Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 17th March 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 17th March 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 17th March 2023 Written Episode

Tiwari and Vibhu standing outside. Vibhu says to Angoori and Anu we went to Basanti to have panipuri then she said I feel like dancing so we start dancing. Tiwari says we didn’t want to make her feel sad so everyone started dancing with her. Vibhu says I was starting in sadness. Anu and Angoori looks at eachother and start laughing. Vibhuti and Tiwari discuss with eachother and walks away. Angoori says they are not listening what should we do. Anu says we need to do something with Basanti and her panipuri. Angoori says okay.

Manohar and Happu in police station. Happu tells him importance about the police uniform. Manohar mocks him and calls him corrupt inspector. Anu and Angoori walks in. Happu greets them and ask what happen. Angoori says few people are doing illigal business in your locality and you have no idea. Happu says tell name I’ll do it. Anu says there a woman named Basanti who is selling golgappas do you know her. Happu says yes. Angoori says you have to arrest her. Happu says she trying to survive in this expensive world how can do it. Anu asks dod you took bribe from her. Manohar says god knows. Anu says still you have to arrest her or I’ll talk to commissioner. Manohar says I’ll come too. Happu says no need to worry I’ll handle to situation. Angoori says Basanti is trying to corrupt all the men in town even our husband’s too. Happu says don’t worry you can go home. Anu says we will go home if you give us some results. Happu says don’t worry I’ll be at your home in half n hour.

Everyone at Basanti’s stall fighting to have panipuri. Teeka and Tillu asks Basanti to give them a plate of golgappas. Tillu says take 500rs now rest 1000rs we will give you later. Basanti says I’m not your relative. Teeka says please give us in name of humanity. Basanti says leave let other people come forward. Happu and Manohar walks to Basanti. Happu says to Basanti I heard you are getting famous here. Basanti says yes that’s why you are here to take bribe, take 50rs and leave. Happu ask her to remove her stall. Basanti says take 50rs more. Happu warns her and asl her to remove stall. Gupta says to Happu hiw dare you talk to a lady with disrespectful manner. Happu asks is she your relative. Everyone standing there having panipuri says yes she is our relative. Happu asks Manohar to to pack her business. Gupta warns them and says it you try to touch we will kill all. Teeka also join them. Everyone get angry. Happu and Manohar runs away.

Angoori and Anu waiting for Happu. Anu says wait for sometime soon we will get a good news. Happu and Manohar walks inside Vibhus home and lock the door. Everyone out shouting to open door and threating them. Angoori, Anu and David in shock. Happu says to Anu I ask Basanti to leave this locality but her followers threatened us to kill and followed us till here. Angoori says now everyone is with her now what we will do. David says now she has love from her followers. Angoori says I don’t understand what we will do. Happy says her golgappas are very famous now and every men is her follower. Manohar mocks Happu and says I’m the only man who doesn’t eat her golgappas. Anu says I have an idea I think we have to do something different, she calls Sandhya.

Every men at Basanti’s stall. Anu, Angoori and Saxena walking towards her stall. Saxena says to Basanti everyone heard a lot about your golgappas can you please give to my Bhabhimaa too. Basanti says yes that’s not new everyone loves it. Anu say’s that’s why we are here to taste usm Angoori says please give us too. Basanti give them golgappas to eat. Anu and Angoori act but thorw it in dustbin . Anu kick her stall and her golgappas fall down. Basanti walks to pick them up. Saxena take sample of her water. Basanti come back. Angoori says to her your water is tasteless. Anu says she is telling true Angoori cooks better then you and they leave.

Tiwari in his bedroom. Ammaji and Angoori standing at door. Ammaji aaks where are you heading to. Tiwari says I’m going down for walk. Angoori says to Ammaji he is going to Basanti. Tiwari says don’t talk nonsense and says to Ammaji I’m feeling bad inside my stomach so going out to relax. Ammaji says you cannot go now and tie him. Tiwari says let me go. Angoori says me and Ammaji have decided to tie you to bed till the time you don’t forget Basanti you will be trapped here.
Tiwari’s hand tied to bed.

Vibhu in his room drinking water and thinks about golgappas her try to walk out but Anu and David stops him. Ani asks where are you going. Vibhu says I’m going out to see my friend Prem he is sick. David says are you going to give him injection. Vibhu says I’m not a doctor I’m going for courtesy and shaking badly. David says looking at you it looks like you are sick. Vibhu says I’m normal. Anu says David is right you should take rest. Vibhu says no let me go. David says you need to take rest and both of them tie up his hands and leg.

Angoori in balcony with Tiwari. Angoori make him sit in balcony and ask him to read newspaper. Tiwari says how can I read it my hands are tied. Angoori says don’t try to act smart now hands will be tied forever. Anu at her balcony with Vibhu says she is right now your hands will not get freedom. Vibhu says then how we will do our daily routine. Angoori says Saxena will help you. Anu says Saxena will work as Ramlal for them. Vibhu says stop acting childish. Saxena at Anita’s house greet them and says I have to report of her water sample. Anu open the report and says oh my God. Angoori asks what happen. Anu says Basanti mixes drug in her water. Angoori says if they still be having golgappas. Anu says they we could be having this discussion in hospital. Saxena says I have a goodnews on commissioner’s order Basanti is been arrested and Nagar Nigam has destroyed her stall. Vibhu say’s that’s why I think why my hands shake when I don’t eat golgappas. Tiwari says I’m also facing same kind of issue. Vibhu says to anu you thought I’m having affair with her. Tiwari asks same to Angoori. Angoori says I thought so and apologies to her. Anu also apologies to Vibhu. Angoori says now you have to drink harbal kada to clear yourself from drugs. Smoke start coming. Anu asks Vibhu where is this smoke coming from. Angoori says it’s coming from your kitchen. Vibhu says David is in kitchen and calls him multiple time. David doesn’t response. David walks to them. Vibhu asks what happen. He says pressure cooker blasted, kitchen is also burn from tomorrow you can cook food.

Vibhu says to David oil is coming from ground we will get rich soon. Anu says if people will get to know about oil your know what will be there first reaction. Vibhu says they will ask for money. Anu says I have an idea.
Tiwari outside Vibhus house reading a message on paper saying I’m leaving this colony with my whole family.
Vibhu, Anu and David disguised as arab people.
Vibhu talking to Angoori discussing about Vibhu. Angoori says I don’t remember anyone with name Vibhuti.

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