Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th February 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th February 2023 Written Episode

Tiwari and Vibhu sitting together drinking alcohol. Anu and Angoori standing behind window looking at them. Vibhu says to Tiwari you are Peeping Tom, you are a disgusting man. Tiwari says yes and I feel like a cheapster. Vibhu says you are a family man then how did you develop this habit. Tiwari says when I was kid I use to peek into houses for sweet and I didn’t realise when things turned around. Vibhu says I’m feeling disgusted drinking with you. Tiwari says right now I need a friend and I see that in you. Vibhuti asks what do you want. Tiwari says tomorrow there will 2000 people in Kanpur’s lake to bathe and this peeping habit of mine is at peak and is not in control what do I do. Vibhu says deal with it. Tiwari says I can’t and so I want you to come with me.

Angoori says to Anu, what all is this happening I am not understanding. Anu says I understand it’s hard to see but you will understand soon.

Vibhu asks Tiwari why do you think I will come with you, Tiwari says you are only one in this colony who can accompany me in this derogatory work and can’t a friend be for his friend and there will be men and women. Vibhu says women too, I won’t come. Tiwari insists Vibhu. Vibhu thinks for now I want to see the horse and agrees to go.

Vibhu walks to Anu and compliments her. Anu ignores. Vibhu asks where are you going, Anu says going downstairs to sleep because there are mosquitoes here. Vibhu says they will bite me too. Vibhu says you look annoyed whats wrong, Anu says I am not in mood. Vibhu says but I am in mood. Anu says why won’t you, you had drinks. Vibhu says to her, go take shower you will be fresh and get in mood too. Anu says enough, I have no interest in all this, you look like a classless to me. Vibhu says you are questioning my art. Anu asks what art. Vibhu says Dipu Mastana, Rajaram Electrician, Kalu Dada and Barbarian Munda, these 4 diamonds are star of our romantic life and what is classless in this, please explain. Anu says its too late, I am sleepy and leaves.

Tiwari walks to Angoori in bedroom. Angoori says why did you take so long. Tiwari says was just finishing my drink. Angoori says you had too much today and tell me one thing, is this your peeping habit really serious, I heard you talking to Vibhu that you are a peeping tom. Tiwari says bhabhiji had asked me to say all this to me. Angoori says oh this is why you where asking me to stop during dinner, I am so sorry. Tiwari says but I am very romantic. Angoori says lets start. Tiwari says lets close windows or Vibhu the peeping tom will sneak in and don’t forget the door. Angoori goes closes door and window.

Tiwari asks Angoori to switch off the lights, Angoori says you look like in an experimental mood. Tiwari walks away and says don’t worry I will land peacefully on you. Angoori switches of the light, and Tiwari goes falls on bed corner. Tiwari says let’s start again. Tiwari says the plane has vrashed now.

Tiwari and Vibhu go neat the lake. Tiwari says this place is perfect to peep. Vibhu says you are disgusting, you want to ssee people bathe. Tiwari says whats wrong in it, won’t you join, don’t hesitate. Vibhu says I am not interested.

Gupta in his washroom, says I should close ventilators or hide and shower, what if Vibhu comes to peep, what if there are camera I have to do something.

Commissioner shivering in cold. Happu says commisioner has 105 fever. Gupta walks in and asks what happened. Happu says he showered with cold water to catch peeping tom and look what happened. Gupta says he should have gone to Anu Bhabhi’s house because Vibhu is peeping tom. Happu days did he peep. Gupta says no Anu bhabhi told me about us.

Vibhu asks Tiwari, he said there would be 2000 people but I see no one. Tiwari says now accept it you are peeping tom. Manohar catches them and says Vibhu we have information that you are peeping tom and you are under arrest and Tiwari is peeping tom too and helped Vibhu. .

Vibhu and Tiwari get beaten in jail. Happu says Manohar hit them so hard that they shout in pain. Anu and Angoori rush to them and says do you have any idea why they were doing this?
Angoori tells them Tiwari was helping Vibhu get over this. Tiwari says Dr. Gupta had given me this idea to treat him with kindness. Vibhu asks what illness I have, I was doing everything because Seth Champu Das asked me too.
Anu says this tattoo story person is real culprit. Vibhu says no he is very cultured. Anu says no its just a cover, I have a plan to catch him red handed and I need Happu Singh’s help.

Seth Champu Das a news that famous bengali actress Chapan Churi is staying at Tiwari’s house and whoever wants to see her should visit Tiwari’s house, and the news has her schedule. Champu Das gets excited.

Tilu disguised as Chapan Churi at Tiwari’s house and acts as if she is just out of shower. Champu Das peeping through window and everyone looking at him from downstairs and catch him red handed. Vibhu and Tiwari tell him this was a trick and there is no heroine. Anu and Angoori scold him and say don’t you have any self respect. Champu Das says I lobe peeping it gives me aderline rush. Anu says shut up, and why did you trick my husband. Champu says when I heard him praying I understood he is stupid and unemployed and if I trick him I will get open window to peep. Happu and Manohar arrest him.

Anu says thank god now biggest problem is solved. Angoori says to Tiwari, can I sing while showering. Tiwari says to her sure why not.

Precap: Tiwari says to Anu, you know I was about to die three times and Pandit Ramphal has asked me to let Vibhu celebrate Valentine’s Day with Angoori. Anu says to him, not at all.
Tiwari makes a deal with Vibhu and says we both are cultured so lets make this a done deal. Vibhu says to him, I charge 1lakh. Tiwari finalises in 50000. Vibhu asks Tiwari to give Anu company on Valentine’s Day as he will be busy with Angoori.
Tiwari on date with Anu, shows her his tshirt which has her face printed.

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