Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th August 2019 Written Update

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th August 2019 Written Update by Tanaya

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 5th August 2019 Written Episode

Sharma welcomes model colony members to his show, for best couples and introduces kanpurs best three couples, Mishras,Tiwaris and Meenal Anurag. Sharma asks meenal and anurag to share tips, Meenal says enjoy your life and dont bother about society. Sharma asks Tiwari’s to share their tips, Angoori says serve your husband and keep him happy and be loyal towards him. Tiwari says same applies to to the husbands and be like me,stay loyal dont eye on other woman, middle of speech tiwari imagines he and anu expressing their love to eachother,Angoori shooks him and asks to continue,Tiwari says i always serve her even in her sickness,Vibhu says he is lying, Angoori says yes he is,Tiwari asks her to keep shut.

Sharma asks Mishras to share tips, Anu says for an ideal couple you need a strong

wife, and independent wife,Vibhu says husband needs to well efficient cook, electrician and plumber. Teeka says i have a question, how many times Anu bhabhi has thrown you out of the house, Anu says i have never thrown him out, its just that when theres tension i ask him to keep distance so that our needs increase we miss eachother and get back to eachother.
Tilu asks Tiwari when will he has his salary, Malkan asks Meenal what she likes about Anurag,meenal says he is big hearted, Prem says such a liar you like his bank balance.

Anu calls Vibhu and says look its awesome weather, Vibhu says look i got Champaign, Anu says you know Vibhu you got more than you deserve,Vibhu says you always do this, always make me feel less deserving, Anu says see its because i do more,Vibhu please i balance here too, if there would be someone else would have left you, Anu says these should be my words, i could have got any man, still any man could die for me,Vibhu says those days are gone now,you are old. Anu gets upset on being called old.

Vibhu says cmon baby i love you. Angoori clicking pictures with her trophy, Tiwari walks to her and congratulates her and says this is your first award right, Angoori says yes how about you, Tiwari says i have many, and this award is because of me, Angoori says i was praised too, Tiwari says i scored more because I bare your stupidness, Angoori gets hurt.

Boys infront of verma house drinking and tilu think of robbing it, Teeka scolds him, teeka says im going Canada, Prem says who ia going Canada i have a friend there he is a businessman,boys request him to send them all to Canada. Prem says okay my friend needs boys like you i will manage to send you three.

pre cap : laundry man complains to angoori about his dominating wife, Anu says I have plan to end this.

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