Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 14th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bakool scolding Harry for not coming to meeting on time. Harry says he had removed shambu pahelwan’s pic and pasted his. He says you will be famous in Mumbai. Sheena asks Bakool how can get tired of exercise. Bakool says he is tired after doing 10 dips.. Dagdu says his stamina is low. Sheena says she is making him tiger. Ranjeet says cycling is best. Bakool says ok and asks to bring cycle. Ranjeet asks him to give cycle. Dagdu says he will not give his cycle. Bakool says he will get cycle and stamina too. Sheena asks him to go by walk.

Someone comes and paste vasectomy promotion pamphlet under Bakool’s poster. Baa asks Bakool to grind the dal. Bakool says he is getting late for office and can’t do this. Baa insists. Jigna talks about men of her village.

Bakool says I am not villager man. Jigna asks but you are man naa. Baa asks her to make him have laddoos. Bakool smiles and holds her hand. Jigna gets shy and calls him lochche. Bakool says innocent. He asks when you are making me have laddoos. Jigna says she will bring in the night. Bhootnath comes and says he has laddoos and shows his report. Bakool scolds him and prohibits him from watching TV.
Ranjeet gets down the car and sees Bakool’s poster with the promotion of family planning. He thinks what did you do Bakool, I will not leave you, you did this for a cycle and clicks the pic.

Baa tells Jigna that TV is not coming. Jigna hits on TV with her hand, but it doesn’t start. She hits it with stone and it falls down and breaks. Neighbor tells that Bakool got cable connection cut and asks them to get LCD TV. Jigna tells Baa that they will get TV and also connection. Bakool comes to sheena’s house on cycle. Sheena gets happy and sits on his cycle. Ranjeet comes and gets angry, thinks this is the cycle for which he got his connection cut. He tells Sheena that he has ruined everything. Bakool says I will get cycle for you and asks him to come. Ranjeet says I will not do what you have done. Bakool goes. Ranjeet shows the advertisement to Sheena. Sheena is angry. Jigna comes to office. Sheena asks how did she come? Jigna says by auto. She tells that her Vishnu ji got connection (Tv connection) cut without consulting her. Sheena says even her baby got his connection (Vasectomy) cut. Jigna ask how your enjoyment will be done now. Sheena says yes, but you have a child at home. Jigna says Bhootnath and says because of him, connection is cut. Sheena asks what you will do if think about second. Jigna thinks she might be talking about channel and says that’s why I came to question Vishnu and asks where is he? Sheena says inside. Jigna goes to cabin. Sheena thinks she will not talk to Bakool now.

Bakool asks Harry to tell Juhi to send consignment. Jigna comes and calls Bakool. He asks why did you come. Jigna says why did you get it cut? Harry asks why did you do this? Bakool says yes. Jigna asks him to get TV connection back. Harry says TV connection. Bakool says dirty mind, what you thought. Jigna refuses to go home until he gets connection.

Harry says Bakool’s reputation will be ruined if you sit here. Jigna asks really and says then she will sit here only. Bakool says he will get connection back and asks her to go. Jigna says ok and leaves. Bakool calls cable operator and asks him to give connection. Sheena hears him and thinks he is talking to doctor. Cable operator says he will come in 2 days. Sheena thinks he is doctor and calls her friend to get info.

Ranjeet shows pic to Baa and says Bakool got vasectomy done. Baa asks Bakool why did you do this for a cycle. Later Jigna tells Bakool that his tied veins will be opened when kicked.
Bakool, Sheena and Jigna informs viewers about change of timings for the show from 5:30 to 5 pm from 20th September.

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