Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 13th February 2020 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 13th February 2020 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 13th February 2020 Written Episode

Tiwari walking in pain, Angoori asks why are you walking like this, Tiwari says little ache,get me some tea or lassi or anything to drink. Angoori leaves. Tiwari finds necklace in his cupboard.

Helan with Gupta,Gupta says my mantras are so good,we will find the thief, you have to dance first its part of the ritual. Anu says what nonsense is this, Helan says i will do anything to find my necklace, Vibhu says he is fraud mummy. Anu says you Gupta go away or else I will sue you.

Gupta says i dont have a license, Gupta says aunty forget her you dance. Helan starts dancing. Anu laughs and enjoys it. Gupta says guru dev is very happy now, whoever might have stolen your necklace will start puking. Anu feels pukish and runs away.

Hapu asks Makhwana did boys say anything, Makhwana says no they didny,Saxena walks in and says im here to bail these hoys, Hapu says but you put them behind bars, Saxena says im a lawyer too so according to it im here to bail them. Hapu agrees. Saxena keeps changing his role, once says bail them, once says dont,Hapu gets confused and finally bails them.

Helan says your wife is theif see she is puking. Hapu walks to them, Tiwari with necklace gets inside the kitchen to keep necklace, throws ot inside and runs away. Anu walks in at same time, Helan says conformed she has stolen it, Vibhu says someone threw it from outside,Anu asks who, Helan says stop drama i know its you.

Anu says i havent stolen necklace,i was puking because i ate stale food. Angoori walks in with kheer and sees necklace and gets confused. Anu says Hapu says if om proven guilty sentence me to death, if not i will charge compensation of 10 crore.

Amaji calls Angoori, Angoori tells whole situation, Vibhu hiding and hearing her talk. Amaji asks her to steal the necklace again.

Angoori prays to god and asks to help her. Boys with Master says it was my terror that got him to give my necklace back. Saxena says don’t you want to know who threw necklace, Hapu asks who, Saxena says Tilu Teeka Malkan, i saw them doing so, Hapu say Makhwana arrest them.

Vibhu reading magazine, Anu says i cant tolerate your mother anymore, Vibhu says thats her nature, Anu says this is why your papa left her too, Vibhu says he left because of gulkandi, Anu asks but when mummy was here why he went to Gulkandi, Vibhu says he thought Gulkandi was better dancer than mummy, Anu says you people, your whole family should be put in museum.

Pre cap : Tiwari keeps necklace back in Helans bag.

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