Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 1st August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 1st August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 1st August 2019 Written Episode

Vibhu says my stomach is upset,Anu says you keep eating outside, vibhu says enough im worried about tomorrow. Angoori says tomorrow yiu have to perform task, Tiwari says but i cant cook, Angoori says Vibhu can but. Anu says Vibhu cook so well that Angoori gives yiu good marks, Vibhu says i know she will, Anu says dont forget Tiwari is participating too. Angoori says Tiwari what will i do,i cant give less marks to Vibhu he cooks good,Tiwari says but bhabhiji you know, Angoori says I will give him zero. Anu says i will give tiwari a zero.

Boys and Gupta together, Prem walks to them, and says here i got drinks for us, Gupta says we shouldn’t entertain low standard people like him,teeka says you are right please keep distance. Malkan cleaning at mishras and teeka at Tiwari’s.

Anu and Angoori having tea and relaxing.
saxena says to Anu and Angoori he wants them to win, and says now you two have to score eachothers husband’s for their cooking. Tilu and Gupta washing clothes. Vibhu asks Tiwari what he is cooking, Tiwari says you are used to this because you are bhabhijis slave,vibhu tastes his cooked food and says yumm bhabhiji is gonna score me good, Tiwari says all i know im not loosing.

Anu and Angoori taste food, Angoori says very tasty,Anu says good try, but im scoring you a zero for sake of keeping vibhu in competition,tiwari says you cant and tells Angoori,Angoori says even i will do so, Anu says this is not fair, Angoori says so did he. Anu says okay i will score him 10, Angoori says so will i then.

Saxena scores boys and Gupta and says you performed so well that you are scored 6 each, boys request him to score more,saxena says only if you slap me hard, boys agree.

saxena announces next task as all relatives will sleep.on one bed. all sleeping in tiwari hall, Vibhu sees Angoori and says how beautiful she is, Tiwari looks at Anu and says same. Boys say its good to share bed woth uncle and aunt, Vibhu says shut up you don’t deserve, Anu says Vibhu quite and go to sleep. Saxena says quite or else you will be eliminated.

Vibhu imagines performing romantic dance with Angoori, Tiwari imagines with Anu. Saxena wakes anu and angoori and shows vibhu and tiwari kissing Malkan and tilu. Angoori shouts in shock.

Pre cap : Laras next task is Anu and Angoori to divorce Vibhuti and Tiwari.

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