Bhagya Lakshmi 16th March 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th March 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 16th March 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishi’s heart arguing with his counterpart brain. His mind tell that he doesn’t love Lakshmi. His heart says you love her and that’s why brought her home, as you didn’t want her to marry wrong guy like Balwinder. Rishi’s mind says I care and worry for her. His heart says this is love. Rishi’s mind says no. His heart asks why you didn’t bring Malishka home? Rishi’s mind asks why, when I have promised her of marriage, then why to bring her home now. His heart says you can give life for Lakshmi, but when she does the same, you scolds her and gets angry. He says you don’t want to lose her, and had said my Lakshmi, his life is nothing without her. He says you said this to her many times, that she is your peace and you want to marry her. Rishi’s mind recalls saying it to her many times, and recalls their moments. His heart says that Saint told you that if you love Lakshmi then your love will save her from every trouble and what happened, she got consciousness. He says she could have gone in coma, but she didn’t go, because of you and your love, you love Rishi, and asks him to accept this. He asks until when you need proofs, and says you cry for her, get happy for her, you fight with the world for her, even with your mom. He says you are her Saathi and Saarthi and your heart beats for her, and you are ready to give your breath to her. He asks him to just look at himself and think. His mind looks at the photos. His heart says you love Lakshmi. Rishi’s mind says I love Lakshmi. Main Phir bhi tumko chahunga. His heart asks him to say aloud. Rishi’s mind says I love Lakshmi. He shouts and says I love you Lakshmi.

Rishi opens his eyes sitting on the bench, and says I love Lakshmi. He thanks God and says I realized that I love Lakshmi. He says everyone used to say, but I didn’t listen to anyone or trusted them. He says I couldn’t tell Lakshmi, as I don’t know myself, but now I realized that I love Lakshmi. He says I love Lakshmi, and thinks he will not waste time and will tell her that I love her. He gets happy and says I love Lakshmi. Malishka comes to the hospital and asks if Lakshmi is admitted here. Receptionist asks who is she? Malishka says it is none of your business. Receptionist refuses to tell her. Malishka says she is her friend. Rishi thinks if I shall tell Lakshmi, and thinks what she will think, thinks he has already wasted much time, and thinks to tell. He then thinks the place and time is not right. Ayush is driving the car, while everyone is in the car. He asks them not to worry. Virender worries for Lakshmi, which upsets Neelam. Neelam says Rishi is not picking the call. Dadi says something has happened, that’s why he is not picking the call. Ayush says everything will be good. Bani and Shalu are in the auto. Bani says di will be fine. Shalu says she will be fine and says we shall pray to baba ji that she shall be fine. Rano calls her and asks where are they? Shalu says they are going to the place, where Ayush called them. Rano says Rishi should have informed. She asks her to inform her if she shall come. Ayush messages Shalu asking her to come to City hospital. Shalu asks driver to take them to City hospital.

Rishi thinks he shall tell her and comes inside. Lakshmi thinks Rishi, Doctor said that Rishi brought me here. Rishi asks how is she feeling? He says I know you will say that you are feeling perfect so that I don’t get worried. He says actually, I want to tell you something, I don’t know if this place and time is right or wrong, but now I realized. He says everyone understood, but I couldn’t understand. Lakshmi thinks what is he saying?

Rishi says Lakshmi, what I want to tell, I don’t know how you will react, but you need to know. He says you can get angry on me and slap me also, and asks her to do whatever she wants to. He says I will talk with my heart, and will say what is in my heart. Malishka thinks Rishi didn’t tell anyone where is he, once I find him, then I will scold him.

Balwinder knocks on the door. Rano thinks if Shalu and Bani returned. She then thinks they talked to her just now. Balwinder doesn’t speak and keeps on knocking the door. Rano picks the broom and opens the door. She sees him and asks what is he doing? Balwinder says he wanted to do jagrata and that’s why came here. He asks her to give the money which he had given her. Rano says she doesn’t have the money, and tells that it is spent. Balwinder says I had given my hard earned money to you, for getting my marriage done with Lakshmi. Rano asks him to go. Balwinder says he will not go until he gets his money. Rano says I will break your hands and legs and will get you beaten up by the neighbours. Balwinder says I will beat them. Rano says I will beat you, and hits him with broom. She says you want money, you don’t deserve to get chiller and asking for money. She says I am mad already, and you are asking for money. She says Lakshmi got burnt there and you. Balwinder says what happened to her. Rano tells him everything. Balwinder says if they sworn to do drama wherever they go. He says until I get married to her, I will not let anything happen to her, will snatch her from yamraj. He asks where is she? Rano says she didn’t know. Balwinder says I will find out about hospital and tells Rano that he wants money back from her. Rano asks him to leave and gets angry.

Malishka gets Balwinder’s call. She thinks if Rishi comes to know, then…She thinks to end his matter once and for all. She picks the call and asks if I am your slave. Balwinder says you are of Rishi, Lakshmi is mine. He says he is worried since he came to know about Lakshmi, and asks where is she? Malishka asks if I am her secretary and says she will message him if she comes to know. She ends the call and sees ICU. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he was scared when she fell unconscious and went to Mata Rani to pray for her, and brought tilak for her, and then he applied it to her forehead. He says there I met a man there, who told me to apply the tilak on your forehead and kiss on it. Malishka opens the ICU door, but they are not there. Rishi tells that he is feeling shy and today he saw his heart and mind fighting, and tells her that his heart has won, as it was saying the truth. He says it was my mistake that I couldn’t see the truth, and can’t understand. He says all the misunderstandings are cleared now, I came to know whom I love, and the person I love is you. He says I really love you, I love you truly. He goes on confessing his love to her repeatedly. Lakshmi looks at him cluelessly, as if she don’t remember him.

Episode ends.

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