Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 23rd May 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Vikrant feeling proud of Lakshmi and says whose heart is rich, their wealth don’t get ruined. Malishka thinks another guy is trapped by Lakshmi and says what magic did she do that everyone becomes her puppet. She tells Vikrant that they both are perfect for each other. She says lets do the thing for what we have come. They are about to go inside the jewellery store, when the old lady calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi tries to go to her and stumbles. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand and asks if she is fine. Lakshmi says yes. The old lady asks what is her name? Rishi syas Lakshmi. The old lady says you are really Lakshmi and blesses Rishi and Lakshmi’s Jodi to be always together. Malishka says they are not the couple and asks her to bless them. Vikrant says its ok, she is mistaken. The old lady apologizes to them. Rishi says lets go inside. The old lady says the blessing came from my heart, and says nothing wrong can happen with her, who has made everything fine for her daughter, and tells that Lakshmi will get the life partner who is in her destiny. Malishka tells Rishi that they shall go to other store. Rishi says you have suggested this store and tells that they shall buy something from here. Malishka thinks Neelam and Karishma aunty will make her chutni, if they come to know about this.

Dadi is angry at Karishma and Neelam for not understanding Lakshmi. Virender asks what happened? Dadi says they couldn’t stop blaming Lakshmi and says if Rishi and Lakshmi were inseparable then they wouldn’t have got divorced and stayed in different rooms, says now Lakshmi is getting married to Vikrant. Rishi asks the jeweller to show the jewellery for Lakshmi and Malishka,and tells that Lakshmi will be marrying Vikrant. The jeweller calls him Jamai Raja. He asks them to come. Dadi asks Virender what is Lakshmi’s mistake, if Rishi reaches where she is. She says whoever raises question on Lakshmi, I will answer that person. Virender says even I will answer, I am with my daughter. The jeweller asks them to come to see the new jewellery collection. Vikrant sees Anjana and Saloni already there. He says Mom…you are here. Malishka thinks all the family are here. Saloni and Anjana are happy to meet Lakshmi. Saloni asks Vikrant, how he came here? Vikrant says our jeweller’s store was closed so we came here. Anjana says they came to buy jewellery for Saloni and mangalsutra for Lakshmi. The jeweller greets Anjana as samdhan ji. He asks the salesguy to show them mangalsutra. Rishi, Malishka, Lakshmi and Vikrant go to choose ring.

Bani thinks if jiju is feeling that he will lose Di, and thinks what could be the matter. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to choose the ring. Malishka also checks the rings. Rishi checks around thinking if there is any danger to Lakshmi. Vikrant asks Rishi to sit. Rishi sits beside Lakshmi. Ayush thinks this is the Jodi. The salesgirl shows the rings to them. Vikrant gets a call and gets tensed. He rejects the call. He then selects the ring and asks Lakshmi if he can make her wear it. He is about to make her wear ring, when Rishi shouts asking him to stop.

Karishma tells Neelam that it is good that they enquired about where Lakshmi is going and sent Rishi somewhere else. Neelam asks if you are sure and tells that she feels as if they are together. She tells that when the terrorists attack happened, Rishi reached the Ministry and then when the bomb blast happened, he jumped off the cliff and found Lakshmi. She says they might be together by now. Karishma says it is miracle type thing that Rishi comes to know everytime where is Lakshmi. Rishi thinks why he couldn’t control himself, why did he react when Lakshmi and Vikrant’s marriage will happen. He thinks what to answer? Vikrant asks what happened? Malishka asks why did you stop Vikrant from making Lakshmi wear the ring. Rishi says it is a big thing and more bigger thing for others. He says the matter is about feelings, and says if you make her wear ring now, then you will not get this feeling again.

Vikrant says I do understand and this moment is important for me. He tells that Lakshmi and I have much similarity and thanks Rishi. Malishka asks Rishi, whom you have fooled. Vikrant asks Lakshmi to wear ring and see. Malishka taunts Lakshmi and asks her to say if she likes Vikrant. Lakshmi wears the ring. Vikrant says perfect. Lakshmi turns to Rishi, but he doesn’t sign anything. Vikrant asks shall we take it or not. Lakshmi nods her head. He asks if it is yes or no. Rishi says no. Malishka says it is yes. Vikrant asks Salesgirl to pack it. He gets call again and again. Rishi asks him to attend the call. Vikrant goes to attend the call. Malishka meets her friend, who asks her if she is married. Malishka says she is getting married to Rishi. Rishi says hi to her. Vikrant tells someone that he is very much worried and knows that she/he is also worried. He says we have strike the deal..Just then he sees Shalu and asks her to call him Jiju. Ayush comes there and meets Shalu. The salesgirl asks Rishi if she shall show the mangalsutra. Rishi nods his head.

Precap: The salesgirl asks Rishi to make lakshmi wear the mangalsutra. He makes her wear the mangalsutra shocking Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks what Vikrant will think that you will have feelings for me. Rishi says I do have feelings for you. He sees Malishka and Vikrant coming there and takes Lakshmi closer.

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