Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th September 2017 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 28th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Bakool worrying about going to Sheena and Jigna’s houses at same time and breaks their fast. Harry suggests him to call them at same place. Bakool says Baa will slap him and Ranjeet will shoot him. Harry says this karwachauth fast will decrease your age. Bakool asks him to shut up. Baa and Jigna wait for Bakool to come. Neighbor tells that Bakool must be scared and thought hungry wife becomes hungry tigress. Jigna laughs. Other neighbor tells about his wife. Baa asks them to go to their wives. Ranjeet tells Sheena that he send Dagdu to check if moon came. Dagdu comes and talks unnecessarily. Ranjeet gets angry and threatens to shoot him. Sheena asks not to worry and says moon will appear.

Ranjeet says why moon is late today. Sheena says I am fine, I can stay
hungry, don’t know why bakool haven’t come till now. Ranjeet calls Bakool. Harry asks him to pick the call. Ranjeet tells Sheena that Bakool might be stuck in traffic. Baa calls Sheena and asks if moon appeared there as the sky is cloudy. Sheena says sky is clear there and asks Baa to bring her bahu to her house and call son also there. Baa says ok.

Sheena asks them to come fast. She tells Jigna that they shall go to Juhu to her friend’s house and asks her to inform Bakool to come there. Jigna calls Bakool, but he don’t pick her call and his phone gets switched off due to low battery. Baa messages him. Bakool tells Harry that he will first go to Sheena’s house and then Jigna’s house. Baa and Jigna come there. Jigna tells Baa that this is Bakool’s boss house and she came here many times. Baa recalls Bakool telling her that his boss wants him to marry his daughter.

Ranjeet comes and is surprised to see Baa, thinks Bakool must have called her to inform about Sheena. Baa asks her why did he say that his daughter was not married. Ranjeet says she was unmarried then, and I forgot to tell you. Baa says Sheena is my friend. She goes to meet Sheena. Bakool comes there. Ranjeet tells Bakool you didn’t tell me that your Baa is Sheena’s friend. Bakool says I came to know it recently. Ranjeet says you want to tell your mum about Sheena and your marriage. Bakool gets tensed.

Baa and Jigna go to meet Sheena to her room. Baa says I didn’t know that you both know each other. Baa asks Sheena where is her baby? Sheena says he will come. Jigna says even her husband will come. Ranjeet asks Bakool if he told his mum. Bakool says he has not decided yet and makes an excuse.

Ranjeet says that’s why you called her here. Bakool is shocked and asks if Baa is here. Ranjeet says jigna came with her and went to meet Sheena. Bakool is shocked. Ranjeet says Harry also came naa. Harry says why women keep karwachauth fast. Ranjeet asks why you both get tensed. Bakool says he is tensed as he haven’t told Baa about Sheena. Ranjeet says he will inform them and sends Dagdu to call them. Baa asks Sheena about her baby’s name. Sheena says Bakool Vasavda, Jigna knows about him. Jigna and Baa are shocked. Baa says Dholu can’t do this. Sheena says I am not talking about your son. Baa says her Dholu is Bakool. Sheena says Bakool is her husband. Baa says Bakool is Jigna’s husband. Sheena says Harry is Jigna’s husband. Baa says he is Bakool’s friend. Sheena asks if Bakool is your son. Baa says yes. Sheena asks why you are saying this and asks jigna to tell that she is Harry’s wife. Jigna says Bakool is my Vishnu ji. Dagdu comes and asks them to come downstairs as Ranjeet is calling them. Baa angrily looks on. Ranjeet tells Bakool that Dagdu will bring them. Bakool says my mum will get heart attack and asks him to let him go. Just then Baa, Jigna and Sheena come downstairs looking angrily at him.

Baa asks Bakool if Sheena is his wife too. Bakool says yes and asks them to punish him.

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