Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st August 2015 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st August 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st August 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with, anguri asks tiwari where is he going, tiwari says to meet a client, anguri says I am not feeling good abt u leaving, tiwari thinks I am worried abt rakhi so, anguri says I wont let u go plz stay here I don’t have good intuitions abt it, anita comes and asks where are u going, anguri says see tell him not to go, anita says plz stay I have a surprise for u, tiwari wispers that is what I don’t want to see and run and stumbles and sprains his legs,vibhuti sees tiwari seating and worrying abt his leg, vibhuti says whats wrong, who broke ur leg, tiwari says here my heart is gonna break and u are worried abt leg, vibhuti asks who broke ur heart, tiwari says bhabhiji, vibhuti asks oh when is she giving divorce, tiwari says why will she plz, vibhuti asks anyways what are rakhi plans aren’t u taking bhabhiji to her brothers, tiwari says I never go there, vibhuti says forget the past and go there, tiwari says why don’t u take bhabhiji to her brother, vibhuti says he stays in London how will I and both share a laugh.
Tiwari thinking abt rakhi in his room and says if bhabhiji ties me rakhi I will die, anguri comes and says why are u saying like this, tiwari says I have a pain in my heart, anguri says oh god heart attack, tiwari says calm down plz, anguri says tomorrow is rakhi what will u wear, tiwari says just be quite and go to sleep, anguri goes to sleep, tiwari says tomorrow will be a big disastrous day.
Vibhuti checks if anita is sleeping and acts as if crying loudly, anita wakes up and asks why are u crying, vibhuti says u sleep I am fine, anita says cmon tell me, vibhuti says I am missing my sister, anita says the same sister who was against our marriage, don’t u remember she use to call me a foreigner a thin skeleton, vibhuti says anu forget the past, anita says I cant, vibhuti says I am leaving early morning for rakhi, will u like to see me not celebrating it, anita says we have so many neighbours make one ur sister but u will not go to her or else just watch for me, vibhuti thinks I cant allow anguri bhabhi to tie me rakhi come what may.
Vibhuti goes in balcony and tries to run away but sees anita has locked all doors and tries to get away from gallery, he gets down and wakes pelu , pelu gives him cheat and asks where he wants to go, vibhuti says just start going and forces him to take him away.
Next morning, vendor comes with vegetables, and sees vibhuti sleeping in pelus rickshaw, anita and pelu come out, anita wakes up vibhuti, vibhu sleep talks don’t tie me rakhi, anita shouts vibhu, vibhuti sees her and says u, anita asks who was tying u rakhi, vibhu says I was dreaming u are tying me rakhi, anita says rubbish u were out whole night come home I will see u, I was so worried I called everyone, u come home and I will teach u a lesson, vibhuti says I am sorry, anguri comes and says oh hi morning so vibhutiji coming for rakhi right, anita says yes we both will come don’t worry, anguri says very nice do come, anita leaves, vibhuti scolds pelu, pelu gives him cheating saying u didn’t tell me where to go.
Tiwari comes out and asks pelu to take him away, pelu denies and says girls tying rakhi every where so I wont come,and pelu leaves. Tiwari sees saxena on cycle and decides to jump in front of his cycle and go hospital, saxena says hello tiwari bhaiya, tiwari says I need a favor just dash me with ur cycle, saxena says why do u too like shocks like me sure I will dash u, saxena seats on his cycle and goes to take a round and returns to dash tiwari in full force, anguri sees them and rushes to save tiwari and pulls tiwari and saxena goes and lands somewhere else, anguri asks saxena why where u doing this, u call me ur mother then why doing this, saxena says he asked me to do so, anguri asks tiwari why was he doing so and goes in.
Vibhuti hiding behind sofa, anita searching him to go to tiwaris house, vibhuti says I will never go to tiwaris house, anguri comes and asks anita why is she so tensed, anita says I am searching for vibhu, anguri says oh I came to invite him for rakhi, anita says sure we will so I am searching him,happu singh comes, anita asks why are u here,happu singh says I am here for vibhuti, anguri says we are searching for him too, anita says since u are here search for him, happu singh says sure I will.

Precap: happu singh tells anita that vibhu is in home.
Happu singh sees vibhu hiding in refrigerator, vibhu bribes him to keep mum.
Anita goes to tiwari to tie rakhi but he denise so she slaps him.

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