Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th August 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th August 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th August 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jigna telling Bakool that she will not sleep in room with him until Chusiya/Bhavesh get married. Bakool asks what is this? Jigna takes oath that she will not sleep with him until he marries. Bakool says no husband stay away from his wife. Jigna says villager men sleep outside. Bakool says they are not men then. She asks Bhavesh to tell stories to Bakool. Bhavesh tells story of a donkey who married twice. Bakool refuses to listen and asks him to sleep. Jigna goes to sleep out. A neighbor comes and asks for bed. Jigna says there is no free bed as she is sleeping on Baa’s bed. She tells about her oath. Baa gets tensed and thinks to send Chusiya after Rakhi.

At Sheena’s house, Sheena tells that she is excited to tie rakhi to Baa’s son. Jigna comes there with
Harry. Sheena tells her that she will get another brother today, and tells that her husband will be her brother now. Bakool hides his face. Sheena asks him to get up. Ranjeet makes him get up and says he is my damad. Jigna calls him Vishnu ji and says he is my husband. Ranjeet is shocked too. Sheena tells her that he is her husband. Jigna says he is mine and asks her to tie rakhi. Ranjeet says what you are saying and says your husband is Harry. Jigna says Vishnu ji is my husband. Sheena says she has gone mad and asks Bakool to tell her.. Jigna asks Bakool to tell her that he is her pati and not her hubby. Bakool tells that he is Sheena’s husband. Sheena takes a sigh of relief. Bakool says I am Jigna’s husband too. Ranjeet says you have betrayed us and married to two women. Jigna says I will die.

Sheena stops her and says Bakool will give his life and shoots him. Bakool falls down from the bed and wakes up. It turns out to be the dream. Baa and Jigna panic. Jigna cries and says that she can’t live without him. Bakool thinks to tell them fake story and says Chusiya is getting married and dies. Chusiya gets shocked. Bakool says that’s why I have decided not to get you married. Baa promises to get him married. Bakool gets Sheena’s call and goes. Jigna says now you will get on real horse. Bakool asks Sheena why did she call him. Sheena says today is rakhi and asks him to come soon. Bakool says all roads must be blocked today. Sheena tells Bakool that Harry will bring Jigna here and asks him to come. Bakool thinks I am thinking to make Jigna wife and Sheena wants me to get rakhi tied by Jigna.

Harry comes to Bakool’s house and tells him that if he don’t take jigna there then he will lose the job. Baa asks Jigna to tie rakhi to Harry also. Jigna says now I have two brothers. Bhavesh gives 100 rs to jigna. Baa asks harry to give money. Harry takes 2000 rs from Bakool and gives to Jigna. Baa asks Bakool to take her to her friend’s house for rakhi. Bakool asks harry not to take jigna and goes.

Ranjeet asks Sheena for whom she is waiting for. Sheena says my friend’s son will get rakhi tied by me and Bakool will get rakhi tied by Jigna. Bakool comes to the place and asks where is that bungalow number. Baa tells him. He gets shocked and asks about the name of her friend. Baa takes Sheena’s name. Bakool is shocked.

A saint comes to Baa’s house. Baa asks him to pray for happiness/kids. Saint says no, you can’t get as naagin stays here. Baa and Bakool are shocked. Later Bakool sees Jigna acting like naagin.

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