Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 8th September 2017 Written Update

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 8th September 2017 Written Update by H_Hasan

Bhaag Bakool Bhaag 8th September 2017 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Jigna telling that she has been lucky doing his Mouni baba’s darshan. Bakool thinks what is she doing? Inspector comes there and tells Bakool that he has seen him somewhere. He says last night, you was in Juhu. Bakool says yes. Inspector says he wants to do darshan of Mouni baba. He gets a call and goes. Inspector and Harry take him inside. Jigna thinks why he didn’t have food. Bakool asks her to bring hot food. Bakool and Harry eats the food and pretend as if Mouni baba had eaten. Jigna says he has eaten so much. Bakool says it is dhyaan time for him. Baa asks Jigna to bring chawal. She gets Sheena’s call and invites her to come home and meet Mouni baba. Bakool is shocked. Harry says she knows about dead body. Bakool says if she comes here then I will become

dead body. Harry says how to take this dead body. Bakool says at night. Sheena and Ranjeet are scared. Dagdu says what I will do alone in this house if you both go to jail. Ranjeet scolds him. Sheena calls Bakool and asks about dead body. Bakool says he brought dead body home due to police.
Later in the night, Bakool and Harry are taking dead body out. Jigna and Baa comes back. Bakool says they are taking him to saloon and makes some excuse. Jigna asks him to bring baba inside and make him have fruits. Harry and Bakool plan to keep goon in bag and dispose him. Jigna comes and says she will also play. Harry and Bakool come out. Bakool says he will bring his keys and goes. Harry also gets call. Someone comes and picks bag in which goon is there. Bakool takes vegetable bag and disposes it.

He comes to Sheena and tells that he has disposed the dead body. Ranjeet gets happy and says they will mislead police if questioned. Baa calls Bakool and asks him to come fast. Bakool comes home and sees goon in his home. Baa tells him that someone kept baba in bag, vegetable seller brought him back. Jigna cries and questions Bakool if he kept Baba in bag. Bakool says yes, and tells that Baba asked him to put him in bag. Baa and Jigna looks on. Guru ji calls Jigna and tells that the Mouni baba returned to him and complained about her. Jigna is shocked and looks at the fake mouni baba. Guru ji says he got troubled and ran back to me in night itself. Jigna shouts what?

Sheena says don’t know why did Bakool go suddenly. Ranjeet says even I am thinking same. Inspector comes there. They get scared seeing him. Inspector says he came to know about the truth, and threatens to arrest them. Ranjeet says we don’t know what you are saying. Inspector says that thief had entered your home. He says you might be hiding something. Sheena says we are not hiding anything. Inspector asks Dagdu to tell. Ranjeet says he forgets things. Dagdu says he has sharp memory. Ranjeet asks him to be quiet. Inspector tells Sheena that today he met Bakool in mahaveer nagar. Ranjeet says he has a home there. They go to his house. Sheena is tensed. Jigna asks Bakool to tell truth and says Mouni baba went back. Bakool says he is Mouni baba. Baa asks him to promise keeping his hand on her head. Bakool says he is not Mouni baba, and removes specs, fake beard. Jigna and Baa are shocked.

Rakhi Sawant enters the show while the flower petals is showered on them.

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