Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2016 Written Update

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Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2016 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 31st May 2016 Written Episode

the episode starts with saxena telling everyone that the heat will be so bad that it can be a danger to anyone coming out in the open. saxena says i will come out but because i like it. tiwari asks why have you wore dress like a sheikh? saxena says because he likes it and the world is going to be a desert and then everyone will have to wear this.saxena tells happu singh that you can die and dont come out. happu singh says that he has taken training in double heat than this and he can withstand heat, happu falls down unconscious while addressing everyone. malkhan says its a sunstroke.
anguri is in kitchen and says its is so hot and whn will tiwari bring a cooler. vibhu comes and says yes indeed its very hoy. he says should i spray some water? anguri asks what are you saying. vibhu says wait and starts spraying water on anguri who dances and a song is being played.vibhu is happy as anguri is dancing. vibhu asks anguri how was it? anguri says it was refreshing and she is very happy. vibhu says whenever you need this call me. a kulfiwala comes and anguri says bring kulfis for me. anguri says wait i will give you money. vibhu says wait i can buy a kulfi. vibhu goes. mom calls anguri and tells her that dont go out in the open in heat and anguri says okay and says what are you doing in such heat? mom says she is sitting on a ice plank. anguri says wow that is good. vibhu comes with kulfi, anguri says bye and keeps the phone. vibhu says he bought 2 kulfis, one for u and one for me. both have melted and anguri says what is this. vibhu takes the sticks and goes.
at tea stall happu singh has been put on saline and tika and malkhan are there. tika and malkhan says what if happu singh dies today? tika says he was a good man and will be remembered. happu tells doctor to tell them to be quiet. tiwari and vibhu come and tell happu that he shouldnt have fallen unconscious and he has taken so much bribe. saxena comes and says when a man takes bribe then he remain dead for thw world and saxena goes saying he enjoys the heat a lot. tika tells only 2 people are enjoying this heat and it is saxena and masterji who is having a cooler and he booked it 6 months ago and sleeps peacefully. tiwari and vibhu look at each other.
at night tiwari goes and sees the cooler, he then hides as vibhu comes. vibhu tells that i have to take you for my wife. he then sees tiwari and asks him what are you doing here? tiwari says i can ask you the same question. vibhu says i came for the cooler. tiwari says me too. they both start fighting on who will take the coller home. masterji comes out and says dont you have manners and why are you both fighting? they tell him that they have a cooler and how do they use it as they both own it. masterji tells you can use it alternately. they both say wow you are a great teacher and thank you and you can go now. masterji goes. tiwari says okay lets open it and we will use it alternately.
at tiwaris house, tiwari switches on the cooler and is happy as he gets the cold air.he calls anguri and tells come fast and take this cold air. anguri comes and says wow its so cold and i love it and i am happy. tiwari says lets romance and as they hug tilu comes and sees he will sleep beside them. tiwari says no and go in the kitchen. tilu says its very hot. tiwari says then get out and sleep out. tilu says the mosquitoes will drink my overall left blood. anguri says go and sleep in our bedroom. tiwari says why? anguri says let it be. tiwari says okay. tilu goes. tiwari tells he is gone and lets ormace and they hug again but laddo comes and tells he wants a bulb in his bathroom as light has gone. tiwari says not now and go in my bathroom but laddo does not listen and he takes anguri with him to put the bulb.
in the balcony anita is taking air with a pillow and says its too hot.she then looks at vibhu sleeping and says that i cant sleep and how can he sleep in this heat and i will not allow him to sleep. she wakes vibhu up and tells him to bring cold air from anywhere. vibhu says he and tiwari have taken a cooler in partnership and today its their turn and i will bring the cooler home tomorrow. anita says why and bring it now as you also own it. vibhu says how can i and they will feel bad and lets do 1 thing and go and sleep there.anita says no tiwari and anguri will get disturbed in the night. vibhu says if i bring the cooler then they will get disturbed. anita says okay i will sleep like this only. vibhu goes and sleeps and shouts its too hot.

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