Best Friends Forever to end on a happy note!

Happy ending in Best Friends Forever!!!

Well it’s rightly said that all good things come to an end and the same stands true for the television show Channel V’s V Best Friends Forever which is coming to an end tomorrow that is 24 May 2013.

There were lots of twists and turns in the show and now our source says that, “Finally it will be shown that Anu (Megha Chatterjee) Ma’am was the culprit behind every mess and chaos that happened between the friends and she was stalking and manipulating Ella (Charlie Chauhan), Sanju (Fenil Umigar) and Vinnie (Shritama Mukherjee)

However, it will be shown that Anu will confess that she never wanted peace and prosperity among each other and it was a prank that she played and she eventually started enjoying it as well. Soon after her confession police will arrest her.”

On the other end Varun (Yuvraj Thakur) will apologise to his friends and they all will live happily ever after.
The title Best Friends Forever is apt for the show

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  1. parth samthaan
    May 29, 04:48 Reply

    guyz pls i know ur not happy wid the closure but pls understand..we will be back!!

  2. lai
    May 29, 04:46 Reply

    it will come guyz… it will!

  3. umar nadir
    May 28, 06:08 Reply

    i hope next season cme soon i love it very much an carry on plllllzzzzzzzzz sanju ellla prithvi every one best jaldi shuru karo next part

  4. minuu
    May 26, 03:57 Reply

    yes me too.. i luv this. fenil shri n charlie r also not happy!

  5. priyanshi
    May 25, 04:18 Reply

    please dont stop best friends forever and it was superb and fabulous

    plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz.plzz. dont stop it

    • Yogini
      May 25, 15:21

      Pls dnt end this show i realiee lyk this show plz…

    • pooja
      May 28, 02:34

      me toooo

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