Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2023 Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2023 Written Update by H Hasan

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2023 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the thieves coming out of Neelam’s room, when Neelam opens the door and looks at them. Shalu asks Lakshmi to dance with Rishi and gives her hand in Rishi’s hand. Rishi and Lakshmi have a dance. Everyone looks at them with mixed reaction. Abhay tells Kiran that Lakshmi is behind Rishi, just as she gets the chance. Kiran says Lakshmi didn’t leave a chance to set fire to my daughter’s happiness. Ayush smiles looking at Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka looks at them and gets angry, saying she has understood. Ayush says this dance step is difficult. He asks if she will stop them, then what she will answer when people question her, why she is doubting her would be husband, and says people will say that the girl is doubting on her husband so much, all the love and show off is fake, and says you will get bad reputation. Neelam asks the thieves how did they come here, and looks at their bags. She asks if you have come to steal. Malishka tells Ayush that she will go to Rishi, like she came here, partner swap. Ayush says you are less mind, but still have, good. Malishka thinks how did he agree, partner swap means I will go to Rishi, if something is in his mind. Lakshmi tells Rishi that she will not dance anymore. Rishi says Ayush and Malishka are also dancing, and asks her to look at him. They look at each other and imagine dancing while nobody is there.

He lifts her and dance in the imagination dance. They kiss each other’s hands. Rishi kisses on her hand. Imaginatoon ends. Malishka tries to go to Rishi while dancing. Ayush pulls Malishka to him, to stop her. Malishka stamps on his feet and tells him that she can dance with Rishi at anytime, but what people will say if Lakshmi dances with Rishi. She asks him to do as she says,cand dance on his tune. She goes to Rishi while dancing. Lakshmi comes to Ayush and starts dancing with him. Malishka asks Rishi what happened, his face is glowing after dancing with Lakshmi and asks if he enjoyed. Rishi asks what you are saying? Malishka says she is joking and says they shall sit, as she is tired after dancing.

Neelam tells the thieves that they don’t know who is she? She tries to lock the door, but they pull it and she falls on the floor. Malishka thinks Lakshmi is clever and wants to dance with Rishi. She thinks to get Lakshmi insulted and tell Neelam. She thinks Neelam aunty is not here, and that’s why Ayush did this. She says if aunty was here, then she wouldn’t have let them dance and wonders where is she? The thief tells other thieves that they have to kill her, as she has seen their faces. Neelam runs saying thieves. The thief runs behind her. Neelam continues to run. Nobody hears her due to the loud music. Neelam falls down. The thief takes out the knife. Neelam thinks she can’t run anymore and has to go to the room. Everyone is dancing still. Neelam shouts thieves, but nobody hears still. Malishka is dancing with her parents. Neelam runs to the room and locks the door. The thief asks her to open the door and then he locks the door from outside, so that she can’t come out. Neelam sees intercom and thinks to call, but nobody picks the call. She gets sweating and thinks Doctor had said that if I get sweating then it is serious. She thinks how to call someone here, she gets dizzy and sits down.

Virender worries why Neelam haven’t come till now. Pandit ji tells Virender that the good mahurat for engagement starts in sometime. Virender says ok. He thinks Neelam will come before mahurat, she must be busy in some work. Abhay comes to Virender and says I am very happy, and tells that he danced well today. Virender says even he is happy as the kids are happy. Malishka sees her friends coming there and welcomes them. She asks them to make her feel comfortable. Virender asks Lakshmi to go and see Neelam.The thief comes back to the room, and tells that the woman is unwell and has locked herself in the room. He says we shall leave if calls someone. The second thief tells that they will not get this chance again and shall steal in other rooms too, but the third and fourth one agrees with the first one and tells that they shall leave.

Malishka thinks to make Lakshmi insulted and calls her, asking her to bring something, juice and snacks for her friends. The friends ask who is she? Malishka says she is Servant. The friend says she is wearing nice clothes as if she is a family member. Malishka says she got clothes from this house, and has forgotten her value and status wearing it and she felt that she is the part of the house and the owner, but truth is that she is nothing, zero for this house. She says she works here, but she doesn’t get money. She says she does all the work which Mukesh does, but she is non paid Servant. The friend says you got free Servant.

Shalu, Ayush and Bani hear her. Ayush says he will reply to Malishka. Shalu says Di will reply to her as she will not bear after a point. Lakshmi tells that she regards this family as hers, and says if we do something for others, then we don’t become their Servants, this way our mother will be our first Servant, as she works for her children so much, and nobody gives her money. She asks Malishka not to say this for her mother. She asks her to change her thoughts and says money shall not be asked in exchange for doing something for the loved ones, and says what gets in exchange is love, respect and care which is precious, and I got it all, and till now I am getting it. She says if you want to get this precious wealth, then make sacrifice thought in you, as we are incomplete without our loved ones and their happiness is more important than our own happiness. Karishma hears her and comes there. Lakshmi says if Karishma aunty asks you water, will you don’t give her water, saying you are not her Servant, or if you will give water and will ask money in return. She asks what you will do? Karishma asks what you are saying Lakshmi. Lakshmi says nothing. She tells Karishma that Malishka was telling them that she is Servant here, and that she was not paid for that. Ayush and Shalu smiles hearing her reply.

Lakshmi calls Mukesh and asks him to give juice to Malishka’s friends. She tells them that they are guests and guests are like God to them in their house, so I will not tell you anything. She says this family is mine, and I can do anything for the family, can give my life also for them. She asks Malishka to make her friends understand and goes. Ayush tells Shalu that she is right, now Malishka can’t show to anyone. The friend tells Malishka that she was right, who works for the family doesn’t become Servant. Other friend asks who is she? Malishka says she is just nobody, let her go to hell. Karishma says she is zero, and asks them to enjoy Malishka’s ring ceremony. She thinks she will give answer to Lakshmi later and asks Malishka to sit with Rishi. Malishka thinks Lakshmi has done wrong with herself, as she will not leave her.

Neelam thinks someone shall come, and says it seems thieves are not outside. She thinks to go out. Lakshmi is going from there and sees shadow coming out from beneath the door. She finds the door locked from outside. She opens it and finds the door locked from inside too. She knocks on the door asking who is inside. Neelam opens the door hearing her. Lakshmi sees Neelam and says Neelam aunty. Neelam falls on her and says in my room… Lakshmi makes her sit on the sofa and thinks she might be asking me to get her BP medicine. She goes to get it.

Episode ends.

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