Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st July 2019 Written Episode

Vibhu gets dinner, Anu says Lara has relative’s coming like from where, boys are relatives too,this is too much,i dont want to share money, boys can be managed, Tiwari family not possible, Vibhu says bhabhi ji doesn’t want money but Tiwari,Anu says vibhu its money, but anyways Tiwari, Vibhu says you have to convince Tiwari, and bhabhiji you know she is innocent, Anu says cmon let’s go right away.

Tiwari on call buying land for showroom and hotel business. Angoori shows him a bungalow in Agra and says putan has illegally captured it and will sell you in just 100 cr, Tiwari says stupid woman its just 1 cr, and we could be jailed, Anu walks in and greets everyone. Saxena jumps in and asks them to follow the rules and leaves. Anu says whatever uncle Tiwari im here for some

important discussion, so what will you do of so much amount why dont you back off, Angoori says so that you can have all amount, Anu says no i meant you already have lot, Angoori says look simple, tiwari share will already be divided in 5 so it wont be much.
Tiwari says Angoori why are you behaving greedy, Angoori says aren’t they,so why can’t I, Anu gives Vibhu cold looks.

Vibhu gets Anu coffee, Anu asks why you look upset,Vibhu says i cant digest bhabhijis greed,Anu says its okay she is human too, Saxena walks in, Vibhu asks when will grandpa lara give us our share, Saxena says its not a joke he will do his survey, anyways meet your new relatives, and calls in Hapu and Gupta, Saxena says Gupta is your maternal uncle and Hapu paternal uncle, and we will all meet at tiwari house.

Lara welcomes everyone at tiwari house,saxena says here we will act as if uncle kara is no more and say few things about uncle lara and tells us what will they do with the money.

Boys say we will have fun, world tour, Gupta says i shall deposit some amount in my swiss bank and then buy helicopter and to go to Himalaya to learn tantra vidya. Anu says i will open grooming institute, Angoori says i will buy lands and open a dairy farm, and name after amaji. Vibhu says i shall fix deposit some amount and open shopping mall franchise with remaining.

Tiwari says i shall ioen factory and shops of my lingerie. Hapu says i shall open a Dharamshala and hospitals.Lara says boys told me the truth and others too but Hapu lied, and so he is eleminated. lara announces next day job that all the men tomorrow will do households. master walks in, looking for sanskar.

Pre cap: Laras next task is all relatives shall sleep on one bed.

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