Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd August 2019 Written Episode

Anu asks Vibhu why did you do that to teeka look he is so disturbed,Tilu swys me too, Angoori says yes Tiwari why did you do that to him. Saxena walks in and says i was on con call with uncle lara and he was upset about last night episode and he has decided that Tiwari and Vibhu has crossed lines and no place for such people and have eliminated them,

Anu scolds Vibhu,Vibhu says i was sleeping. Angoori says what were you dreaming, Tiwari says you. Anu says now look we are eliminated,Vibhu says im happy tiwari is with me. Angoori says i will defeat Anu in this game.

Vibhu having drinks, Tiwari joins him, both discuss about winning. Boys qnd Gupta having drinks, teeka asks what is this lara wants, tilu says keep on putting ys in some or other drama, Prem walks to them, Gupta says we already so tensed and this beggar, teeka says you don’t match our standards get lost. Tilu says i just pray this lara dies soon. Saxena walks to them and says i heard all of them and have shoot an video and sent to Lara and kicked you out of game.

Tiwaris and Mishras waiting for Saxena, Angoori says life has become a game show, Anu says true, looks like next task is shoot husbands, Vibhu says bhabhi ji will you do it, Angoori says i will shoot the person who asked me too, Tiwari asks will you bhabhi ji,Anu says yes i will shoot you, Saxena walks in and says uncle lara wants you to divorce your husband’s.

Vibhu says Anu you will give me divorce, Anu says its a task i have to, Vibhu says its a relationship, Anu says money will help us, Vibhu says you are such a greedy woman, Anu says its all because of you, anyways its a strategy, once I have money we will marry again, saxena walks in and says its against the rules. Tiwari and Angoori discuss same and Saxena denies them too.

Lara video calls, and asks are they ready for task, Saxena says yes they do, Tiwari forces Angoori to sign,Vibhu denies Anu to sign. Anu and Angoori tear the Lara says what did you do ypu eliminated, Anu and Angoori says we can’t do this for money, Saxena says see Lara i told you these two would never, lara praise girls and says if i really had money it would be yours,all ask would be means. Saxena says he is from Agra mental hospital and this was his last wish.

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