Bhagya Lakshmi 12th May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 12th May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Pandit ji telling that they will be united for forever as marriage relation is the relation of souls. He says roka vidhi is completed and asks them to give shagun to the bride and groom. Virender and Neelam give the shagun to Lakshmi and Vikrant. Anjana then gives shagun to Lakshmi and makes her wear the bridal ghunghat. Malishka smiles. Saloni congrats everyone. Anjana also greets everyone. Rano says Lakshmi will be yours, and yours everything will be ours, says we are one family now. Saloni asks Vikrant o make Lakshmi have sweets. He makes her have sweets. Saloni asks Lakshmi to make him have sweets. Lakshmi hesitantly makes him have sweets. Saloni gives sweets to Ayush, Shalu, Bani and others. Sonia says thank god, her roka happened. Malishka says and we shall get rid of this Lakshmi. Ayush asks Shalu to smile. Vikrant and Lakshmi take Anjana and Rano’s blessings. Saloni says they will be together for births. She asks Vikrant to hold Lakshmi for the photo, and signs Lakshmi to smile. Vikrant keeps his hand on Lakshmi’s shoulder. Rishi gets teary eyes and the tears fall down from his eyes. Lakshmi notices Rishi. Rishi turns to go. Karishma asks what happened? Rishi says something went in his eye and says he will go and wash. Ayush thinks why is he going?

Rishi goes to his room and recalls Lakshmi and his moments. He says I love you…Lakshmi, I love you a lot, all the time just think about you, live for you, my smile and happiness is you, you have become the reason of my life, when you leave from here, how will I live and for whom. He thinks he has to live for his family and has promised to marry Malishka. He thinks he is feeling lonely and don’t know what to do. He says today is your roka, I have a feeling that you will go away from me, I can’t do anything, if it was not in my hands then I would have kept you with me, but it is not possible. She says after roka, engagement and marriage will happen, and you will leave, how will I live without you, my heart will be broken. He feels someone coming and thinks the person shall not know that I am sad for lakshmi. He turns and sees sitting beside him. He says Lakshmi and hugs her, says I love you a lot and can’t see you going far from me. Lakshmi says you are making things difficult for me, says this thing can’t happen, and if this happens then it will be betrayal with Malishka and asks him to forget loving her (herself).

Rishi says I can’t forget you and asks her to stay back. He asks if you don’t feel anything and says you can’t meet me or see me, and will go away from me for forever. He asks her to look and think at him. He asks if your heart is not breaking. Lakshmi says what will happen with feeling and tells that they are just puppets of time, and says since Maa and Bau ji went, everything is done by time, and I just go with the flow. Rishi says I can’t. Lakshmi says you have to handle yourself. Rishi says we have to make our hearts of stone. Lakshmi says nothing can happen now and tells that they can fight with everyone, but not with Bhagya. She asks him to think it as her destiny and says we have to be separated. He closes his eyes and then looks at her, but she is not here. He realizes it is her imagination.

Ayush comes to talk to Rishi. Pandit ji asks them to let him go as the roka is done. Dadi asks Vikrant and Lakshmi to take blessings from God. Ayush asks Rishi why did you come here? Rishi asks why did you come. Ayush says I came behind you. He asks if you was crying. Rishi says something went in my eye. Ayush says your best friend will marry and tells that they shall celebrate in her happiness. He takes Rishi with him.

Dadi tells Vikrant and Lakshmi that they will be united for births, if this relation is truthful, or made by the bhagya. He says this relation shall have understanding of each other, and tells that happiness and sorrows become one. She says if one is happy then the other smile automatically. If one is in trouble then the other senses it. Lakshmi recalls smiling seeing Rishi happy, and recalls Rishi sensing that she is in trouble. Dadi says husband and wife can fight with the world for each other’s respect. Lakshmi recalls Rishi saving her and telling that he will never leave her. Dadi says there shall be no doubt, lie or betrayal shall be in this relation, and says they shall not betray each other.

Episode ends.

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