Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 3rd February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Ahana trying to talk to Neelam. Karishma asks her not to say anything. Dadi says even she has the right to say, the kids have grown up now. Karishma says they shall worry for the family and not for outsiders. Sonia asks why are we fighting for outsiders, nonsense. Ayush asks why Sonia is saying now. Ahana says I can also say then? Karishma asks her to stop. She tells that whatever Bhabhi decides is final. Mukesh brings kalash and aarti plate, and keep them on the door. Karishma asks Mukesh who asked him to keep it. Malishka comes there and says I told him. She tells him that she is going to do grahpravesh today, she means to do it today. Karishma says Malishka, you…Malishka says I am going to be bahu of this house. Ayush says you are not married yet. Ahana asks her to enter just like that, why she wants to do drama. Neelam says your grah pravesh will happen with Rishi, grandly and asks her to come inside. Malishka comes inside and asks Neelam to stop her acting. She says why you people talk about the thing which you are not going to do. She says Neelam aunty did much acting with her. Karishma asks her to behave herself. Malishka says behave, says she is just behaving since day 1, as others don’t behave with me. Ayush smiles.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that neither God nor he will agree to her words. Lakshmi refuses. Rishi says I will get you married to a nice guy and then you can go with him. Lakshmi says who are you to decide about me. Rishi says ok, I will also do like you have done. I will complain to God. He bangs his head on the temple bell.

Lakshmi comes back and stops him, she hurts her hand to save him. Rishi asks if anything is left between us, then why did you give your hand to save me. He says you was asking what relation we have, tells that they have deep relation of care and concern, which nobody can break, neither you nor me, not even my family.

Malishka tells Karishma, that your son Ayush stands holding sword on my head, and your daughter didn’t leave any chance to humiliate me. She says there is nothing like before, ask them to behave as I am just behaving. She says I will call Virender uncle as Virender Sir. She tells that Dadi gives her lecture about others. She says Karishma aunty talks sweet that Rishi is made for me, etc and asks her to see where is she? She says Neelam aunty showed her fake dreams. She says where is Rishi and says she has come. She asks if anyone asked him to behave. She says he loved me and married Lakshmi, then took divorce from her, promised marriage to me, and then ran behind Lakshmi. She says he doesn’t care for me, and is worried for Lakshmi. She says I am just behaving, I was doing grah pravesh alone, as nothing is left for me. She says if you ask me to die, then I will die. Neelam asks her not to tell anything. Malishka says I will behave with myself and will not commit suicide. She asks them not to show fake concern for her, and asks her to support Rishi. She says you will act as you are against his decision, then you will melt down and support him. She says I want to shout and break the things, but can’t break the things as this house or the family is mine. Ayush says this girl has gone mad and tells that if she wants to break things, then go to her home and break it. Karishma asks Ayush to shut up. Malishka says you people just say shut up Ayush, or stop it Rishi. She says you said this to him many times, did he ever stop. She says Neelam aunty gave swear to Rishi, but he didn’t stop.

Rishi tells Lakshmi that she is coming with me, and says it is God’s decision and your destiny decision also. The lady comes there and says she knows all about them, as she stays beside Rano’s house. She says this is kumkum of devimaa’s feet, and says God makes some relations and don’t let it break. She says when the God has made your relation strong, then why you are complaining to God.

Malishka asks Karishma and Neelam to ask Ayush if he talks like this with Lakshmi, no. but he insults me and you people see the drama. She says now I have understood what is Lakshmi’s respect and what is mine. Virender says everyone is respected here, and tells that Lakshmi is his daughter. She says I am more than a daughter, as I let Rishi marry Lakshmi for his markesh dosh. She says later he got divorced and made me wear this ring and now what he is doing? She says he will bring Lakshmi and will make her stay here, and then you all might get them remarried again. Neelam says Rishi and Lakshmi’s marriage will never happen again. Malishka shouts at Neelam, asking her not to give her false hopes and dreams, says it pains a lot when the dreams break. She says I am folding my hands, stop this acting. She removes ring from her finger, and gives it in Neelam’s hand. She kicks the kalash out and leaves. Karishma says Malishka.

The lady asks Rishi to fill her maang with sindoor, then she will not ask who are you, and you will not ask why she is not coming with you. She says it is God’s blessing, apply it. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays…..Ahana says she has done so much drama and expects same respect as we give to Lakshmi. She says Lakshmi has bear so much insult, but she never replied anything. Ayush says we call bhabhi as inauspicious, and humiliate her, but she never say anything, and she is saying this when he is not the bahu. He feels disgusted. Karishma says enough.

Rano thinks Lakshmi has ruined everything, she will not get anything from Neelam, and Balwinder will take back the money. She thinks if I did right by sending Lakshmi with Rishi and asks God to save her (herself) from Balwinder. Balwinder comes there and shouts Lakshmi. Rano says Lakshmi is not here. Shalu and Bani come from outside and hear them. Balwinder says you took money from me to get me married to Lakshmi.

Ahana tells Mukesh that Lakshmi bhabhi is coming and asks her to give her aarti to welcome her. Sonia comes there and says she is not a Devi. Ahana says she is a savior, good and true hearted. Sonia says Lakshmi will never come, and Mom and Bua will never let her enter. Ahana says Nani and Mama will let Lakshmi come. She says I want Lakshmi’s grah pravesh to happen. Sonia says like marriage grah pravesh. Ahana says it would be better if they get married all the problems will be solved. Sonia asks do you think that Mom will let it happen. She asks her to stop thinking. Ahana asks so that Malishka scope increases, and tells that Neelam will not forget her insult and will ban Malishka’s entry. Sonia goes. Ahana has a feeling that Rishi will marry Lakshmi again. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will not do anything against her wish and will not do any mistake. Lakshmi asks why you want to take me home. Rishi says he don’t want to argue with her, and says it is mine and God’s last decision, come with me. He says I will take you from here, else you will ruin your life and will hurt yourself and others. He says this is God’s decision as well. They see the flower falling down on Goddess feet, approving Rishi’s decision.

Precap: Balwinder says everyone made me fool, and tells that he will take revenge from everyone. He falls down. Shalu asks him to see himself. Rano tells Shalu and Bani that there are enemies of Lakshmi in the house, they didn’t let her stay when she was bahu. Neelam makes the aarti plate falls down, when Lakshmi and Rishi comes there.

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