Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 11th January 2018 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 11th January 2018 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 11th January 2018 Written Episode

Amaji comes home,Anguri takes her blessing,ama asks how are you,Anguri says I’m good,Amaji asks why are you so happy and why did you say you have one more mother in law,Anguri tells about the rebirth story.tiwari gets home,and takes amajis blessing,ama asks what nonsense is this,Tiwari says no nonsense, it’s the truth,amaji says you can fool her not me,tiwari says enough ama enough of your bullying and dominating nature and I have one more mother and if you keep treating me like this I will go to my other mother in pisu nagar,Anguri gets a stick and says I have applied oil on it,tiwari turns around,and starts running,ama follows.

At tea stall,tiwari says now Ma will transfer all property on us,and I don’t want us to argue in this,Vibhu says you are right let’s divide it in

two and just reminding the horse stable you can have it,tiwari says let’s look after it together and I don’t want to divide the property,Vibhu says you won my heart brother,tikka Tilu malkhan lookingat the, confused and surprised,Vibhu says we shall farm on our land,tiwari says we shall leave together in the bungalows, Vibhu hugs him again and says we shall live in one bungalow together and other one we shall give it to our servants.
Tikka Tilu Malkhan say you have such great fate,Vibhu says what are you talking it was our property,Tilu says lucky you,and shall I have my salary,tiwari says sure,Vibhu asks what’s your salary,Tilu says 50000,Vibhu says give him 2 lakhs,tiwari says given,tikka malkhan says help us two so we can start business,tiwari says work for us,Vibhu says tikka work at stable,malkhan as Gardner and Tilu watchmen,boys very happy.

Anguri and Anu see the wedding video,MA Chaddha and new wives also there,tiwari says Ma you cheated us,Vibhu says no son shall trust on mothers now,Ma says I made my daughters marry you and did a good job,Anguri says how can you they are our husbands,Chandra says then they have broken a law,it’s illegal,Vibhu says you are con man,Ma says even if a con,you have married my girls,now come with us or else I shall send this video to police station and you in jail,Vibhu says Anu.

Anita says I knew there is some game,and scolds Tiwari Vibhu and Saxena,Anguri says why quite now say something,Anu says say something,Saxena says they promised me to give shocks and so this act,Vibhu says actually we read this news in newspaper and so performed this act and now we are caught,anu says look now they have an video,Anguri says yes,Vibhu and Tiwari beg Anita to save them,Saxena says my Karan Arjun will go jail now,Anita says we have to do something,Vibhu and Tiwari hit Saxena.

Chanda to Ma says what an acting and also you made your over aged daughters marry those fools,she says Bhatia but what if they don’t accot my girls,Chanda says I’m a lawyer I shall take them to court,she says very good,now let’s go leave this Haveli or else we will be charged extra.

Happu gets call from minister to resume duty and says yes sir has also arrived with Gulfamkali,he says welcome lakad Singh,lakad Singh says I’m sorry,Gulfamkali says don’t worry Happu Singh all sorted now,I’m his sister now,Happu asks how come,lakad Singh says my father was a regular visitor of Gulfamkalis mother and leaves.

Tikka asks Happu Singh where’s your uniform,Tilu says lakad Singh snatched it,malkhan says now pay our fees, we were also hit because of you,Happu gets a call and says yes sir,I will join duty from today and then hits boys.

Chadda and Ma with girls,in modern colony,and call for Vibhu and Tiwari,Anita comes out with Vibhu and says isn’t be scared,and asks what nonsense is this,Ma says what nothing,Anguri says cheaters,Chadda,says we didn’t and we also have a video,and no one forced them.and is hall call police if they don’t come,Anita says why take trouble I shall call police,Happu comes,Anguri says we have a clip too,chadda says these guys cheated us,Happu says shut up and shows a clip which is of chadda and Ma talking last night.

Last night Anguri and Anita had been to the haveli and recorded them talk,Happu says this video I received last night,now come to jail,Ma says actually my daughters are over aged and no one was marrying them so all this,please forgive us,Happu says no rubbish come to jail,Anu says let them free,Happu Singh,they aren’t at fault,a daughters love at times can make you do this and phulwa Devi don’t do all this again and we shall try to get your daughters groom,Happu says I’m an agent come.

Tilu says so tiwari how about my salary,tiwari says no I won’t,Tilu says ok,attack tikka malkhan,Vibhu holds his hand says run Arjun.

Pre cap : Anita says Tiwari the world may not but I trust my husband.
Vibhu says enough Anu not now and sees Anita standing infront,and says you here who is this and sees Gulfamkali,tiwari walks in,Anita says stop acting you are caught red handed.

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