Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 6th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Sheena hitting Bakool and saying that she thought to give him divorce. Bakool asks what wrong did he do? Sheena calls him shameless to bring her sautan. Bakool asks who told you this? Sheena tells that Dagdu heard his conversation with Harry. Bakool tells that Harry’s kundli have dosh and that’s why he is getting married to buffalo. Ranjeet says that’s why Jigna was excited. Sheena asks about the matrimonial’s site. Bakool says he was seeing girls Ranjeet. Ranjeet tells Sheena that Pandit ji suggested him to remarry to get saved from death. Sheena gets upset with him. Ranjeet apologizes to the misunderstanding and asks Sheena to attend Harry’s wedding. Bakool gets married to Buffalo. Harry teases him saying he married thrice.

Sheena comes there. Bakool

sees Sheena coming there and places garland on Harry’s neck. Jigna asks what you are doing? Bakool says it is ritual to place garland in bachelor friend’s neck. Sheena says it seems marriage is done. She congratulates Harry and says she will leave. Jigna asks her to pose for pic. Their pic is clicked.
Basanti runs and escapes. Sheena and Dagdu also go. Later Jigna tells Baa and Bakool that Mauni Baba is coming here and she brought clothes for him. Bakool asks what is Mauni Baba. Jigna tells him that happiness will enter once he comes here. Sheena calls Bakool and asks him to come home and fulfill her fantasy by becoming batman thief. Jigna asks him to come fast. Bakool says where to go now. Thief comes to Sheena’s house. Sheena thinks Bakool came indisguise of thief and asks him to steal her. Thief thinks she is mad and tries to go. Sheena pulls his mask and finds the thief. She gets scared and shouts. She hits on his head and he falls unconscious. She calls aloud Ranjeet. Ranjeet comes.

Sheena says he is thief and came to steal the things. Dagdu checks and says he is dead. Sheena asks Ranjeet to do something and says she don’t want to go to jail. Ranjeet asks her not to worry and says Dagdu will handle. Dagdu asks him not to put blame on him. Door bell rings. Ranjeet asks Sheena to check the door till they do something.

Jigna brings fruits and keeps on table. Bhootnath asks if someone is unwell as it is brought for ill people. Baa tells him that Mauni baba is coming. Jigna says she will do andhi seva of Mauni baba. Baa asks how can you take care of him being blind folded. Bhoot nath says I will make you practice. Sheena opens the door and finds Inspector standing. She gets shocked.

Baa tells Mauni Baba that Jigna will do his andhi seva. Mauni Baba is surprised. Inspector comes to room and asks Dagdu to open the cupboard. Ranjeet, Sheena and Dagdu are shocked.

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