Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Update

Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Update by Pooja

Beyhadh 2 20th March 2020 Written Episode

Maya kneels down to have a closer look when Rudra enters in the club. A girl is standing on the newspaper thereby blocking Rudra’s photo. Maya notices Rudra’s shoes once again. She recalls seeing them at her home yesterday. They are unable to see each other because of the crowd between them. Vikram suddenly covers Rudra’s face with a kerchief from behind, drags him to the bathroom and beats him badly. He checks the video footage of Maya’s mother. He fixes his hair and joins Maya again. I know you want to be alone but I cannot stay far from you. She says sorry. He says I understand it is your choice. She notices blood on his knuckles. He says I don’t know how it happened. I was outside. He wipes it using his kerchief. They leave. Kaka claps and the party stops. Rajiv notices Maya with Vikram.

Vikram brings Maya home. Go upstairs. I will come soon. She reasons she cannot go on her own. He lifts her in his arms and helps her lie down. I will be back soon. She holds his hand. Thank you for taking me outside today, for listening to me and for taking care of me. He nods. He checks the video worriedly. She says I know it would be difficult for you. I also want to know everything about us. I want to know about our birthdays and anniversary. He loses his cool. Is some test going on here? I will tell you when the days will come. She backs off. Sorry. He apologizes to her. I am under so much work pressure. Our anniversary is on 8th April. He gives her their wedding album to see. I have a very urgent work to do. I will be back soon. She is looking at the album but she experiences more flashes just then (from her wedding). She cries helplessly. I don’t remember anything. She tries to splash water on her face but there is no water. She hears muffled sounds coming from the basin again.

Maya’s mother is wincing in pain. Vikram frees her feet. Where were you off to? You have become naughty. You deserve a prize for coming first. She looks scared.

Maya tries to find the source of noise. She heads downstairs.

Maya’s mother begs Vikram to leave her but in vain. He rubs something on her wound which hurts her all the more. Maya hears her scream. He covers her mouth. He looks at the video and realises that Maya is very nearby.

Someone taps at Maya’s shoulder. She turns around startled. It is Rajiv. He hugs her. you are alive! She sees more blurred out flashes. Rajiv says I thought you really got killed. I have been looking for you since 4 days. He will come looking for you. Why are you still in your old house? You should be there to take your revenge. He has forgotten all the promises. He will kill you just like you killed his brother! Maya walks away in confusion. Vikram hits Rajiv on his head. Rajiv passes out on the floor and even Maya loses conscious. Vikram Takes Maya to her room.

Vikram tells Maya to relax. She says I don’t find anything right here. I hear noises from the bathroom, a guy tells me some random things and we have no friends! He pretends to scold security using the landline phone. He lies to her that maintenance is going on which is why she is hearing these noises. Maya asks about Rajiv. Is he our friend? He asks her if he said something. He is no one. Trust me he is no one. I will call police. Relax. He goes.

Maya keeps thinking about Rajiv and his words. Which revenge was he referring to? Where should I be?

Rudra is taking Maya’s name in his semi conscious state. Inspector asks MJ if his family has given a contract to someone. Everyone is getting attacked one after another. Aamir asks him if he thinks they attacked Rudra. Inspector says we doubt everyone. It is usual for us but the attacker is very merciful. He isn’t killing anyone. Rudra wakes up. He shares that he dint see his attacker. Inspector again drops a hint of doubt on MJ and his family but Rudra tells him to find Maya first. You can ask her everything. Antara and Aamir go to drop police outside. Rudra tells MJ he saw Maya in the club. MJ asks him if he is sure. Rudra nods. Do you trust the fact that Maya actually got shot by your bullet? Did a third person fire that shot? MJ says I lost conscious when Maya fired. Rudra says she wont be able to hide for longer.

Maya cannot connect anything with Rajiv. Who was he? What was he saying? She decides to check with security. She tries to dial their number but finds out that the wire connection is cut. How was Vikram talking to security then? She tries to go out but is greeted by Vikram at the door.

Precap: Maya is fiddling through stuff in her room. Vikram pats at her head. She wakes up startled so you killed her? MJ comes to Maya’s house. Vikram opens the door. Maya writes help on a piece of paper and holds it in front of herself.

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