Bhagya Lakshmi 11th September 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 11th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Karishma telling Neelam that they are powerful and can kick that girl out, but she is making us dance on her tune, even when she is away from home. She says we would be happy and celebrated, but we are helpless. Neelam says I am helpless as I am tied by the motherly love and for my son, and says that girl doesn’t have the status that she can make me helpless. She says she has troubled me so much and has separated my son from me, and I will not forgive her, but will punish her. Karishma says bhabhi, today Abhay and Kiran even insulted you, if they don’t trust you. Neelam says that girl did a big mistake of her life, by having enmity with me. Lakshmi says everyone must have known by now, that they have kidnapped me. She says Police might be informed by now, and thinks they shall get the clue left by me. A fb is shown, The thief tells others that she didn’t faint fully, but will faint soon, as they keep her in the decky. Lakshmi then makes the petrol falls from the can. Fb ends. She thinks they shall see it. Shalu and Ayush come out to search Lakshmi. They sit on the bike and leave.

Rishi and Virender come to the PS. The Inspector asks Constable to bring FIR register. He asks if the theft happened? Rishi says Lakshmi is kidnapped. Inspector asks who is Lakshmi? Rishi says my wife and then says ex wife. He says the thief couldn’t steal, so that’s why they kidnapped Lakshmi so that they can ask for ransom. The Inspector asks if the kidnapper called. Rishi says no. Inspector says may be she went somewhere. Rishi says today was my ring ceremony and she will not go anywhere. Inspector asks if your ex wife was attending your engagement. Virender says we regard her as our daughter. Shalu and Ayush find the petrol line and follow the line. Inspector says she must have gone to a friend’s house. Virender says she didn’t go to her chachi’s house. Rishi says my heart says that she is in danger. Inspector says they don’t work due to the emotions. He asks them to inform them if they get call for ransom.

Lakshmi thinks how to go out from here, there must be some way. She tries to open the door and searches for another way out.

She looks out and couldn’t see anything, and thinks it seems to be secluded place like a jungle. She gets worried thinking what is happening in the house, and thinks engagement might have happen by now. The thief comes to Lakshmi and says you got consciousness, and asks what she wants to have, and tells that boss asked me to take care of you. He says sorry for calling her tum and says boss asked me to talk to you with respect. Lakshmi asks about the boss. He says he calls him boss and will inform him that she got consciousness. Lakshmi thinks why he is giving her respect, who is the boss? Shalu and Ayush see the petrol line ending. Shalu asks if you know where these three ways end. Ayush says I had come here before. I know that there is some kothi or bungalow at left side. They leave.

Bani asks Dadi to take rest in room for sometime. Dadi says Lakshmi is missing, how can I rest. Bani says you will get unwell. Dadi says she will get her life when Lakshmi returns. Bani says you have to be fine for lakshmi di. Dadi says she will dance when Lakshmi returns. Bani gets Rano’s call asking her about Lakshmi.

Rishi tells Virender that he will drop him home and will go to search Lakshmi. Virender tells that he will come with him. Rishi says no, mom is angry with you and me, and asks him to go and handle her. Virender asks him to drop him on the road and says he will take cab. Rishi says no, I will drop you home and then will go to search Lakshmi.

Rano worries for Lakshmi and says if Kidnappers do anything wrong with her. Bani says this will not happen. Dadi tells that God is with Lakshmi and nothing wrong will happen with her. Sonal tells Kiran and Sonia that Lakshmi has to return, for Malishka and Rishi’s marriage. She says just as she returns, we shall get Rishi and Malishka married. Kiran says yes.

The thief waits for the boss. Vikrant comes there. Karishma comes to Kiran and says I thought you are in Malishka’s room. Kiran says she wanted to be alone. She tells her that Sonal suggested the right thing, and tells that they shall get the marriage done fast. Karishma says Neelam wants all the rituals to happen and asks how we will convince her. Kiran says we will put everything on Rishi. Karishma says we shall blame Lakshmi, as Bhabhi regards Lakshmi as her biggest enemy. Sonia asks her to convince Neelam. Karishma says she will try.

Virender comes home. Bani asks where is Di? Virender says Rishi went to search Lakshmi, and asks her to trust God, says Lakshmi will be here before tonight. Rishi is searching her and thinks he didn’t have any clue.

Shalu tells Ayush that there is no place to hide here. Ayush says we are going to other road now. Malishka comes there and raises hand on Vikrant. Vikrant holds her hand. Malishka says you proudly called me and said that Lakshmi is kidnapped. She says I asked you to kidnap Lakshmi, as if she went with her wish. She says you had called the goons, and Rishi stopped our engagement. She says we would have discussed about the plan. She says who sends thieves for kidnapping and tells that Rishi had beaten them up. Vikrant says I didn’t think that Rishi will do this and you will raise your hand on me. Malishka threatens him that if she calls Rishi then he will kill him. Vikrant says if I die then will die with you. Kiran calls Malishka and asks where are you? Malishka thinks she shall not tell her, and tells that she came out to have fresh air, and asks if Rishi came back home. Kiran says Virender and Rishi went to the PS to file complaint and asks her to come fast. Malishka is shocked.

Precap: Vikrant tells Malishka that he will marry Lakshmi. Ayush and Shalu reach Lakshmi. Vikrant’s goons hit them and make them unconscious. Vikrant blackmails Lakshmi to marry him else he will kill Ayush and Shalu. Lakshmi is shocked.

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