Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd September 2017 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 22nd September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sheena coming to Bakool and says sorry baby. Bakool says because of your papa, me and my wife Jigna are suffering. Sheena says Jigna-your wife. Bakool says I mean Harry’s wife. Sheena hugs him. Later in the night, Sheena waits for Bakool. Bua thinks Ganguram is coming here. She says lets sleep. Sheena says she snores high and moves hand and legs and asks her to go. Bua says she is not weak. Bakool thinks to go to Sheena and asks Jigna to sleep, thinks if he don’t go to her then she will come here. Sheena thinks to message Bakool that Bua is in her room. She goes out as her phone is off. Bakool comes to room through window and says darling, I have come. Bua thinks come here, I will beat you else my name is not Bubbly. Bakool says I know you are angry on me and says
this is happening because of your bull bua and asks her to spit anger. He keeps hand on her and asks why she is looking fat.

Bua catches him and calls Ranjeet. Bakool puts blanket on her face and runs. Later he comes with everyone. Bua tells that she saw Bakool in Sheena’s room. Bakool says he was with his wife. Bua asks if he was a ghost. Sheena says romantic ghost comes to my room often. Ranjeet says you didn’t tell me. Sheena says he is a harmless bhoot and that’s why I didn’t tell you. Bua says she will sleep on floor.

Later Ranjeet asking Bubbly Bua when she is transferring property on Sheena’s name. Bubbly asks Bakool to clean the floor properly. Jigna brings broom and says she will make the ghost go. She hits her with broom. Bubbly asks Ranjeet to stop her. She asks them to kick Bakool and Jigna out else she will not give any penny to Sheena. Bakool picks call on Bua’s phone and is shocked. He tells Sheena that Bua has nothing and had taken 15 crores debt. Harry asks what we can do as she is Ranjeet’s sister. Bakool says he can’t be Servant all life. Sheena says we have to make Bua leave.

Harry says Bua knows that there is ghost in house, and says we have to take jigna’s help. Bakool says he will talk to her. Harry comes to Bua and asks her to take taweez while going to Sheena’s room. He tells her that Sheena’s mum ghost comes to her room daily. Bua gets afraid. Sheena gets ready as a ghost. Jigna also gets ready as ghost.

Bua comes to hall and wakes up harry. Harry says light is dimmed. Bakool takes out the fuse and makes cat sound meow. Harry says light is gone, it seems ghost will come now, you will hear ghungroo sound first. He says chudail/witch will bring candle. Jigna comes holding candle and laughs like ghost.

Doctor informs Bakool that Sheena is pregnant. Baa calls him home and tells Jigna is pregnant. Later Baa asks Sheena about her husband’s name. Sheena says Bakool. Baa says Bakool is Jigna’s husband. Sheena says he is my husband. They all are shocked.

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