Bigg Boss 14 24th January 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 24th January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 14 24th January 2021 Written Episode

Weekend Ka Vaar
Sidharth Shukla enters Bigg Boss. All inmates cheer for him. Sid asks them to come to the activity area.

Sid welcomes everyone in the activity area. Sid jokes with Rakhi. He asks Rahul if he misses his mom? Rahul says it’s in control now. Salman asks Rubina if Bigg Boss is still being unfair to her? Rubina says he became sweet when you left. Sid says I was not behind it. Sid asks Aly that you could comment easily outside but how are you feeling now? all laugh. Sid asks Devo you are now a proxy? Devo says I knew you would come for me. Sid tells Arshi, Rakhi, Vikas and Sonali that you have given a new life to the show. Arshi says I really wanted to meet you and it’s fulfilled now. Arshi says you are an amazing man. Sid says wow what a contestant. Sid says we make this show for the audience but sometimes they have questions from you. They will ask you questions now.

The first audience member asks Rahul that you always say Abhi didn’t do anything in the show, he is always eating fruits, I want to ask what big thing you have done in the show that is taking you ahead in the show? Like fans vote for you, they also vote for Abhi to save him. Rahul says when I say that Abhi doesn’t do anything, it’s because he used to be silent before, he has a different style of playing, I can’t tell what I have done till now. Sid says then why are you asking Abhi when you don’t know about yourself? Rahul says I give my opinions openly. Sid says what winner quality you have that Abhi doesn’t? Rahul says I give opinions without being afraid. Abhi says I give opinions when I understand the problem and I can bring a solution. Sid asks Nikki who has better winning qualities between them? Nikki says Rahul has nothing except Rubina but Abhi has winner qualities.

Another audience member asks Rahul that you keep telling Abhi to be a man, what is the definition of man in your sense? Rahul says I have seen Abhi provoking others against me. I have seen him provoking Nikki against me, he backbites about me so he is not man enough. Rahul asks Nikki if Abhi told you that I was not taking your side against Sonali? it’s about backbiting against me. Nikki says if we are talking about the situations then we don’t have to call you all the time. Nikki says he was not talking behind your back. Sid tells Rahul that we think people are backbiting about me but that’s not the case always. Sid asks Arshi and Rakhi who is a real man between them? Arshi says if I am attracted to a man then he is man enough. I want my man to be tough and rich. I think Rahul is more of a man. Rakhi says I just like one man, it’s Abhi. I will get my whole body tattooed with Abhi’s name. Sid asks who does Julie like? Does she like me? Rakhi says Julie likes you for 200 years.

Another audience member asks Rahul that when someone takes Rubina’s side then you call them Rubina’s follower or puppet but if someone takes your side then he is your friend. Rahul says I took Jasmin’s name when they asked about Rubina’s puppet. Then Rakhi was following Rubina in her captaincy. Rakhi says it’s in your mind. I saw Rahul M following Rubina too. Everyone has been telling Nikki that she is following Rubina like a puppet. Nikki says he has no answer, he is just scared now. Sid asks Rahul that you support Aly, so he is the puppet of whom? Nikki says Rahul is Aly’s puppet. Aly says we are friends. Sid says so your friendship is friendship but all others are fake? Rahul says we don’t tell each other what to do, we don’t enter each other’s fights. Sid says your friendship is not a ground rule for everyone’s friendship. Rahul says but it’s my opinion that Rubina becomes authoritative with her friends. Sid says if Rubina is over-powering others, change their thought process then hats off to her, that’s a great game. Rahul says Rakhi has said many times that she gets bored with Rubina’s group, that Rubina doesn’t let her speak. Rakhi says he is lying, it was about a task. He should get a toscar award. All laugh.

Sid asks Devo why she is said? Devo says my voice is gone. Sid asks if she is shouting too much? She says I have to.

An audience member asks Abhi that you call Rahul a pappu but he is a gutter mouth if he calls you nalla? You backbite about him which is good in your moral book? Abhi says when Rahul started arguing with Rubina, I started talking when he was going wrong. He started calling me nalla and all that. The meaning of nalla is very bad from where I belong too. I call him pappu in a funny way, I am not a saint. I have patience but if someone tests it then I will give it back. Rahul is always calling people nalla and nalli. I heard him calling Nikki a nalli too. Nikki says he didn’t say that. Sid says let Abhi speak. Abhi says I just answer him back in his way. Sid tells Abhi that beauty of this house that you all have a different background and culture. It’s very normal in calling someone a nalla in Mumbai. Abhi says I didn’t know that before. Sid says you didn’t see season 13? Rahul says I never called Nikki a nalli. Nikki says yes, he never used that word for me. Abhi says I clearly remember him calling her a nalli.

another audience member asks Abhi that when someone touches Rubina, you cry your wife and enter the fights but if Rubina is pushing others then it’s fine with you? Do you think your wife can’t fight her fights or is this your game? please don’t play behind your wife’s back. Abhi says it’s my reflex to protect my wife. In Rubina and Rahul’s fight, Rubina lost her balance and touched Rahul but I pulled Rubina back first. Even with Sonali, I asked Rubina to not charge at her. My first reaction is to diffuse the situation. Sid says do you think that Rahul will hit Rubina? Abhi says it’s instinct. Sid says it’s great you are supporting as husband and wife but everyone is fighting their battles but Rubina doesn’t need Abhi. She can fight her battles. Vikas says it’s a disadvantage as you are always ready to protect each other on instinct. Sid says you both know the nature of everyone here, you know what other is capable of so you don’t need to interfere in each other’s fights. Vikas says we saw that Rubina lost the balance but everyone made an issue that Rubina pushed Rahul. Sid says you know that people make issues of everything here. Abhi says even in Eijaz’s case, I just asked him to move away. Aly says he properly warned Eijaz for no reason. Sid says this has happened a lot, it makes Rubina look weak. Abhi says it’s my instinct. Sid says you can’t stretch your instinct for 17 weeks, you make it look like nobody can talk to your wife. She is a contestant so anybody can fight with her. Abhi says I agree. Sid says let others fight with Rubina, nobody is going to hurt her. Rahul says I have never become physically close to anyone in fights. Abhi keeps telling me that he will slap me but he should see what his wife says to me. Rubina says he will protect me. Rakhi says he will protect her as a husband. Rahul asks Abhi if he ever told Rubina that you will slap her if she misbehaves with me? Abhi says why would I? you start the fights.

Sid tells Nikki that you brought up season 11 against Vikas. You talked about MeToo with Devo, you do know that I had a discussion with Devo, I cleared everything and how she was going wrong. Farah clarified it with her, Devo said sorry and never repeated it. You bring up old seasons. The most viewed seasons were 11 and 13 so you don’t need to bring up those issues, they have seen it all. It’s boring when you bring it up. Nikki says I was frustrated so I talked about it. Sid says you didn’t make an issue. Nikki says Devo started clarifying it. Sid says the old contestants are not talking about their seasons here, the audience wants to see new issues. You have to entertain the audience so don’t repeat old issues. You were entertaining but be smart now.

And audience member asks Nikki why she has become so irritating? You ask them to leave the show but have you forgotten that you got eliminated before? Nikki says people target me here which makes me frustrated. Devo came behind me. Devo says the whole world has seen who has targeted whom. Nikki says she started breaking the rules in the game so I told her to get lost. Devo says Nikki and Rubina started breaking rules in the game. Rubina didn’t stop Nikki from entering the house when Vikas was already in the house. Rubina is fine if Nikki is breaking the rules but if someone else does it then they are cheaters and whatnot. Rubina says Nikki was not breaking the rules but Devo was cheating behind our backs. Devo says Rubina broke the trust first. Sid tells Devo did the same as Nikki. Sid tells Nikki that when we were in the house, we called you the most entertaining. You used to taunt others that they were not doing anything in the show, it was suiting you a bit because you were doing something. But you need to understand that you got eliminated because of the least votes so don’t taunt others that they will get eliminated. Sonali says she taunted me that I am not seen in the show. Nikki says because I think so, she is sleeping all day. Sid tells Sonali that Nikki might not see you but you are being seen.

An audience member asks Nikki that you cheated your team because you wanted to be in the good books of Rubina? You are looking like a fake person now. Nikki says I don’t agree with this, I have a good bond with Rubina. I am not her puppet but her friend. I was clear that I wouldn’t play with my nemisis. Sid says you remember you used to be unreasonable when we had to get clothes from BB Mall, you were playing for yourself. Only one person will be a winner so you don’t need to sacrifice for Rubina. You did for your friends but think about it.

An audience member asks Nikki that you backbite about people, character assassinate inmates. Do you think that will make you a winner? Nikki says I don’t backbite, I won’t call people first before talking about them. It’s a show so you will talk about the inmates. If someone is sleeping then I should wake them up before talking about them? Sid says in the press for the entertainment task, you were just b*t*hing and to be honest, Devo was the winner in that task as she didn’t let you speak. Nikki says but she didn’t press the buzzer so she was a loser. Sid says what did you do after pressing the buzzer? Nikki says she lost the game when she didn’t press the buzzer. Sid tells Nikki to be careful as only 4 weeks are left.

An audience member asks Sonali why she is using Aly to get saved? If you don’t get support from Arshi, Rahaul and Aly then what are you doing alone? Arshi says she is a nice girl. Abhi says she has to answer for everyone. Sonali says I am like this only, Rahul has been my friends since day one, I support him. I had a place for Rubina in my heart but she has lost it. I ignore Arshi misbehaving with me. I like Aly and his personality so what’s wrong with that? how am I using Aly? I just like to see him. I have a right to be happy and talk about people I like. I have enjoyed my stay here. Sid says it’s not bad to have some love peace here. Sonali says if you were here then I would have the same feelings for you. Sid says you have chosen Aly so no chance for me. Sid says to Sonali that you are dependent on your friends but do you think you will be the first preference for them? Sonali says maybe no but I don’t care about that. Sid says wow you are selfless. Rubina says she talked about me right now, I don’t know why? She says that she doesn’t have respect for me but Arshi misbehaves with her daily that is fine? Arshi asks her to not to say rubbish things. Rubina says I stop her when she is going wrong, I don’t understand why she had to bring up my name here. She has to always bring me up. Sonali says they didn’t put me on the newspaper scoreboard because Rubina influenced others. She ignores me, she listens to Nikki and never tries to stop her. I have seen her ignoring me. Rubina says because you curse very badly so I had to ignore her. I am scared of her threats. Sid says don’t bring it up again.

An audience member asks Rakhi that you keep saying that you love Abhi but we have seen you backbiting about Abhi. You have called him a nalla, that you will show your game against him. Tell us if her love for Abhi is fake? We think you are just using Abhi for the game. Rahul says this man is a legend. Rakhi says let me talk, yes I love Abhi and yes I backbite about him. When I see Abhi taking care of Nikki and not me so I get angry and backbite about him. He is a nalla for not asking me, he is my true love. Rahul says it’s a big thing if I call him a nalla but it’s fine if Rakhi says it? Abhi says she didn’t call me nalla in front of me. Rakhi asks Rahul to be silent. Rakhi says my love is true, I am ready to give a test. Sid asks Arshi if Rakhi is jealous of Nikki because she is getting Rubina and Abhi’s attention? Arshi says she was jealous of Sonali liking Aly too. If some guys praise Nikki then she gets jealous. She wants all men to give attention to her. Rakhi says so what? I can flirt with Sid also. Sid says I like her too. Rakhi says I can first with every man. Sid says she is a bullet. Sid asks Nikki if Rubina-Abhi don’t give importance to Rakhi then what will happen to her game? Nikki says she will do foolish things, show-off her ****, nobody can survive alone here. Rakhi says God has given me **** so I will show them off.

An audience member asks Rakhi when will Ritesh come to you and will you flirt with Abhi in front of Ritesh? Rakhi says I don’t think Ritesh is coming in this life. I will flirt with Abhi so Rubina can fight with me if she wants. Rubina says I don’t want to because I got to know she backbites about us. Rakhi says it was jealousy. Sid says she was getting jealous of Nikki and not Rubina? Rubina says she doesn’t respect my husband. Rakhi says I am a human, I get jealous and say things in anger.

Sid tells the inmates that I will tell soon about the eviction.

In the House:
Rakhi tells Abhi to not call him a nalla. Rakhi says it’s normal for us. Abhi says it looks like you are backbiting about me. Rakhi says I said it because I was jealous of Nikki. You can fight with me but I will talk to you. I said a small thing. Abhi leaves from there.

Abhi tells Nikki that you were in the bed, Rahul was calling you a nalli, he uses that word for everyone. Nikki says he was joking but you said he was attacking me. Abhi says I just answered a question. Nikki says you can’t bring up jokes. Abhi asks her to use her mind.

Harsh enters the house. Aly says you come here every other week. Harsh says I have a big surprise for you Aly. They all sit in the garden. Harsh says someone crazy is coming. He calls Raghav. Raghav enters the house and dances with Harsh. Raghav says wow, I am so excited to be in Bigg Boss. This is my favorite show. He says I have some confusion about the couples. Harsh says Rubina and Abhi are married but Rakhi thinks she is a couple with Abhi. Raghav says where is Jasmin then? Harsh says she left the house. Raghav says so Sonali and Jasmin were a couple? Harsh says no, Aly and Jasmin were a couple. Raghav says I am so confused about the couples. He tells Harsh I wanted to come in this show to get insulted. I want people to call me nalla, papplu. All inmates laugh. Harsh says Aly is a charmer, he is making girls go crazy over him. I once a female monkey going crazy over Aly. Raghav says it was Jasmin. Aly laughs. Harsh says people want to see Aly and Jasmin together so let’s welcome Jasmin. Aly gets excited. They all wait for Jasmin but Raghav says we were joking Aly. All laugh. Harsh says Sonali is very pretty, all papas as going crazy over her. Raghav says Rahul is wearing Jasmin’s nighties to make Aly happy, all laugh. Harsh asks him if he can see others in the house? He asks Eijaz got operated and became Devo? Harsh says she is here as a proxy. Raghav says Vikas comes here every season as his own proxy. Harsh says Abhi lives in your building and you forgot about him? Raghav says Rakhi is between Abhi and Rubina so we have to question what is this? Harsh asks Rakhi if Ritesh does exist? Every Ritesh is tensed in the country. Rakhi says he does exist. Harsh says we are hungry, he shows them desserts. All inmates salivate. They eat gol gappas. Raghav teases them with pastries. Aly runs to the glass box and asks for it. Harsh says we will have physical exercise now. The winner will get these food items. First will be Abhi-Rahul, then Rubina-Nikki. Harsh tells Aly that Jasmin wants your ring size. Aly throws his ring to Harsh.

Rubina-Nikki: They have to follow a course and jump from A to B point. Nikki jumps on the obstacles, they are slippery and she keeps falling down. Nikki throws the obstacles away and says I am not doing it.
Rubina is next, she jumps and falls down. She tries again and completes the course. All clap for her. Abhi hugs her.

Rahul-Abhi: Abhi jumps but falls down. He tries again and passes the course. All clap for him.
Rahul starts jumping but falls down. He tries again but fails. Rahul goes again but falls down.

Harsh says Rubina-Abhi will get gifts. They come into the storeroom and find pastries. They eat it and share it with others.

Raghav promotes his Dance Dewane show. Raghav says we will have inmates dance now. He calls Sonali. Sonali dances on tip tip barsa pain. She dances with Raghav through the glass. All cheer for her. Harsh says let’s call Nikki from generation 1. Raghav says I want to do slow-mo with her. He slowly dances but Nikki can’t. Harsh says I will 10 numbers to Nikki but for dancers so she can learn. All laugh. Raghav says let’s call Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi dances on pardesia. She does slow-mo with Raghav. She dances nicely. All clap for her.

Harsh says let’s show them what Dance Dewane is about. Raghav says let’s call Ajay-Shilpa (contestants of Dance Dewane). They dance and entertain the inmates. All clap for them. Harsh asks who is the calmest in the house? Shilpa says Abhi. she says I think Arshi is always angry. Arshi says I am the most innocent one. Harsh asks who is the prettiest? Shilpa says Rubina. Ajay says Rakhi only. Rakhi says all the best. Ajay and Shilpa leave the house.

Harsh says there will be more guests coming in. He says Uttaran has crossed 12 years now. He calls Tina Dutta and Rashami Desai.

Rashami and Tina enter the house. Devo cheers for her and runs to the glass box. Rashami and Tina dance on pinga. Devo dances with them. All cheer for them. Harsh hugs them. Raghav welcomes them. Harsh says how are you feeling to come here? Tina says I love Rakhi, I like Rahul too. Harsh says Rahul has a similarity with Rahul, Raghav says you don’t wear underwear too? All laugh. Rashami asks Nikki what does Uttaran mean? Nikki says to take off something from the body. Rashami says in this house, it means if you have no identity in the house. Tina says you will tell us who is playing the game on someone else’s shoulders. Rashami says let’s ask Nikki.

Nikki: She says Rahul is taking Aly’s shoulder to move ahead, he is a coward as he said he wouldn’t have entered the show if he knew Aly was coming back. Rahul says he is my friend.
Rubina: She says it’s Rahul because he is under Aly’s shadow. Rahul says they call friendship a shadow. Tina says I love Aly and Rahul’s friendship. Rashami says I can do anything for Devo so I understand Rahul.
Arshi: She says I think Rubina is Abhi’s uttaran as she gets support and peace from Abhi.

Harsh says you will use a helium balloon and then talk. Rubina uses a helium balloon and teases everyone. Rashami says Rubina was good. Abhi uses it and asks Rubina to make parathas for him. Rahul funnily takes on Arshi. Vikas uses a helium balloon and tells Arshi that your game has finished. Vikas tells Rakhi that her priorities are f**ked up, I am very hurt. Vikas tells Aly that our game will start now. He tells Rahul that you had hurt me in the task so I will not spare you. Arshi says he doesn’t deserve respect. Vikas asks her to get lost. Rakhi says I am shocked with Vikas saying all that, why call me sister if you say all that? Vikas says you say that Abhi and Vikas are equal to you? Rahul says Vikas said that he has no expectations from Rakhi. Vikas says if Rakhi can curse Abhi then it means she can curse me too if I am equal to her. Devo uses a helium balloon. Devo tells Nikki that stop using people. You used Eijaz before and now Rubina.

Rashami tells the inmates that we have brought some things for the girls. Aly brings the gifts and gives them to Nikki and others. Rashami says only girls can use them. Harsh says let’s call Sidharth now. He enters the house and meets Harsh and Raghav. He hugs Tina but just greets Rashami. Rashami says you didn’t change your clothes since last season? Sid says you are the highest-paid actress. Rashami says you won the show and money. Sid tells the inmates that if this box was open then Rashami would have stolen everything in the house. Harsh says we should leave before they start beating each other. Harsh, Raghav, Rashami and Tina leave.

Sid tells the inmates that Nikki, Sonali, Rahul and Rubina are nominated. The nominees stand in a line. Sid says you have to solve a puzzle to know the answer. He asks them to use their own puzzles, the ones who can complete the puzzle is safe and the one who doesn’t complete it will be eliminated. The four inmates start solving the puzzles. Some puzzle pieces are missing. Sid asks them to use a box. Rubina completes her puzzle and she is safe. Rubina thanks. Sid gives the last piece to Rahul and he is safe. He thanks, everyone. Sid says there will be one puzzle piece. Sonali and Nikki are left. The last puzzle piece is for Nikki. She is safe. Sonali hugs Nikki and says play well now, stop misbehaving. Sid says Sonali gets eliminated. You played well. Sid greets them and leaves the house.

Sonali hugs Arshi and asks her to play well. Sonali is emotional and tells Rahul to not cry. She hugs him and asks him to play nicely. Rakhi hugs her. Sonali hugs Aly and wishes him for Jasmin. Aly says I promise to go on a date with you outside. Sonali thanks Bigg Boss. Sonali sings for Aly. She leaves the house. Aly says we love Sonali ji.

Devo says Vikas is acting fine now? Arshi asks Vikas why you called me things? If you are ill then that doesn’t mean you can keep saying things. Control your tongue otherwise, I can disrespect you too. Vikas asks her to keep giving her performance. Arshi asks him to go and get treated.

Vikas tells Abhi and Rubina that the people close to Arshi left the show. Kash was so classy but she lost her class when Arshi was with her. Rakhi was negative once only with Nikki when Arshi was with her. Rahul M got angry at her too. Vikas says Arshi influenced Jasmin too. I had a discussion with her and she said that this will be her game. Abhi says good for me then.

Aly tells Arshi that he is telling stories to them to bring them on his side.

Vikas tells Rubina that Rakhi doesn’t need protection anymore. Nikki says the media also said that she should play her game. Abhi says she is entertaining so she will not understand. Vikas tells Nikki that my friendship with Rakhi is not fake, she said that Abhi and I are the same for her.

Rakhi is sitting sadly alone. Nikki asks her to sit with them. Rakhi says I am hurt because of Vikas saying all that. Abhi asks her to not take it on her heart. Rubina says you can joke with people but your relationship with Vikas is real, he doesn’t like that you compare him with Abhi’s entertainment. You can’t compare them both. Do you have a friendship with Vikas because of entertainment? She says no.

Rakhi comes to Vikas at night time and says I am really sorry for everything. You are very important to me. Vikas says you have done many shows but never won, you know why? You forget the line between reality and entertainment. I felt bad when you said that Abhi and Vikas are the same for you. Rakhi says you are my brother for life. I might not be with Abhi outside here but I have a relationship with you for life. She cries and says I can’t lose you. Vikas says you were wrong only when you cursed Nikki, it was because you were influenced by Arshi. She has eaten Sonali too. You can eat Abhi all you want. Rubina comes there and says I will let her, right? Rakhi says I won’t spare him.

PRECAP – Rakhi tells Abhi that your wife won’t be able to sleep if I was dishes with you. Rubina says don’t say all that. Rakhi writes Abhi’s name all over her body and says this is my love. Rubina says this is cheap entertainment. Rubina asks Abhi to not entertain Rakhi now.
The inmates have to sacrifice the house areas if they want to nominate others. Rubina tells the inmates that if they nominate Abhi then nobody will cook. Aly says I can sacrifice the washroom for my friend. Nikki says we can sacrifice on the bedroom.

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