Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd February 2023 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 2nd February 2023 Written Episode

Vibhu is holding the flower and sees Angoori at the balcony. Vibhu gets mesmerised and starts gazing at her. Vibhu falls into the pit. Angoori starts dancing and goes back inside after a while. Tiwari also comes out of his house with the flower and half way crosses the road. Anu comes to the balcony to look for Vibhu. Tiwari sees Anu at her balcony and gets overjoyed. Tiwari starts gazing at her and falls into the pit. Anu listens to someone falling and ignores and goes back in.

Anu is in her balcony worried for Vibhu. Angoori also shows up and asks Anu that why is looking so worried? Anu tells Angoori that Vibhu is gone since last night, and haven’t returned yet. Angoori also says that Tiwari is gone and haven’t returned yet. Anu asks Angoori that what did Tiwari told her? Angoori replies, that Tiwari said that he’s going to kill a rat. Anu gets confused and asks Angoori if Tiwari have started eating rats?! Angoori says, no and tells her that he went to his shop because there was a rat there. Anu asks Angoori if she stated a complaint? Angoori says, no and asks Anu that same thing. Anu calls Happu and Happu shows and Anu tells Happu that she wants to file a complaint. Angoori tells Happu to start writing a complaint. Anu interrupts and says that she will file the complaint first. Angoori says that she’s worried for Tiwari. Anu says that she will file the complaint first. Anu and Angoori starts arguing. Happu tells them to calm down and says that he will write both complaints simultaneously. Happu sits on the wooden plank which is placed to cross the road and takes out to pens. Happu starts inquiring them both and starts writing the complaint. Happu spits the tobacco inside the pit which makes Vibhu and Tiwari wake up inside it. Vibhu and Tiwari starts screaming in pain. Happu sees Vibhu and Tiwari inside the pit and informs Anu and Angoori. Happu asks them that what are they doing inside the pit?

Vibhu is laying the hospital bed with two more people. They asks Vibhu if he was trying to tease his neighbour? Vibhu tells them to shut up! They also asks Vibhu if he’s a servant of his wife? Vibhu asks them that how can they say this. They tells Vibhu that they can clearly see it on his face. One the them says that his neighbour must be very beautiful. Vibhu warns him that he will break his teeth. Dr. Gupta and Anu comes in and Anu asks Gupta that how is Vibhu doing? He tells Anu that most of the bones inside Vibhu’s body are broken, and tells her that Vibhu has to stay in the hospital for a week to recover. Vibhu thinks that he only have 1 week to put the flower in Angoori’s hairs and tells Gupta that he wants to go to his home. Anu tells Vibhu that if he stays here, it will be better for him. Vibhu says that it will also require money. Anu tells Vibhu that she’s the one who always pay. Everyone starts laughing. Vibhu says that he wants to go home. Gupta says that he will not stop him if he really wants go back.

Tillu is playing cards with two of his worker friends. One of them is old and tells Tillu that he plays really well. Tillu tells them that Teeka plays even better than him, but he’s gone to washroom. One of the workers invites Tillu to come to his place and have some sweets. Tillu gets scared. Anu is helping Vibhu in walking and is trying to take him back to the house. Anu sees Tillu and asks him for some help. Tillu agrees to her. Tillu’s worker friend takes out gulab jamun and asks Tillu if he wants some? Tillu says, why not and starts eating it. Tillu tells Vibhu to wait until he finishes gulab jamun. Vibhu says that he will break his leg while waiting for him. Just then, Teeka shows up and Anu asks Teeka to help Vibhu to cross the pit. Teeka helps Vibhu to cross the pit. Vibhu says that Teeka is very caring unlike Tillu, who prioritised gulab jamun more than him. Teeka listen gulab jamun and gets excited. Vibhu gets scared because Vibhu might fall down. Teeka tells Tillu leave some for him. Tillu says that he can’t give guaranty. Teeka gets tempted after seeing Tillu eating all the gulab jamun. Teeka pushes Vibhu towards his house and goes to eat gulab jamun. Vibhu falls down and Anu picks him up. Teeka checks the gulab jamun box and it’s empty.

Tiwari is laying on the hospital’s bed and Dr. Gupta is checking him. Tiwari is feeling pain in his whole body. Angoori brings food for Tiwari and asks him that when will he get discharged? Tiwari says, he doesn’t know. Dr. Gupta tells that he has put plaster on his leg and says that its will take 1-2 week. Tiwari thinks that he only have 1 week to put flower in Anu’s hairs and says that he wants to go home right now. Dr. Gupta tells Angoori to explain Tiwari that he cannot go. Angoori tells Tiwari to rest in the hospital for a while. Tiwari tells her to pack the bags, he will go back. Angoori says that the road is dug, and it will be very difficult to cross it. Tiwari gets angry and breaks another bone.

PreCap: Vibhu checks Anu is she’s asleep. Vibhu again goes to put the flower in Angoori’s hairs, but again falls inside the pit.
Tiwari also goes to put the flower but a cloth falls on his face and he also falls inside the pit .

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