Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th May 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th May 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 16th May 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bakool trying to tell Ranjeet that he has one more wife. He don’t hear him and goes. Sheena comes and wishes him. He calls her Maam. Ranjeet asks her to call her Jaanu/Darling and says I am sure that you will take care of her, else my target don’t loses. Bakool gets tensed. Sheena says he is smart. Ranjeet says I am sure that you will not betray us. Bakool says I didn’t tell anything about my marriage to my maa. Sheena says I will come with you and convinced her. Bakool says he will convince her in 2-4 weeks. Ranjeet likes his idea and says whoever loves his mum so much, will love his wife twice. He says he got double happiness. Jigna prays to Tulsi plant and says she wants to keep Bakool happy.

She says Bakool is my Vishnu and says he shall not argue with
me by mistake. She sees fly on the plant and brings water bucket. She splashes water on the plant. Bakool is sleeping there and get drenched. He asks what is your problem? She asks why you are sleeping here. He says I was sleeping and says don’t know from where you came? Jigna tells her address. Bakool says I don’t accept child marriage and asks her to go back to her village. Jigna is shocked. Baa comes and warns Bakool. She says I will eat poison if you talk to her like this. Bakool says he was joking. Baa asks him to have wedding night with her. He says he is not habitual to have wedding night. Bakool scolds him. Jigna tells that he is her Vishnu. Baa asks her to touch his heart and give her grand child. Jigna gets shy and runs inside. Baa scolds Bakool.

Ranjeet gives kundli to Pandit ji. Pandit ji hears the music paani wali dance. He asks him to become nana to increase his life. Ranjeet says his son in law refused to have suhaagraat until his mum accepts her. Pandit ji tells that he has a solution and says if your daughter wears saree given by her saas then she will get pregnant. Sheena comes and says she has burnt calories after excessive cardio. He asks her to make him nana. She agrees and says she will talk to Bakool.

Jigna comes to Bakool and asks him to have halwa made by her. Bakool refuses to have it. Jigna calls Baa. Bakool eats it. She asks him to eat full bowl. He refuses and says he is not a village guy. She asks are you not a man. Bakool is shocked. Baa brings saree and says you have to take it off during suhaag raat. Jigna gets shy and runs. Baa gives him saree and asks him to get it press. Bakool says when I am not interested then why do I was asked to get it pressed. He comes to office. Harry is talking on phone and ends the call. He asks Bakool with whom he was busy. Bakool says I pray that you married two girls. Harry gets happy and asks about the saree. Bakool says this saree is given to me by bahu and told that bahu have to wear it. He asks him to get it roll press. Servant hears him and thinks Bakool’s mum bought saree for Sheena already. When Harry is busy on call. Sheena is talking to her friend on call and ends the call.

She thinks she couldn’t call her friends since she got married. Servant comes. She asks him if he gave the file which she asked him to give Bakool. He said he forgot. She asks about the saree. He tells that it is for Mehta’s wife. Sheena tells that he forgot whose Saree is this? Ranjeet scolds him and asks Sheena if you talked to Bakool about his mum’s saree. She says she will call him. Servant recollects and tells that it is Bakool’s mum saree given by her for Sheena. Ranjeet asks did Bakool give saree to you. Sheena asks him to recollect. He takes out the note and tells that in Bakool’s words, it is for you on your wedding night. Ranjeet gets happy and says he will become nana. He tells that he will call someone to make her wear saree.

Sheena tells that she received the saree. Bakool is shocked. Baa asks him to come home. Jigna tells that she will light the diya until she wears the saree.

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