Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 4th February 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Rishi telling Lakshmi that it is God’s decision as well. Lakshmi sprains her foot just then. Rishi says you are accident prone. He makes her sit and check her foot. Lakshmi asks God if she shall go with Rishi, if this is right. Rishi says yes, this is right, God has given blessing, we can’t ignore the God’s blessings. They get up. Rishi prays to the Goddess that he never asked anything from her, today he is asking Lakshmi for her, and asks God to give him strength so that he can fulfill all his responsibilities and keep her happy. Lakshmi asks Goddess not to give any pain to Rishi because of her.

She says if this is your decision that I shall go with him, then please give me strength to fulfill it. Rishi promises Goddess that amidst the troubles, I will never Lakshmi and will support her always, will never leave her. He lifts her and starts walking out of the temple.

Balwinder says look at this shameless woman and says my destiny was good, that I told you that I will give you remaining money later. He asks her not to stare at him and says you had said that you will take the remaining money later. Rano asks so what? Balwinder says it was our deal that I will give you money, you have betrayed me. Rano says I was betrayed and says you would have seen bride’s face. She asks him to run. He pushes her.

Balwinder asks where is Lakshmi? Rano says she went with Rishi. Balwinder asks how did she go with Rishi, as she is divorced. Rano says if she is a small girl to obey me, and asks him to stay far as his mouth is stinking. Balwinder says it will stink when I will kill you and small insects will be on you, and you will stink, then your neighbors will know. He tries to suffocate her. Shalu and Bani who has heard them, come inside to rescue Rano. They save Rano and asks Balwinder to leave from there. Rano hits Balwinder and asks what do you think of yourself. She says you want to marry Lakshmi, if you are suitable to marry her, and asks him to become suitable first. She says you are more worst that street dog. She says if you had knocked on her heart, made me risen love in her heart. She asks him not to show any attitude to her. She threatens to send him to PS. Bani says Rishi jiju didn’t agree and was seated on the mandap in your place, else he would have married Lakshmi, if Kamli wouldn’t have been seated as bride. Balwinder is shocked and recalls Rishi making him unconscious and Ayush making him gain consciousness. He says fraud family, playing one bomb after another. He says he will take revenge from them, one by one and if he don’t take revenge then he is not son of a one father. He turns to go and falls. Shalu asks him to see himself and asks him to stand first and then threaten others. She says they are not scared as jiju is with di. Balwinder says he will see and goes. Shalu and Bani get worried for Rano. Bani goes to bring water for Rano.

Malishka is driving her car and sees Rishi and Lakshmi in the car. She wipes her tears. Rishi asks Lakshmi what is she thinking? He says you might be thinking, how everyone will react in the house. He says you knows well, some like you and some don’t. He says I have promised to God that I will not let anything wrong happen with you, and I will also not do wrong. He asks her to just look at him, when someone is saying anything. He says I will not let anything happen to you.

Bani brings water and gives to Rano. Rano throws the glass and says you have done a big planning and calls them clever to have planned. She says now my Neha’s marriage will not happen and that ghost Balwinder. Bani says why did you initiated Lakshmi di’s marriage with Balwinder and calling her clever. Bani says I talked to him, as Lakshmi agreed. Bani says you had forced her. Rano says she will pull her tongue. Shalu says whatever is done, is for di’s betterment. Rano asks if I am her enemy. Shalu says now she is not your burden, jiju has taken her. Rano says don’t show me attitude, Rishi has taken Lakshmi, now I will see drama, I will see who lets Lakshmi enter the house. She says when she was bahu, they didn’t let her stay well, so how they will let her stay now. She says I will see and goes.

Rishi and Lakshmi come to the Oberoi Mansion. Ayush gets happy. Karishma shouts asking them not to enter inside. Everyone looks at them. Karishma comes to Rishi and Lakshmi. Others also come there. Karishma tells Lakshmi that she shall not come inside. Rishi says she will come, as I have brought her. Karishma says she has gone from here, and has ruined the house much. Rishi says I have brought her, and Lakshmi didn’t destroy anything, I am alive here because of her. Karishma says you people are divorced now, with what relation she can stay here. Virender says she is my daughter and this is her mayka now. Karishma says the people doesn’t know that you regard her as your daughter and asks him to think about their image. She says people will call her with many names and what they will do. Dadi says we never thought about society or people, when you left your house and came here, and since then you are staying here. She says we don’t care for society. Rishi says exactly, but it matters when we forget our loved ones and do wrong with them due to the people. Karishma tells Dadi that she is very hurt due to her, and says you are competing me with this Lakshmi. She says nobody has regarded me as daughter, but I am your daughter. Dadi says I said that, to stop you. Rishi says Dadi doesn’t mean this.

Karishma says Lakshmi haven’t come inside till now, and this thing is happening, and if she comes inside, then will ruin all the relations. Virender says Karishma, we are trying to end the matter and you. Karishma says when I told her not to come, then why she came, look at her, she is standing here like shameless person. She says she doesn’t have any respect and she is ruining little bit self respect. Rishi says enough and says Lakshmi will bear everything, but I will not bear, as whatever you are saying is wrong. He says I know how much is Lakshmi’s respect and self respect. He says it was not easy for me to bring her here, I gave her God’s swear and brought her here. He says you asked me to open my eyes, and says my eyes are open. He asks her to open her eyes and see Lakshmi. Ayush says this is not possible, she couldn’t see her daughter and son, how she will see Lakshmi. Ahana says he is right. Karishma says Lakshmi does this, she made my kids against me.

Ayush says Mom will never like Lakshmi and asks her to come inside. Karishma asks him to move back and asks if he forgot what bhabhi did with you. Sonia asks Ayush and Ahana to move back and let bua talk. Karishma asks Rishi if you will marry her again. Rishi says if I wanted to marry her, then would have married her long back, I was seated as the groom on mandap. Ayush says he sat on the mandap to save her from Balwinder. Karishma asks why you brought her here. Rishi says to save her life and tells that he will take her life decisions and will make sure that her life don’t get ruined. Sonia says you shall not care. Karishma says what you have to do with her now. Rishi says I am tired of answering everyone in the house, and says I answered Mom and Lakshmi. He says Lakshmi has saved my life and now I will save her life. He says I am the son of the house and has brought lakshmi here. Dadi asks Karishma to stop it and says I am elder in the house, so I decide that Lakshmi will stay here as the daughter of the house. Neelam looks angrily.

Precap: Neelam pushes the aarti plate and make it fall down. She says if she enters the house, then I have to leave from here. Lakshmi says I had come here, and now this door step has become the witness box for me. She says I have done everything for this family and then also…Karishma asks if you are done. Rishi says she (Neelam) asked question from Lakshmi and she is answering, please don’t interfere. He holds lakshmi’s hand.

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