Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 25th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 25th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 25th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bua getting shocked seeing Jigna as ghost and shouts. Harry says I won’t let you go as that witch is cruel. Bakool takes Jigna to side. Sheena comes from upstairs in witch attire. Bua shouts. Later Jigna appears infront of her. Bua gets scared. In the morning, Bua is leaving. Ranjeet asks her when she will transfer her property on Sheena’s name. Ranjeet says I will get the transfer done and asks her to tell about the formalities to be done. Sheena asks Ranjeet to let her go and says you have much money. Bua says I will leave and kisses Harry. She leaves finally. Bakool says Papa made me servant for Bua’s property.

Later Doctor checks Sheena and tells Bakool that she is pregnant and asks him to take care of her. Sheena gets happy and says Ranjeet will

be very happy. Bakool is also happy. Baa calls him and asks to come home. He runs home and asks what happened? Baa gives him laddoos and says you are going to be dad. Bakool says you came to know. Baa says Jigna is pregnant. Bakool says even she is pregnant. Bakool asks how did you know that she is pregnant. Baa says she is vomiting since morning and asks him to tell Sheher wali that he can’t give much time to her. Sheena calls Bakool and asks him to come as Ranjeet is calling him. Baa tells Jigna that she will take off evil eye from her.
Pandit ji checks Sheena’s kundli and says it is good. Ranjeet kisses Bakool and asks him to show his hand. Pandit ji sees his hand and says he has two kids yog in his hand. Ranjeet says how can this happen. Bakool thinks Pandit ji is checking right. Sheena asks him to sit. Pandit ji says she has 1 kid and you have 2. Ranjeet says shastra is old now and asks him not to tell wrong. Pandit ji asks Bakool to say now. Ranjeet says he was scared when he was becoming a father. Bakool is tensed.

Harry laughs and congratulates Bakool. Bakool says how I will handle responsibility. Harry asks him to pray that their face don’t resemble with each other. He asks with whom he will go to their school meeting. Bakool gets tensed. Harry says only their face can reveal your secret.

Sheena asks Jigna how she came? Jigna says she came by auto. Sheena asks by what is the purpose of her visit. Jigna tells that she came to get suraksha thread tie to Bakool and tells that she is pregnant. Sheena says even she is pregnant and congratulates her with a hug. Jigna gives suraksha thread to Sheena. Sheena asks her to show herself to doctor. Juhi congratulates Bakool for Sheena’s pregnancy. Jigna comes and says she wants to tie suraksha thread to Bakool. Harry asks her to tie. Juhi gets doubtful seeing Jigna tying thread to Bakool.

Juhi asks Harry why Jigna tied thread to Bakool. Sheena comes and congratulates Harry for the good news. Juhi says even he is becoming father. Sheena asks Bakool to give her hand. Juhi says Jigna already tied thread on his hand. Sheena questions Bakool. Bakool tells that when Jigna came to know that his wife is pregnant, she tied thread to her hand being great. Sheena ties thread to Harry’s hand.

Baa gives coconut water to Jigna and asks her to drink. She says from today you are my saas. Jigna says Bakool will take care of her. Bakool and Harry comes there. Harry says he wants double laddoo for becoming double papa. Bakool hits him. Baa goes to bring milk for her. Bakool asks Jigna to have apple. Jigna refuses. Same doctor comes who confirmed Sheena’s pregnancy news.

Baa asks Sheena about her husband’s name. Sheena says Bakool. Jigna says he is her Vishnu ji. Baa says Bakool is Jigna’s husband. Sheena says he is her husband. Later Baa questions Bakool. Bakool says even Sheena is his wife. Baa slaps him. Everyone is shocked..

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