Bigg Boss 13 24th January 2020 Written Update

Bigg Boss 13 24th January 2020 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 13 24th January 2020 Written Episode

Day 117
6:30 PM
Sana tells Arti that Asim and others support me so I will support them. Arti says Paras and Mahira supported me throughout. Mahira leaves from there. Sana tells Rashami and Asim that I played this task for you people only.

Vishal tells Asim that they were not accepting my decision so I changed it.
Sid jokes with Mahira that Vishal can’t be a leader.

7 PM
Sana tells Asim that I am changing my bed, it’s over.
Mahira tells Shefali that Sana is not loyal. Shefali says she was not loyal to Sid so she can’t be loyal to anyone. Paras says I moved away from her in the first week because she can’t be trusted.

Sana asks Arti if she is scared of Sid? Vishal says you don’t say wrong to Sid when he is wrong. Arti says I told in front of Salman that his way of talking is wrong. I didn’t lie. Sana told me that I had hurt Sid.

Sana takes her pillow and blanket from Sid’s bed and says I can’t take more insults.
She comes to Asim. Asim says poetry for her and says if you go back to her then you are weak. Sana says I am close to him. Asim says that’s your feelings, I can’t comment but you need to stick to this decision for your self-respect. Sana says he has hurt me enough.

9 PM
Bigg Boss asks Vishal if anyone was able to become the contender for captaincy? Vishal says I think Sana won the last round. Bigg Boss says it was not about just one round. Vishal says then no one won the task. Bigg Boss says you people keep getting the tasks rejected. You people don’t let others win if you can’t win. They all laugh. Bigg Boss says the referees are so bad in this season which includes Asim, Arti, Shefali and Paras. You people are not fair and Vishal crossed all the lines, he was the most confused referee in the history of this game, he changed his decision 3 times in 3 minutes, he thought that he had power so he could misuse it, he broke the rules to make Sana win the task. You lied in front of everyone thinking that everyone is a fool. As a punishment, Vishal will not be a part of any immunity task. Sid laughs. Mahira says this is a punishment for his mistake. Sana says like Paras never did it. Mahira says so everyone will cheat?
Sana tells Vishal to tell sorry to Bigg Boss. Vishal says it’s okay.
Paras tells Mahira that I was superb as a referee.

Arti cries and tells sorry to Bigg Boss for being an unfair referee earlier. Vishal says sorry too.

9:30 PM
Sid tells Paras that he has no regret.
Vishal tells Sana that I wanted that round to be rejected as I didn’t want them to use their manpower, they have more people in their team so I wanted to use my power.

11 PM
Sana asks Rashami if she has put her image down? Rashami says this one-sided love is putting you down. Sana says it hurts him that I support others. Rashami says I know he is possessive, he is like a kid, he is intelligent but when we became friends, I knew that he is like that. You have to put a full-stop on your heart. Sana says I will have to.

Day 118
8 AM
The inmates wake up to a song. They all dance.

8:45 AM
Mahira tells Sid that today we will see their sibling love. Look at Paras and Rashami’s matching pajamas. Rashami comes there. Sid teases her about her pajamas. Rashami says you like it? Sid says I am just seeing it. Rashami says you are observing too much these days. Sid says I have been doing it since childhood.

2 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we told you about your mistakes last night to make you aware of them but you people don’t are. Vishal said that he did it for his friends and that he doesn’t care, this is just shameful. Today we are giving you a task in which you will think about all the tasks and who are two people most responsible for getting the tasks rejected. Paras starts counting the tasks. He says the paint task was rejected. The train task was rejected because of Rashami, she started breaking things. Shefali says Asim got the egg task rejected. Asim says Sid started the fight at that time. The snake task was rejected by your people too. Sid says keep talking, Asim says the snake task was rejected as you started breaking things. Arti says all were responsible for that task. Paras says it was allowed to break the snakes. Asim says but Sid was aggressive. Arti says I was responsible, I will be honest. Sid glares at Asim and says keep talking. Asim argues with him and says I am not talking to you, you keep crying.

3:30 PM
Sid asks Rashami what are we mutually deciding? Rashami says it’s difficult to decide two names. Paras says the painting task was rejected because of Rashami. Vishal says the bucket task was rejected because of 4 people. Asim says Sid rejected the tasks as well. Sid says tell me more? Asim shows him a shoe and says lick it. Sid says are you scared? Mahira asks Asim to not be aggressive. Rashami says he is just talking animatedly. Asim leaves from there.

3:45 PM
Vishal says Sid rejected another task too. Sid tells Asim that I am not listening to you. Asim says who are you to tell me? Sid says stop saying rubbish. Asim says Sid was pushing girls in that task. Sid says don’t you dare talk about me. Asim says you are a gutter. Sid says if I am with you then I am a gutter. Asim says you were good with me. Sid and Shefali laugh. Sid tells Asim that you are a useless character. Asim asks if he is finished? Shefali asks them to calm down. Rashami asks them to calm down now.

4 PM
Paras says I rejected two tasks only. Vishal says I rejected two tasks. Shefali says include this task too.

4:30 PM
Shefali says we won’t be able to mutually decide. She sits in front of Asim. Asim moves away and says you are a monkey. Shefali says I am a lion. Mahira says you are asking her to move away rudely and then you say you respect girls? Asim says I am just asking her to stay away. Sana says she calls herself a lion-like this? Shefali says he was misbehaving with me. Sid taunts Asim. Sana says he keeps taunting people only.

Asim argues with Shefali. Asim asks Shefali to go away. Sana acts scared when Shefali comes there. Asim says I am so scared, can you bring the table inside? Shefali says I am not your father’s servant. Mahira asks Asim to be serious. Shefali shouts at Asim that don’t misbehave with me. Asim says I didn’t say anything to you. Asim says we want a table inside. Sana tells only lions can bring the table inside. She tells Asim to not fight with Shefali, it won’t look good on you.
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we don’t think you people can do this task too, all are going away. Arti says they don’t respect the tasks. They all gather in the living room. Mahira says let’s finish it. Shefali says let’s count honestly. Paras says Asim rejected 4 tasks. Asim says I don’t accept. Paras says the snake task was rejected because of Asim. Arti says I take responsibility for that. Asim tells Paras that you can’t take my name. Vishal says Paras will give 6 counts to me. He touches Paras’ feet. Rashami asks Sid to say if he wants to. Sid says I don’t have a point of view, this girl Shehnaaz can say anything too. Sana says I have a name, I respect you. Sid says you do what you want, I am not talking to you.

5 PM
Bigg Boss asks if they have chosen two names? Asim says they are not agreeing on the names. Paras got two tasks rejected but he doesn’t accept. Sana says Mahira said that she would reject the tasks but now she is not taking her name. Mahira says you don’t take my name. Paras says Sana can’t even handle her friendship, to hell with your #SidNaaz. Sana says your girlfriend is not even happy with you, you can’t even handle your relationships and you are taunting me? Asim asks Paras if he wants more perfume?

5:15 PM
Mahira says we have decided of Vishal’s name. Bigg Boss says we will ask you one by one. He asks Vishal.
Vishal: He says I take Paras’ name and Rashami’s name.
Rashami, Asim, Sana, Arti: She takes Paras and Vishal’s name.
Sid: He takes Vishal’s name. He says I can’t take another name. Bigg Boss says just take another name. He takes Paras’ name.
Shefali: She takes Vishal and Paras’ name.
Paras, Mahira: She takes Asim and Vishal’s name.

Bigg Boss says Paras and Vishal have been chosen so they will become servants of the inmates, they will do housework and will do individual tasks also.

5:30 PM
Paras comes to Asim and says I want to talk and clear things. Asim says I don’t want to clear anything, we will talk later. Paras says I fought with you on the right points. Asim says I brought up the perfumes so what? Paras says I never taunted you personally, don’t jump too high. Asim says you don’t know me. You started that talk about the standards.

5:45 PM
Asim says show-time. He comes to Paras and says we have used the taunts. Paras says we cleared it before so don’t taunt me about the perfumes again. Asim says you are a *****. Mahira tells Paras to not be personal. She asks Asim to stop it, don’t taunt him. Asim says I used to live there but you are *****. Vishal takes Asim from there. Asim says I want to talk to him. Sana asks Asim to be careful. Asim comes to Paras again. Paras says you are instigating me? Asim says keep talking, I didn’t say anything to you. Paras says you are nothing. You are a ****. Asim asks Sid to taunt too. Paras says you are a *****. Mahira says he is doing this as tomorrow is a weekend show. Paras tells Asim that you can’t do anything about me. Asim says I was just talking about perfumes. Paras says you can’t instigate me that I will push you. Sid says I want him to remember this when we meet outside. Asim says I told you that I will meet you later. Sid says keep talking, don’t bring me in all this. Asim says you keep asking me to meet you outside so I would want to see it. Sid says don’t talk to me. Shefali says Asim hides behind Rashami. Asim dances around. Sid gives a sarcastic smile.

6 PM
Sana tells Vishal that Asim doesn’t leave till he pokes Sid to no end.
Paras says to Sid that I was clearing a point with Asim but he wants to fight. Mahira says he was taunting Paras about a personal thing.
Asim says Shefali keeps taking my name and I took her name today so she got angry. Shefali says what are you talking about? You are a ****. Asim says you have an ugly tongue. Shefali leaves. Rashami asks Asim to ignore her.
Shefali says to Sid that Sana and Asim are talking about me in front of myself only.

6:30 PM
Asim comes to Paras and asks if he has made tea? Paras says I am not talking to you. Asim laughs. Paras leaves from there. Sid says he will keep taunting today.

7 PM
Sid says they are calling Arti my fixed-deposit. What is it? Asim and Sana are taunting her. Shefali says Rashami and Arhaan used to call Arti and Sana your fixed deposit. Arti says what does that mean? Sid says you are smart so don’t be dumb. Shefali says go and ask Rashami.
Arti comes to Rashami and says you called me Sid’s fixed deposit, what does that mean? Asim says they are dragging you. Rashami says Arhaan called you that. Arti says I will ask Salman Sir, I want to know what does that mean? Asim says if you are a permanent friend then they call you a fixed deposit.
Sid tells Paras that I have never treated them like a fixed deposit. I have never asked for a favor, this is a dirty word. Shefali says this is Rashami’s language. Sid says Sana is taking her language. Arti says Rashami is not accepting it. Paras says it means that a person can use you because you are a fixed deposit.
Asim tells Rashami that you said in a good way but I said in a bad word. Arti will fight with you, don’t fight with her.
Arti tries to control herself.

7:30 PM
Sid tells Paras that I was hurt when Asim broke the friendship and I didn’t think it would go to this level but Shehnaaz… hats off to that girl. Paras says to hell with her, they are ungrateful. Mahira says they stoop low. Paras says if I had a friendship with Sid like Asim and Sid had, I would die for him. Sid gave him so much love. Shefali says Sid loved him like a kid.

Arti cries and asks Bigg Boss to call her in the confession room. Please.. Please.. Please.. She cries more when the camera turns to her.

Bigg Boss calls Arti in the confession room. He asks what happened? Arti says they call me a fixed deposit. It means I am Sid’s *****. How can they say words like that? Rashami? Sid is my friend, I am not his *****. These things affect me. They are calling me a fixed deposit and I don’t even know about it. Bigg Boss says you can ask for clarifications but you have to be strong to win this show. Arti says yes.

8:45 PM
Asim comes to the gym. Sid is there too. Mahira tells Paras that even I get angry on Asim. Sana has crossed all her limits. Paras says we will not talk to her.

Vishal tells Arti that I don’t know about Arhaan and Rashami but I called you a fixed deposit of Sid. I said it in a way that you will never betray him. I took Sana’s name too. Sana says don’t take my name. Vishal says I said in a positive way, I don’t know about Rashami and Arhaan. Paras asks Vishal to not say things like that.

9 PM
Asim asks Paras if he is making food? Paras says I can’t do it. Asim says I will help you. Sid is glaring at Asim. Shefali asks him to calm down. It’s not good. Calm down.

12:15 AM
Shefali tells Arti that what Sana has done with Sid, there is no difference between Asim and Sana.

PRECAP- Salman tells Asim and Sid that you both are spitting poison for each other. Sid says I told him that meet me outside but don’t say a word to me here. But he keeps taunting me. Asim says I took a decision as a referee and he taunted my father. Sid says oh crybaby. Salman shouts at Sid to be quiet. He says you both keep saying to meet outside, violence is not allowed in this house but it’s allowed outside the house, I will open the doors, beat each other and then come back if you people can. He says Bigg Boss please open the door for these macho men. Sid says I am going. He asks Asim to come.

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