Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2015 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2015 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2015 Written Episode

The episode starts with,ladu writes wat vibhuti don’t u have any work and vibhuti then reads it and says y is she replying like this and he asks wat r u doing now and ladu tells tat its vibhutis message and anguri asks him to read it and he reads wat r u doing and anguri says tat tell him I m chatting with him and ladu writes that u make me bore at home and know on chat book also and vibhuti reads it and thinks y is she replying like tiwari and he is writing a message and anita comes and calls him out and vibhuti asks I m getting fresh and anita says tat its urgent come out soon and then vibhuti says ok and he comes out and anita sees the laptop and she asks him wat were u doing inside and he says tat I was getting fresh and anita asks wat was the laptop doing inside and vibhuti says tat it was getting refresh and he says tat u download so many things it was hanged so I refreshed it and then anita asks vibhuti to go and make a special tea for her and vibhuti says u called me for this u could have also made it and then anita says tat but I want the one u make it and vibhuti goes to make tea
At tea stall tika and malkhan are singing songs and doing timepass malkhan asks saxena tat wat is he doing and saxena tells tat he is doing copy right for an advertisement and there comes tiwari and asks saxena tat wat is he doing and he tells tat he is doing a copyright he does it for all the advertisement for local Kanpur advertisement and then tiwari asks saxena to give him some modeling tips as he is the lead male model in an advertisement for anita bhabhis grooming classes and saxena says tat yes sure he tells tat first u have to build ur body and tiwari says tat will take time tell me another tip and saxena says catwalk u should know tat and then malkhan says I will show u and he shows it like a cat walking and saxena gets up and hits in his bum and then shows tiwari tat u need to have a proper Gesture and posture and shows him how to walk and then tiwari imitates it and saxena says tat u did it really good
Anguri is cooking food and singing song and comes vibhuti and he asks anguri how r u and she says I m fine and then vibhuti says tat I will say a shayari and then anguri ok and vibhuti finishes his shayari and says I finished and anguri says ok whatever it was good and then anguri says r u free at night and vibhuti gets excited and says yes I am and she asks him to come online at night we will chat and vibhuti says ok and is very excited about it
At night anguri sits with ladu to chat with vibhuti he sits in his gallery and sees tat anguri is online and ladu tells anguri tat vibhuti is online has msgd u how r u and anguri asks ladu to reply im fine and ladu replies don t u have work u r boring me at night also and vibhuti says y is she talking so rude and asks y r u talking so rude and ladu tells he is asking wat r u doing and anguri tells to reply I m talking to u and ladu writes tat I m not a jobless like u I get very tired by doing work not free like u and he gets hurt and says wats wrong bhabhiji and then ladu lies anguri tat vibhuti bhaiya is saying tat tiwari bhaiya is bad and anguri says write tat I don’t want to talk to u n says good night and vibhuti then sees it and gets upset and he sees a magazine and gets an idea and says tat now iwill show anguri bhabhi how is tiwari
Next day ladu comes to kitchen to tell anguri bhabhi tat she has got a new request by a girl named Angelina she is a foreigner and anguri says to ladu add her so tat I will improve my English and ladu adds it and says tat she has sent u a msg hi grapes and ladu tells anguri and she says tell her tat anguri is nice and he writes it and then tells anguri tat she is asking how is monu darling and anguri asks who is monu and ladu asks and Angelina tells tat I m talking about manmohan tiwari and Angelina writes tat he is my boy friend and I m soon coming to Kanpur to take him to Hollywood and anguri says wat r u saying and ladu tells to her bhabhi ma tat I think something is joking with u and anguri then asks him to close this chat book and then tiwari comes down dressed in western clothes and also an hair style and he calls anguri and she sees him and keeps mum and tiwari asks comment on my look and she says y r u wearing ladus pant and tiwari says tat u r so innocent this is fashion and anguri then asks wat r u up to y this get up and he says tat I will tell u later the exact thing but now I may go to Hollywood and anguri thinks tat he is talking about Hollywood may he did this for tat angelina
Tiwari asks anguri wat do u think girls will die seeing me like this and anguri says no I don’t think so and tiwari says u don’t have any knowledge of fashion and anguri goes in saying a song with angelinas name in it and tiwari calls her back and corrects her tat its not angenila and its monica and anguri says I want to say Angelina wat is the problem with u and goes inside and tiwari then decides to go and show this look to anita bhabhi and he goes to show her anita is talking to her friend on phone she tells her tat as soon as the video is ready she will show her and tiwari comes in and stands beside her anita is telling her friend tat vibhuti is not the male model I have got a perfect man for this role he is our neighbor and she turns and after seeing tiwari she gets scared and shouts

Tiwari asks vibhuti how m I looking and vibhuti says u look really and says ur hairstyle is really nice like a ghosla later anguri is seen telling vibhuti tat I m worried tat tiwari is having an affair with a girl and vibhuti says is her name Angelina and anguri looks at him in surprise

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