Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th September 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th September 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 10th September 2019 Written Episode

Saxena says wow you must be in so much pain,i was bitten by a monkey when kid. Anu waiting for Vibhu,Vibhu walks to her and says Tiwari was irritating me, Anu says you should have told him im jot feeling good,Vibhu says that’s what I said, Anu gets romantic and says from the day you are bitten you have become attractive,Vibhu says whatever lets go, Vibhu acts like monkey, Anu says what did you just do, Vibhu says i didn’t lets go to sleep. Vibhu whole night keeps removing monkey noices.

Angoori and Tiwari performing pooja at the lake, Angoori says now you have to bathe in this lake, and you have to go nude to bathe for fulfilment of pooja and these are amajis instructions, do it bye now.Tiwari takes off his clothes and jumps in well, Vibhu walks to Tiwari and asks what are doing here, Tiwari says pooja, Vibhu sees his clothes and starts behaving like monkey and runs with Tiwaris clothes.

Boys dressed as forest officers at Tea stall, Teeka says we will begin catching of monkey’s from Jhakarkatti, Anu walks to them and asks whats up,they tell her about her new job and wishes them luck. Tiwari pulls Anu’s dupatta and pulls it over all in shock to see him, Anu scolds him and says how dare you do this,Tiwari says im sorry and tells about the incident.

Angoori gets call from Amaji, Amaji says Pandit Rampal informed that you two have to serve monkeys, Angoori says okay i will. Vibhu walks yo Angoori, Angoori tells him about monkeys, Vibhu keeps acting like monkey weird. Vibhu says this is happening on its own this is the monkeys poison and i guess im turning to monkey day by day, Angoori says this is so good thank god, Vibhu says im your personal monkey do as you wish too, Angoori says I will get peanuts right away.

Boys waiting to trap a monkey, Monkey stops by seeing banana, teeka shoots injection shivering in fear,they catch the monkey and see its laddo in costume, Laddoo says this is my costume for play, Teeka says sorry and good the injection didn’t hit you,Malkan asks then who did it hit, master walks to them the injection pricks him, he scolds them and faints.

Pre cap : Vibhu acts like monkey teases Tiwari.

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