Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th January 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th January 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 12th January 2023 Written Episode

Tiwari and Anu are sitting together at the place where they drink coconut water. Tiwari says that he doesn’t want coconut water. Anu asks Tiwari that why is he looking so inactive? Tiwari says that he’s upset because of Vibhu. Anu asks, why? Tiwari says that he’s not behaving properly with him. Tiwari tells her that he went to Vibhu’s office to meet him, but he didn’t even payed attention towards him, instead, he met everyone except him. Anu asks him that why did he wanted to meet Vibhu? Tiwari that he wanted Vibhu’s signature because he bought a piece of land. Anu tells Vibhu that he’s now a chief engineer and his signatures are very valuable now. Tiwari says that it’s only a signature. Anu tells Tiwari to approach Vibhu as a chief engineer and use his weakness against him to get his work done.

Tillu and Teeka are sitting at tea stall. Teeka and Tillu are sad because they couldn’t even rob people. Tillu says that he got an idea. Teeka asks, what? Tillu says, if they get some money they will become a lady. Teeka laughs at him. Tillu says that they will get a lot money after that. Tiwari listens to them and goes upto them. Tiwari tells them that he will help them in their idea. Tillu tells Tiwari that a greedy person like him can never help anyone. Tiwari says that he will actively help them if they help him too. Tillu and Teeka agrees with him.

Angoori is sitting in her office. Angoori goes through all the old and dusty files and finds a file of someone named “Mittal”. Angoori asks Manohar to get some tea for her. A servant named “Sundar” brings tea for her. Angoori thanks her and asks him about the last anti corruption head allotted land to Mittal? Sundar says, yes and tells her all the story. Angoori asks Sundar if he wants to work as an undercover assistant? Sundar says that he was assistant of last head too.
Manohar comes back and Sundar leaves.
Angoori tells Manohar to get all the files of Mittal and also tells him to call Mittal, because she wants to meet him.

Angoori is watering plants in the morning. Vibhu shows up and greets her. Angoori greets him back. Vibhu tells her that she’s everywhere in the news and shows her the newspaper. Angoori says that it’s all blessings of her elders and gods. Vibhu says that she did a great job catching Mittal. Angoori tells Vibhu that she’s aiming to make Kanpur corruption free. Vibhu says that she will surely be successful.

Vibhu is checking files in his office. His peon comes in and tells him that there’s a guest waiting for him outside. Vibhu tells him to bring the guests in. Teeka and Tillu disguised as a lady comes in. Vibhu gets scared. Teeka and Tillu asks that why did he got scared, they are just friends. Vibhu says that they are not his friends. Vibhu asks them that why are they here? Tillu asks Vibhu if he knows Tiwari? Vibhu says that he knows that fraud person. Teeka says that Tiwari needs his signature for his new piece of land. Vibhu says that his signatures are not free. Teeka and Tillu sits on Vibhu lap and starts to flirt with him. Anu comes in and sees him with them. Anu gets angry after seeing him. Vibhu gets scared. Anu leaves.

Anu is very angry on Vibhu. Anu starts throwing utensils at Vibhu. Anu asks Vibhu who were those ladies? Vibhu tells Anu that Tiwari sent those ladies as a bribe. Anu says, what!? Vibhu says yes. Anu says that Tiwari was asking about Vibhu weakness earlier, so he might have done that. David asks Anu that what did she reply to him? Anu says that she told him that every men’s weakness is same, which is money. David says that Tiwari thought that every men’s weakness is ladies. Vibhu tells Anu that she always starts fight with him without even knowing the situation. Anu says that she got furious. David says that he will talk to Vibhu.

Tiwari and David are sitting together. Tiwari asks David about Vibhu’s weakness. David says that Vibhu’s weakness is money. Tiwari says that he is ready to give money to him. David tells Tiwari that he will take 10k rupees to get Vibhu. Tiwari says that he will give 5k to him that’s it. David and Tiwari agrees with each other.

Angoori is doing her work in her office. Sundar brings tea for Angoori. Angoori asks Sundar if he got any news? Sundar tells Angoori that he got a bad news for her. Angoori asks, what? Sundar tells Angoori that her husband Manmohan Tiwari is bribing Vibhuti to get his work done. Angoori get stressed after listening to this news.

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