty in your eyes. She will be happy with you. He blesses Noor and hugs her. He warns Arjun to make sure she never sheds a tear. They share a family hug.

Aditya and Zoya reach home and find Anjana lying unconscious. She has slit her wrist. He holds her. Zoya asks him to take her to hospital right away.

Anjana is taken inside the ICU. Zoya and Aditya keep their hands on the ICU window by mistake. She withdraws her hand realizing the same. They recall their fight before they parted ways. She turns to go but he requests her not to. She walks away. Aditya is standing sad in a corner. Mili looks at him. Aditya wipes his tears.

Mili stops Zoya and introduces herself to Zoya. Anjana Ma’am will be fine but what about Adi Sir and you? I don’t know what went wrong between you guys and if it can be fixed or not. I only know that I haven’t seen him actually living life in the past year. I believe it will be quite similar in your case. Very few lucky ones get lucky in love. You guys got this chance. Don’t lose it. I hope you both realise how luck you are and you guys get together again! She goes.

Doc tells Aditya that Anjana is out of danger. You can go home and rest. Aditya thanks him. Nurse tells him that Zoya has called him in medicine room.

Zoya comes to medicine room. Where should I look for the medicines? Aditya comes in as well wondering why Zoya called him here. Zoya notices him. What are you doing here? He replies that she only called him here. She denies. She tries opening the door but it is locked. Did you lock it? She knocks at the door repeatedly. She realizes he is standing too close. He apologizes to her. Please forgive me. She stands pinning herself to the door. Why and for what all reasons? Aditya accepts he made a mistake. I promised to fight with you but never leave your side. I am so sorry. She too is in tears. Why? He replies that he cannot live without her. It is because I love you; because!

Flashback shows Aditya averting the car to avoid an accident. He gets down from the car and apologizes to the lady in front of his car. It turns out to be Nani. She requests him to help her. I have been looking for Raj since morning but he is nowhere to be seen. He has got a terminal illness and wont live for more than a month or two. Please help me find him. We did wrong to you. We killed Harsh and your family got away from you. I apologize to you and your family for that. I want to confess something. Raj did call Zoya to hotel saying he wants to spend the night. He did not mean it. He was only taking his revenge from you. Zoya is only yours! Flashback ends.

Zoya says it means you got proof that I am worthy of you so you are apologizing to me. Why should I forgive you? He replies that they may want it or not; they might accept it or not but fate always brings them together. I accept that I was at fault. I am stupid but we met late already. It is so late now. When will it happen if not now? He touches her face while talking. I am sorry. I am sorry. She lets go of the prescription and holds his hand. He kisses her on her forehead emotionally. Kunal opens the door just then. Come quick Adi. Aunty!

Zoya and Aditya find Anjana standing on the top of the terrace. Aditya tells her he is here. Pa is also coming. Come here. Anjana replies that no one comes back after dying. I remember everything. Harsh has left. I have to be with him now. Zoya and Aditya ask her to come down. She refuses. I have been wrong so many times. I cannot bear it anymore. Doc reasons that she might have regained her memory because of the wound. Aditya tells Anjana she was not at fault in what happened. Anjana denies. Yash and Pooja died because of me. He tries to disagree but she says I could have saved them. I could have stopped them but I dint do it. I couldn’t bear the how Pooja cheated you so I killed Pooja, Yash and their baby. He asks her to come down. We will discuss all this later. She shares that she did something else too. I turned into a devil. You too would want me to die after know the truth. I dint want to lose you and she found out the truth. She was about to tell you everything so I killed Sakshi! Aditya shakes his head in disbelief. Anjana says I cannot do penitence for all the crimes I have committed. Let me die Adi! This will be my punishment and my freedom! Zoya and Aditya manage to pull her down to safety just in time. She gets arrested. Anjana requests Zoya to forgive her if possible. I will pray that you and Aditya live a happy life. She pats at Zoya’s face and goes with police. Aditya breaks down. Zoya holds him. Mili and Kunal look on. Zoya hugs Aditya. Kunal and Mili leave.

Next morning, Mili is sure someone did black magic on Aditya which is why he is disturbed. Kunal reminds her they are of 21st century. They promote the new show Tantra.

Roshnaq is happy to see wasim happy. I saw you happy only twice till date. It was both the times when our daughters were born. He tells her she will see him happy today. Doorbell rings. Zoya, Aditya, Noor and Wasim enter. The girls hug their parents. Wasim jokes that they used to stand with folded hands till the time they wanted their daughters. Now no one is interested in hugging me. Aditya and Arjun hug him turn by turn. The girls tears him that he forgot his daughters after finding two sons. Aditya asks them why they are jealous. Noor and Zoya share a happy sweet moment. Wasim prays that they stay happy always. Wasim suggests clicking a family photo. Show ends on a happy note with their family photo!


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