Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 6th June 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Neelam if engagement arrangements are done. Neelam says everything will be on time. Dadi asks if she is fine and says your BP shot up, and says I say anything to you. Neelam says you are elder than me and can say anything. She says everything will be fine soon, all the troubles will end soon. Dadi says they wanted Lakshmi to stay back as their bahu and tells that as she will leave soon, they want her to marry and leave. Virender says he will make all the arrangements. Ayush asks Rishi what you would do if you come to know that the guy Vikrant is not good. Rishi says he will fight with everyone and will not let the marriage happen. Ayush says you are thinking like this as you love her. He tells him that Lakshmi is not just his Bhabhi, but more than his own sister and a motherly figure to him and he will not let anything wrong happen with her.

Shalu returns home. Rano taunts her for giving lakhs in charity. Shalu asks what you are saying? Rano says Ayush had gifted you a chain, but you refused and says you would have accepted it and given it to me or Neha. Shalu asks what you are saying? Rano taunts her for having free food and insults her. Shalu gets upset and goes to room with Bani. She tells everything to Bani and tells that Vikrant is a big cheat and says jiju didn’t believe us, and scolded us, has scolded Ayush much. Bani says tomorrow is engagement. Shalu says that’s why she is angry, as they have no proof.

Rishi is sleeping in his room. Lakshmi comes there. Rishi gets up and falls on her. She asks him to keep his foot on his toe. He says he is feeling better. Lakshmi asks him if he came behind her following her. Rishi says yes and then makes an excuse. Lakshmi asks him to say truth.

Ayush talks to Bani and Shalu and tells that they will not let Vikrant marry Lakshmi. He says even don’t know when Rishi will marry Lakshmi, but right now we will not let her marry Vikrant. He says if we find that girl then we can stop the marriage. Shalu says I feel like I have seen that girl.

Lakshmi asks Rishi to stop worrying for her and asks her to leave her on her destiny. Rishi says I can’t. Lakshmi says you want me to get married and at the other side, you are behind me. Ayush asks Shalu where did you see this girl? Shalu says I felt that I have seen her. Bani asks him to promise that nothing shall happen to Lakshmi. Ayush says Lakshmi is more than my mother to me, and says I will not let her marry. Rishi asks Lakshmi, shall I tell you what is in my heart. Lakshmi says she doesn’t want to know and tells that even Vikrant cares for her like he does. She says he told me everything. Rishi thinks he had messaged him and asks what he told. Lakshmi recalls and tells him that Vikrant asked me if I am doing this marriage with my wish. She asks him to stop worrying for her.

Shalu tells Ayush that he is a boon for lakshmi. Ayush says actually Lakshmi is a boon and no family members understand this. Rishi looks at the moon and says I love you so much, how to leave you. Lakshmi looks at the moon and tells that they are not destined to be together. Rishi wishes that he could wipe all his mistakes and make her his. He says don’t go away from me.

Dadi asks Lakshmi if she is happy and tells that she always want her to be happy. She says today is your engagement with Vikrant. Anjana asks Vikrant, why is he going to office, as today is his engagement. He says engagement. He says he has some work and will do the work. Saloni comes and says she has done the work and goes. Anjana asks Vikrant not to go today. He agrees and hugs her. Lakshmi asks Mukesh to bring new Dinner set, and says she will take the rice box. She takes the rice box and the knife is about to fall on her from the top rack.

Precap: Karishma asks Neelam if today is the day when they have to keep Rishi away from lakshmi. Neelam says I am asking how this will happen. Rishi hears them. Vikrant gets his ladylove’s phone call and he asks why did she call him today, says this is happening because of her, if she had agreed to his sayings then this wouldn’t have happened. Lakshmi tells ayush that this engagement and marriage will happen. Vikrant thinks he can’t leave Lakshmi.

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