Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 29th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ranjeet telling Bakool that Baa will be happy to know that Sheena is her bahu. Bakool says let me go. Baa comes with Sheena and Jigna and asks Bakool to stop. Ranjeet asks her not to get angry on him, and tells that even he did a mistake. Baa looks on angrily and questions Bakool if Sheena is also your wife? Ranjeet says Sheena also…? Sheena questions if you married Jigna also. Jigna asks him to say that he is her husband and not of Sheena. Ranjeet is shocked and questions Bakool what they are saying? Sheena says you said that Jigna is Harry’s wife. Bakool asks Baa to go home with Jigna. Bakool refuses. Baa asks if Sheena is also your wife, and did you marry her also. Bakool is stuck and asks her to understand. Baa asks him to say yes or no. Bakool says yes. Baa

slaps him angrily, calls him shameless to ruin two lives. She asks did I teach you this. Bakool says Baa. Baa says I am dead for you and asks her to go. Bakool asks Jigna to listen to him. Jigna says you have betrayed me, I don’t want to see your face. Ranjeet says he is a big betrayal to have betrayed both of you and asks Dagdu to bring his gun. Bakool says I haven’t betrayed anyone’s life neither Sheena nor Jigna.
Bakool tells Ranjeet that you forcefully got me married to Sheena in the hospital. You acted as if you got a heart attack and I thought it is your last wish. He tells Baa that Ranjeet gave his hand in Sheena’s hand. He tells Sheena that you said yes without thinking about my wish. He tells Baa that he got married in an accident, and I came home to tell this, but you introduced Jigna as my childhood wife. Bakool says he got married to Sheena and Jigna in hospital and home. He tells that Baa never told him about his childhood marriage and told that she is my wife. He says I became husband of two wives in a day and tells that he tried to tell them. He tells that I told you that I have sheher wali also, but you threatened to have poison if something like that happens. He asks if I would have let you have poison.

He tells Ranjeet that he tried to tell him also, but you threatened to shoot me. He says since then I am shuttling between both, so that nobody gets pain. He tells it was not easy for him to give his life as both wives started loving him. He says Jigna tried to make herself modern, and Sheena tried to make herself homely so that Baa likes her. He says when he fell for both and started a family, he didn’t think that truth will be out, but today same thing happened. He says because of me, my both families break, I didn’t want to betray you, and says from today both branches are closed and I will be in jail. He apologizes to them and asks them to put him in jail for betraying them.

Harry says why they will punish you, you got already punished for keeping both wives happy. He tells them that Bakool tried to make both wives happy. He says both of his wives used to call him, one wife had fantasy and other had fast. He wanted to keep them happy and lied again and again. He says Ranjeet and Sheena to shoot him. Sheena says I can’t kill him. She says I can’t kill him. Jigna also tells that Bakool didn’t betray them. Jigna says I am villager and illiterate, and then also he loved me. Harry asks Baa to punish Bakool. Baa says no, I will not punish him and apologizes to him.

Baa says I didn’t ask you before taking decision of your life. Ranjeet also apologizes to him and says I never thought that you are going through problems. He apologizes. Sheena says I can’t live without him, as I love him so much. Jigna says even I love him. Baa asks if both of them are ready to stay with him. They agree. Baa drinks poison. Bakool says you have drank poison. Baa laughs and says it has sugar poison. She tells today she got two bahus so have the sweets. Bakool says this means you have fooled me till me. Baa says even you fooled me. She says she used to threatened him as his Papa left him. Jigna and Sheena hug each other. Baa makes Sheena and Jigna stand with Bakool. Ranjeet also smiles. Harry and Dagdu hugs Ranjeet.

Sheena and Jigna see the moon and Bakool and break their fast. Bakool looks at them. Song plays…aye chand tujhe chandani ki kasam. Baa asks them to do aarti. Sheena and Jigna do his aarti. Zehnaseeb song plays….

Bakool makes them break the fast and makes them have water. Bakool is happy and tells viewers that he thought his wives will do mahabharat, but never thought his wives will have sangam, but you people don’t think about two marriages. He asks viewers to get saved from two marriages.

The Show ended on a happy note with both wives accepting Bakool whole heartedly.

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