Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2022 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd June 2022 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Lakshmi and Rishi are in the Judge’s cabin. Judge asks them if they tried to work on their marriage. She knows that Lakshmi wants to be in this marriage. She asks Rishi to say, if he did something. Rishi says he didn’t do anything and asks judge to ask Lakshmi. He says I will hear whatever she wants to say. Judge asks Lakshmi if there is any change in Rishi’s behavior about something. He asks Lakshmi to say, as Judge Madam is asking. Lakshmi says I have nothing to say and that’s why silent. Rishi asks what is your problem and asks can’t you open your mouth, and says you have so much attitude. Lakshmi asks what happened to you, there is a time for everything. Rishi asks if you will decide the time. She says no, but have to see what is right or wrong. Rishi asks if this is right, if the other person’s band is played. Judge smiles seeing them fighting. She says I don’t think that I am meeting a couple who are getting divorced. She asks if I shall think that you both are ready to handle this relation. Neelam comes and says never, and says I am sure Lakshmi haven’t told you entire night. She asks Lakshmi if she didn’t say, else Judge Madam wouldn’t have said this. Karishma tells Malishka that she did right by sending Neelam there. Malishka says she felt bad when Rishi stopped her from goingb with him. Karishma asks her to go and plan the celebration. Malishka hugs her and goes, thinks today is the big day, and says Neelam shall do her work.

Neelam tells Judge that you will be shaken up with Lakshmi’s truth. She says Lakshmi is pregnant, not with Rishi, but with her ex fiancé. Rishi says Mom. Neelam says I know you are hurt Rishi. Judge asks if you are pregnant with someone else’s child. Neelam says how she will say, it is driver’s baby. Malishka brings the board Welcome baby and asks Mohan to keep all the balloons in the hall. Dadi asks why is she happy? Karishma says she bear so much and says she shall celebrate. Malishka says I was upset, but when Neelam aunty said that she will go, I got my life. She asks Mohan to bring aarti and says she will come Neelam and her would be husband. Dadi is surprised. Malishka asks shall I change my dress. Karishma says it is good. Malishka says Dadi can say anything as today she will get her Rishi and that Lakshmi will not come back. Rishi enters the door. Malishka asks if his divorce is done and says finally Lakshmi is gone. Lakshmi comes there. Malishka gets shocked seeing her. Karishma asks Neelam what had happened in court?

A fb is shown, Judge says so you both were fighting about this. Neelam says she was hiding from Rishi and all of us. She says she has hidden the fact from us and was telling that this baby is of Rishi. Judge says date is theirs. She asks Lakshmi and Rishi to talk and take time till tomorrow. She says you both have 24 hours to talk and for now this decision is best. She says we will meet tomorrow at 2 pm. Neelam says today all the truth came out, so why don’t you give divorce today. She says Rishi can’t come tomorrow as my niece’ engagement is there at home. Judge says court doesn’t work as per your schedule, and tells that may be the relation gets connected here and other side breaks. Fb ends. Neelam says she has sent Lakshmi here. Malishka asks what is Judge’s problem? Neelam says Lakshmi sat with innocent face and says Judge feels that we are troubling us, but she is playing games with us. Karishma says tomorrow Rishi has to go again. Neelam says yes. Karishma says what we will tell Gautam’s family. Malishka says nobody is thinking about me, I am suffering so much because of her and says she has become inauspicious for me. She asks Rishi if he will be quiet. Rishi asks them to calm down and not to do any drama. Malishka says what do you think that I am doing drama and goes to be silent. Neelam says she is suffering so much and asks him to understand what Lakshmi has done with him. She says Lakshmi was silent and haven’t told you anything about her pregnancy. She says you stay with her in the same room, but she didn’t tell you anything. She asks him to handle Malishka.

Rishi says I will handle this situation myself. Karishma says Lakshmi is really a panauti. Rishi comes to the room and insists to talk to Lakshmi. Lakshmi says I need to change my clothes. Rishi asks what did you think about me, and says I will not let you go. He asks her to tell what is his mistake? Lakshmi asks when did I say that it is your mistake. Rishi asks if I haven’t done anything wrong, then everyone is blaming me as if I am a culprit. Lakshmi says I want to go. Rishi asks why you are so secretive. He says I knew that this baby is not mine, but I was silent and was waiting for you to say. He says I did a mistake by marrying you, you made my life hell. Lakshmi says I bear so much in this marriage and says if it doesn’t effect whose baby is this. Rishi says it doesn’t matter to me and goes out. Malishka tries to stop him, but in vain. Karishma tells that Ayush and Ahana have gone for shopping, else they have to see the drama. Neelam says she is feeling bad for Malishka. Virender asks where is Lakshmi? Neelam says you are asking about her, who did so much bad with us. Malishka says don’t know where Rishi went. Neelam asks her to call him. Malishka says I am trying since 2 hours and he is not checking the messages or calls. Dadi says he might be driving. Lakshmi comes there. Malishka says Lakshmi must have told him something and thanks her. Lakshmi says he goes somewhere in the night.

Neelam asks her to shut up and says there is a limit of misbehavior, how she is standing infront of me and telling me what my son does. She goes. Malishka asks Lakshmi to sit and have food, as much as she can. She says if anything happens to Rishi, then I will not leave you. Lakshmi waits for Rishi and thinks he went angrily. She calls him, but he doesn’t pick her call. She comes to hall and asks Mukesh if Rishi came? Mukesh says no. Lakshmi asks him not to tell anything to Virender and Neelam. She thinks to go to his office. Malishka brings Rishi there. Rishi is inebriated. Lakshmi tries to hold him, but Malishka warns her. Mukesh tries to hold him. Rishi stops him and asks if my life is mine or not. He falls on Lakshmi and asks why did you do this with me? Lakshmi asks why you have so much anger. Rishi asks again. Lakshmi says everyone is sleeping and asks him not to speak. She asks Mukesh to take him to room. Mukesh takes him to room. Malishka asks Lakshmi until when she will play games and says I understand it well, and says you are playing games with cheap doings.

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