Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th March 2015 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th March 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 19th March 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with,vibhuti is shocked to see his uncle from London he enters vibhuti asks him y didn’t he informed him before coming his uncle says tat he was here in luknow for a conference so he thought of coming for a day and vibhuti calls anita and anita welcomes his uncle and says tat she is a bit upset as he didn’t attend their wedding and uncle says tat he is busy in work so he could not attend and anita says tat she will bring some tea and snacks for him and goes in uncle then asks vibhuti tat do u still go behind women as u used to do before marriage and vibhuti says no he has left all this he has such a beautiful wife and comes in manmohan and greets uncle and uncle himself introduces as manmohans uncle from London and manmohan gets shocked and thinks he called just now and he landed here and greets him and says tat he should come to their place to have some snacks made by anguri and vibhuti sends his uncle with manmohan
Manmohan welcomes uncle and introduces her to uncle and uncle says tat in todays world we don’t have neighbours like this and manmohan says tat we consider our neighbours as family and then anguri goes in to bring some snacks and manmohan asks uncle will he have some drink and uncle says tat he will have a glass full of milk and manmohan goes into bring and manmohans phone rings uncle sees the name as vibhutis uncle from London he picks up and saxena says tat manmohan u donkey and uncle shouts and scolds him and he hungs up and comes in vibhuti his uncle asks wat is the matter with this manmohan and he tells tat his business sometime back faced loss so he keeps asking for orders to whoever comes home to order undergarments and uncle agrees and manmohan comes with glass full of milk and uncle tells him tat he will give him order of 5 lakhs and manmohan gets very happy and gets tears in his eyes while vibhuti asks him not to be so emotional.
Next day uncle is leaving and vibhuti ,anita ,manmohan and anguri are saying good bye to him manmohan remembers him about the order and uncle says yes he will transfer money once he reaches London and anita asks uncle to bring aunty next time and uncle says she would have come now but its her 9th month and manmohan says ohh do let us know weather it is a girl or boy and uncle says tat are u stupid she is having her treatment and its 9th month of it and then he waves good bye.
Manmohan and anguri comes in and anguri says tat she is very happy tat they got such big order and manmohan says tat its all because of u and their phone rings it saxena as uncle from London and hands it to manmohan saxena says to manmohan tat u stupid have u left to come to London or not yet and manmohan thinks how did he reached London so soon and he faints.
Next day manmohan is doing exercise he is actually waiting to see anita and laddu listens wat he said in his mid and asks for whom are u waiting and manmohan scolds him and asks him to go in and get ready for school and he goes and then he lays down to do pushups and comes anguri with breakfast and asks him to do breakfast and manmohan says tat cant she see tat he is doing exercise and anguri says to him tat if he does so much exercise he will become slim and manmohan says to her tat no he wont and asks him to goes in and then manmohan sees anita and gets stunned to see her she looks beautiful and comes in laddu and asks wat is beautiful as he hears tat he said in mind and then manmohan bribes him to go and buy a chocolate and he runs in and then manmohan comes out of gate and meets vibhuti and vibhuti asks manmohan where he is going and manmohan says tat he is going for exercise and vibhuti laughs and manmohan in his mind says tat vibhuti doesnot know where he is going and vibhuti also says tat manmohan also doesnot know where he wants to go and they go their way and manmohan goes behind anita jogging and vibhuti enters manmohans house and sees anguri singing song in kitchen and says to her tat she singles like lata mangeshkar she is a very good singer anguri says tat manmohan never listens to her singing and then vibhuti says he does not understands her singing and anguri says tat she always wishes to sing duet with manmohan but he never sings and then vibhuti in his mind says tat if he could sing he would have sung with her and leaves
Anita is doing gardening and singing song while vibhuti comes and says tat he has made a healthy and spicy tear for her and she then asks him tat hoe does she sing and vibhuti says tat she sings like kishor kumar and anita says wat u think tat I sing like a man and vibhuti says no u sing like a women but ur style is like man and then anita reminds him of the scene in the film padosan where kishorkumar sings playback for his friend to imprees the girl in the neighbor house and vibhuti says thanx to anita and she asks thanx for wat and he says nothing and she leaves while vibhuti says tat now he has to search for a playback singer for him.

Vibhuti is convincing saxena to sing song for him as playback and saxena says tathe will need shock and vibhuti in his mind says tat he will give u such a shock tat he will remember for life.

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