Bigg Boss 13 14th February 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 13 14th February 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 13 14th February 2020 Written Episode

Day 139
12:30 AM
Bigg Boss calls Asim in the garden. The audience cheer for Asim. Asim takes off his shirt. Bigg Boss says we have seen someone climbing up the stairs of fame, you didn’t have an easy life and it was not easy in this house but you became a hero and you had your romance too. You found your true love here, you have made your name from nothing. Let’s see your journey. The clip shows Asim’s entry and his fights with the inmates. Paras talking that he thinks too much about himself. Asim and Paras’ fights are shown. Paras calling him a follower, his friendship with Sid is shown. Then Sid trying to calm him in the tasks is shown. His arguments with Mahira is shown. Sid scolding him is shown. Shefali and Asim becoming friends and then Asim going against Sid is shown. Asim telling Sid to listen to him and respect him plays. Then his aggressive fights with Sid plays. Salman scolding Asim is shown. Asim and Sid trying to reconcile plays. Asim meeting his brother and then Himanshi entering the house is shown. His love story is shown. Asim smiles watching it. Then Himanshi entering the house again and Asim proposing him. Himanshi saying I love you to him. Asim’s rap is played. The clip ends. Asim smiles and thanks Bigg Boss. Bigg Boss says you have become famous in no time, we wish you for your life and the finale. The firework starts around him.

Asim comes in the house and says it’s good feeling.

2 AM
Sana tells Sid that I saw your journey from the door. Bigg Boss asks Rashami to come outside.
Rashami comes in the garden. The audience cheer for her. Bigg Boss says you did become a heroine in your career but in this house, your personal life came in front, he was your friend and lover but Arhaan’s betrayal hurt you so much, still you took care of his respect. This shows your character. Let’s see your journey. The clip of Rashami entering the house plays. Her antics in the house plays, her fun fights with Sid is shown. Then Sid nominating Rashami and Rashami fighting with him plays. Rashami breaking down because of Sid putting her down. Rashami and Shefali saving Mahira and then Rashami had to leave the house. Then her re-entry is shown. Her fights with Mahira and Paras play. Arhaan’s entry and her fights with Sid is shown. Sid calling her names play. Her romance with Arhaan is shown. Rashami gets sad looking at it. Rashami says the audience have made me stronger. The clip shows Arhaan leaving the house and Rashami breaking down. Then his re-entry and him proposing her plays. Rashami tries to control her emotional seeing it. Then Salman telling Rashami about his marriage and a kid. Rashami crying over Arhaan plays. Then her breaking down in the family task plays. Sid consoling her and her niece and nephew entering the house plays. Rashami cries watching them. Her fun fights with Sid is shown. Rashami becoming a elite club member is shown. Devo entering the house for her plays. The clip ends. Rashami wipes her tears and thanks everyone. She says your love gives me strength. Bigg Boss says we wish you luck, do you like your birthday now? Rashami says a lot. Bigg Boss says you have played like a sta. The firework starts.

Rashami comes in the house and all wish her birthday. Asim hugs her. Sid and everyone hug her.

3 AM
Sana comes in the garden. All cheer for her. Sana dances and smiles. Bigg Boss says you are an entertainer and you have many fans now. You came as an unknown person but now you are this house’s life, you made people smile with your energy. You had your share your hurt, people tried to affect you. You always showed your heart emotions, you care about the emotions of others too. You even made crows your friend. All are praising you today. let’s see your journey. The clip of her entrance in the house plays. Sana dancing with Salman plays. Her funny banter in the house plays. The inmates enjoying her entertainment and Salman praising her is shown. Her banter with the inmates are shown. Her talks with the crows are shown. Sana flirting with Paras is shown. Then Mahira calling her jealous is shown. Paras choosing Mahira over her is shown. Then Sana going against Paras and playing her game is shown. Her passion in the tasks are shown. Her fight with Siddharth Dey is shown. Sana breaking down and Sid consoling her plays. Her friendship with Sid is shown, their innocent banter is shown. Then how Sand was sad when Sid had to leave. Her missing Sid and him saying that he should have been with her. Then him entering the house again is shown. Their innocent romance is shown, Sana saying that he is hers and she loves him is shown. Himanshi’s entrance is shown. Sana panicking after seeing her is shown. Her arguments with Himanshi is shown. Asim talking against her and saying she is using Sid only. Sid saying hurtful things to her, Sana going against her is shown. Her fights with Mahira is shown. Salman scolding her is shown. Sana showing her feelings for Sid is shown. Sana pacifying Sid is shown. Sana meeting Gautam and Kartik are shown. The clip ends. Sana smiles and says I am a star now. Bigg Boss says this season will be remembered with Sana’s name also. You always play from the heart. The firework starts for her. Bigg Boss says we wish you luck for the finale. Sana sings her song for the audience.

3:20 AM
Sana says they said that they will remember this season because of me and Sid has said I love to me so don’t show me this attitude. Sid laughs. Rashami laughs and says I love her.

Rashami tells Asim that they talked about my career and how I didn’t let anyone know about my life, I cried there, I trust people easily and they take care of advantage. Asim says I didn’t like Himanshi meeting Arhaan and personally I never liked Arhaan.

4 AM
Paras comes in the garden. Bigg Boss says you look simple but you played a twisted game, you always brought twists in the game but you are an emotional person. You appreciate your friends. Let’s see your journey. The clip shows Paras’ entrance and him flirting with Mahira and Sana. The girls taking the name and giving him the hearts. His friendship with Sana is shown. Then his problems with Sana are shown. His fights with Sana, Rashami and Devo are shown. His friendship with Mahira is shown. His fights with Sid are shown. Then him going against Rashami and taking Sid’s side is shown. His fights with Asim are shown. Paras leaving the show is shown, then him re-entering the house and his attachment with Mahira is shown. His mother’s entry is shown. The clip ends. Paras says I loved that. Bigg Boss says you have won the hearts of many. The firework starts for him.

Paras comes in the house and says I am so emotional.

PRECAP- Bigg Boss’s finale will happen tomorrow. Asim and Sid will give a power-packed performance.
Sid and Rashami dance on Ang laga de re.
Asim-Himanshi gives a romantic dance performance. Mahira and Paras dance too.

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