Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th August 2019 Written Episode

Anu and Vibhu praise Angoori for dinner, Angoori says u learnt from my daddy, he did a lot for me and siblings. Vibhu says yes he did tell me once. Tiwari insults daddy. Anu says look daddy cared so much, Tiwari says i understand,vibhu doesnt,Vibhu says why wont I, Tiwari insults Vibhu,Vibhu gets into argument with him.

Anu scolds them, and says Angoori your daddy is very interesting and cute man, and i wish he was with me,and i serve him and worship him,tiwari murmurs i wish it was me.

Commissioner walks in police station and looks for Hapu. Daddy drinking alone, gets a call from unknown number, its commissioner, daddy says good to hear from you, commissioner says im calling since a week but you didnt pick but landline you did,daddy says i didnt get any calls, commissioner says give me back my 5 lakhs its one year now, daddy says i will pay you back, but im not in India, im in Holland past 2 months, im here to get Shilajit and start farming in India and that will help you too, commissioner says i want my money.

Hapu sees commissioner in police station, commissioner asks where were you, Hapu says solving a case, Commissioner tells him about Bhore lal(daddy). Commissioner says im sure he is in Kanpur get him for me, Hapu says i will get him for you don’t worry.

Teeka selling vegetables, Angoori says teeka so.good to see you working, teeka says jusy your blessings. Tiwari and Vibhu there get in argument again. Daddy arrives, Vibhu asks how is he, Daddy says not good, Angoori says please stay with me, daddy says i cant stay at daughters house,i follow old culture,Vibhu says no worries you will stay with me, and Anu will love that too,Daddy says lets go.

Vibhu walks to Anu, Anu asks where were you, Daddy walks in, Vibhu says please come in and feel at home we will serve you well. Anu tries to avoid and says he has a home there,Daddy says i have a home but putan is in jail and Angooris mother is at her sisters she is pregnant, Anu says but Angoori and Tiwari will feel bad, Vibhu says no my uncle will stay with us,i told him Anu loves you she will be so fond of having you, Daddy says Vibhu you are so good,i wish i had found you before.

pre cap: Vibhu and Tiwari fighting to keeo daddy at their place.

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