Bigg Boss 14 31st January 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 14 31st January 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 14 31st January 2021 Written Episode

Weekend Ka Vaar
Salman welcomes everyone to the show. He says Vikas, Devo, Nikki and Rahul are nominated. We talked to the inmates last night and see what happened after that.

In the house:
Rakhi tells Vikas that I will stop if he doesn’t like me. Vikas says to talk to him when the time is right. Rakhi says I will not touch him. Vikas says when you are nervous then don’t talk or try to joke. Rakhi says yes I got nervous.
Aly tells Rubina that you, Abhi and Nikki are always together, you have a right to her than us. Rubina says I didn’t want her to become my puppet. Rubina says I know I should talk to her when the time is right. Aly says maybe she is too young for the show or she should handle herself.

Abhi tells Rubina that what Salman has told you, don’t over-analyze, it’s part of your personality so just cut it down to 30% percent.

Nikki is in the smoking-room. Abhi tells her that it was told for her benefit, don’t be tensed. Rubina goes into the smoking-room and Nikki cries to her. Nikki says we will talk outside the house, I don’t want you to look negative. Rubina says I am worried for you. Nikki says I want you to win. I played independently but they said that I didn’t. I want you to win. Rubina says it’s okay, you have improved a lot. Nikki says Salman praised me so much when I left the house and then I had to hear so much today, I don’t want to stay here anymore, she cries so Rubina consoles her.

Rakhi says I hope my husband doesn’t take all this seriously. Rahul says are you crazy? Aly says they said that it looked like friendship only. Rakhi says I was just enjoying my friendship with him. I won’t go to him now. I can sing a break-up song for him. She sings mere saiyyan ji se break-up karlya.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. Salman says let’s play a game. I will take a name and that person has to make a chaat and define which inmate’s personality suits it the best. They see ingredients like fake sweetness, white liar, jealousy, the bitterness of heart, black heart. He asks Rubina to come first.
Rubina: Salman says you have to make the chaat for Rakhi. Rubina says she acted sweet and said that she was doing everything for entertainment, as soon as we stopped supporting her, she started showing her true colors. She showed too much sweetness. She adds yogurt as white liar Rakhi. She adds more ingredients. Rakhi asks her to not use her hands. Rubina says I know your hygiene level is very nice. She makes another chaat and gives it to Rakhi. Rakhi asks her to make her eat from her hands only. Rubina says don’t be so double-faced. Rubina makes her eat it.
Rakhi: She has to make it for Rubina. Rakhi says she is so confusing, she selects people to attack from time to time. She adds white lie ingredients and says she has so much bitterness in her heart. She takes a potato and says she acts like a politician and teacher for us. She adds sweetness and says she is bitter but can be sweet when the time needs it. She thinks everyone is scared of her except Rubina. Rakhi says she is very pretty but her heart is very black. Rubina says she has so much to say. Rakhi says you have all these characteristics but I love you. Rakhi makes her eat it. Rubina says it tasted nice.
Vikas: He has to make chaat for Nikki. He says her language has bitterness. He makes her eat it. Nikki says it’s not good.
Nikki: She has to make it for Devo. She adds bitterness, spice as she has said things that are bitter. She makes her eat it.
Rahul: He has to make it for Arshi. Rahul says she has bitterness for her friends only. He adds sweetness as she acts sweet where it’s not even required. Rahul adds spice because she gets jealous. He adds white lie as she twists the words in such a nice manner. Arshi says this is my praise. Rahul says she has some blackness in her heart because of her insecurity. He makes Arshi eat it. Arshi asks him to get lost. Arshi: She has to make a chaat for Rahul. Arshi says he gets involved with new inmates and forgets his old friends. He is a bitter man, he has jealousy as when I talk to Abhi he gets angry. She says he has blackness in his heart. She says he acts sweet with new people. He has bitterness in his heart too. Aly says I don’t agree. Arshi makes him eat it. Rahul says I liked it. Rahul says Arshi has a split personality. She will be saying sorry to me later on.
Devo: She has to make a chaat for Vikas. She says he has bitterness, he acts sweet and then gets angry so suddenly, I don’t understand his mood swings. Salman says you were friends till yesterday? Devo says I will take care of him but he will nominate me. She adds spice and makes Vikas eats it.
Abhi: He has to make a chaat for Aly. Abhi adds bitterness in the chaat, he spat in front of me which is very disrespectful. Aly does moral policing for Nikki when she misbehaved with Eijaz but I am his senior too. He makes him eat it. Aly says it’s very bad.
Aly: He has to make a chaat for Abhi. He adds bitterness, he is a white liar especially in the tasks, adds spice also. He makes Abhi eat it. Abhi makes a twisted face.

Salman says to the inmates what should the audience get from the show? They say entertainment. Salman says Abhi said that entertainment starts from E and ends on T, what does it mean? Abhi says I said her entertainment should be like that and shouldn’t torture people.

Salman says Devo and Aly will present a show now. They can question the inmates.

Devo and Aly start their show. Devo says we welcome you to the show. Aly says we won’t be asking easy questions. There will be two rounds: dangerous questions and then rapid fire. He calls Rubina first.

Rubina: Devo asks if she can’t accept her defeat? When you are losing the task, you over-react so much and become unfair also. If someone else is unfair then you shout at them so much. Rubina says I am not scared of defeat, when Salman gives me advice, I nicely take it. I accept when I am wrong. Aly asks Rubina if she has reached till here in Rahul’s fight? Rubina says I don’t think so. Devo says if Rahul doesn’t talk to you then you won’t have issues in the house. Rubina says I don’t think so. Aly says you said that Salman supports Eijaz? Rubina says I said that he gets Salman’s support. Salman always talks about working with Eijaz. Salman asks Rubina why she thinks that? I say the same thing to you as I say to Eijaz, you are wrong if you think I support him. Rubina says okay. Aly asks who she sees in the top 3? She says me, Aly and Abhi.

Abhi: Aly asks if he has become arrogant after Jasmin left the show? You thought that you got more votes than Jasmin so you are showing too much attitude? Were you fooling others before? Abhi says I don’t think I am arrogant, it has nothing to do with Jasmin, I don’t want to be patient anymore as people started using it against me, I have to give a reaction now. Aly asks Abhi if he thinks that he used Rakhi for entertainment? Abhi says not at all, I am the same as I was before. Aly says but you played along with her character. Abhi says she wanted to entertain people, I don’t want to link up with her. I have reached here on my own, not because of Rakhi. I don’t need Rakhi to be seen. Aly says you were enjoying her attention but then the media pointed out and you changed, you were fine when she was favoring you. Abhi says I didn’t know she would give immunity to me, she has said clearly that it was one-sided. Devo says you wanted Rakhi to support you in the lockdown task, you have given her attention. Aly asks Abhi who would he eliminate if he can right now? Abhi says Rahul.

Devo says we will play rapid-fire and the first one is Rakhi.
Rakhi: Aly asks if her love was real or fake for Abhi? She says fake. Devo asks if she is behind Abhi for content? She says right. Aly asks if her entertainment factor has gone down after her Abhi track? She says not at all. Devo asks what limits she can cross for the game? Rakhi says I am thinking of something else now than Abhi. Aly asks She says marry Rahul, date Aly and kill Abhi. Abhi is surprised. Rakhi says my heart knows how much pained I am to say all this. Rubina says she is so fake. Salman asks Rakhi to hug Abhi. Abhi says I request no. He moves away from Rakhi.

Devo and Aly ask who he trusts between Arshi and Nikki? He says Nikki for now. Aly asks if Abhi reached here because of Rubina? He says because of Rubina and Jasmin. Aly asks to choose between Arshi, Rakhi and Nikki. Rahul laughs and says I would like to kill Arshi, marry Rakhi and date Nikki. Salman says what if Rubina was in the mix? Rahul says I would like to marry Rubina, date Rakhi and kill Arshi. All are stunned. Devo says what was that? Rubina says what? Salman says Arshi is getting killed every time.

Aly asks Arshi if she used anyone in the game? She says Salman. All laugh. Aly asks if she loves or hates Vikas? Arshi says he doesn’t deserve both. Aly asks if Rahul-Aly cheated her? She says no. Devo asks who she wants to see in the game? She says Rahul. Aly asks She says I will kill Aly, marry Abhi and date Rahul.

Aly asks Nikki if she will ditch Rubina for the game? She says no. Devo asks if she is using Rubina-Abhi for the game? She says no. Aly asks She says kill Aly, marry Abhi and date Rahul. Devo asks who you want to see in the finale? She says Rubina.

Aly and Devo ask questions from Salman. They ask his favorite co-actor? He says Sri-Devi. Aly asks who is the most irritating contestant for you this season? Salman says the list is long. All laugh.

Salman tells the inmates that the audience is watching you and some people imitate you for entertainment. There is a guy Ronit who has mimicked Arshi. Arshi says people call me side-character because you don’t praise me. I was hurt. Salman says no one has said it this week. All laugh.

The mimicking clip plays and Ronit enacts Arshi. He does a funny skit and even mimics Salman. All laugh seeing the clip. Salman ends the call.

Salman connects the video call to Ronit who makes funny videos. Salman says to Ronit we have seen your videos and you are very talented. He says I can’t even talk right now, I am star struck. Salman asks his age. He says I am 17 years old. Salman says Ronit you make good videos, keep making us laugh. keep this innocence in your videos. He ends the call.

Salman says a guest is coming here now. He welcomes Mouni Roy. Mouni comes on the stage and dances to mere aashiq awaara song. Salman welcomes her to the show. Mouni says it’s so nice to meet you, you are looking handsome. Salman says you are looking pretty as well. Mouni says I want to talk to the inmates.

Salman connects the call to the house. Mouni greets everyone and says you all are looking pretty. Rahul says you too. Mouni says Rakhi’s one word has become very famous, that is ‘Saandni’ (fat). Mouni says I have brought a bull with me, she will get angry when you lie to her. Mouni says you have to sit on the moving bull and answer some questions. We will ask the inmates if they thought you are lying or not, if you are lying then the bull will spin faster. Abhi says everyone will be a liar now. Mouni says the first one will be Arshi.

Arshi sits on the bull and says I am happy with my sand. All laugh. Mouni asks Arshi if she trusts Rahul and Aly 100%. She says yes. They all say it’s a lie. Arshi falls down from the bull, all laugh. Salman asks if she wants to become Rakhi Sawant? She says never. They all call her a liar. Mouni asks if she is a better player than Nikki? She says yes. The inmates are divided on that answer. Salman asks if Rahul has left behind in the game? She says yes, all say it’s a lie. Arshi falls down from the bull. Mouni asks if Arshi makes issues for no reason? Arshi says sometimes. All laugh. She falls down from the bull again. Salman asks Arshi if she is enjoying the bull? She says yes, all say it’s a lie. Arshi falls down again.

Rubina is next, she sits on the bull. Salman asks if she is Abhinav? Rubina says yes, they all say no. Rubina tries to grab on the bull but falls down. Salman laughs seeing it. Salman asks if Nikki’s love for her is for a game only? She says no. They all call it a lie, she falls down from the bull. Mouni asks her if she is jealous of Rakhi’s entertainment? She says no. They all call her a liar. Rubina falls down and can’t stand up. Salman asks if Abhi’s popularity increased because of her? She says no, they all call her a liar again. She falls down. Mouni asks if she thinks she is better than everyone? She says no. The inmates don’t agree and she falls down.

Abhi is next, Mouni asks if he has the ability to be a winner? He says yes but falls down from the bull. Salman asks if he is the most boring person in the house? He says no but all say it’s a lie. Salman asks if he would have run away from Rakhi if Rubina was not here? He says yes. They all say it’s a lie. He falls down. Mouni asks Abhi if Rubina has a superiority complex? He says not at all. They all say it’s a lie. He falls down.

Mouni says now I can sleep peacefully. Salman thanks Mouni and she leaves the stage.

On the Stage:
Salman connects the call to the house. He says there is good news, which is that all areas are open in the house from now on.

Salman says I am going to talk about an issue that is not related to the house. It’s related to Vikas and his personal family matter. We don’t want to know who is wrong or right. This topic has been brought up 3 times. The first time when Arshi was thrown in the pool, then Vikas telling the story to Aly and then Vikas talking about it this week which was not required at all. Salman says there was no reason to bring it up but it was brought up in the house. Salman asks Vikas why he had to talk about it in the house? Vikas says I didn’t want to bring it up but when I went back home this time, I realized that I was tied and people were taunting me. I have become lighter by talking about it, I have taken it out of me, they can’t taunt me anymore. I had been carrying it for too much. Salman says we thought why it was brought up in the house. Aly told you to not talk about your mom as you might regret it later. We are shocked to see you talking about the outside matters. You had a problem with it in your season but now you are the one doing it. In season 11, you had an issue with a contestant, you both fought with each other but you left that issue behind and completed your journeys as like mature people. Vikas says I love my mom a lot but when I come here, it’s always brought up, I keep getting taunted every day and it was impacting my mental health. These people don’t care what’s happening to me but I had to clear it. Salman says you might think that your mom doesn’t love you, she must be upset with you which is fine as they have a right. You own this planet because of her, she gave you life. Vikas says I just wanted her to know that it’s not right, people saying that I have thrown my mother out of my house. I can’t even talk properly because people don’t trust me anymore, I have become a nervous person. I don’t want to get blackmailed anymore, I wanted it off my chest now. I have been pushed around a lot. Salman says you wanted to talk about this issue yourself. Vikas says no, I didn’t want to before but it was brought up so much that I thought to talk about it myself. Salman asks if he regrets it now? Vikas says now I regret it, he wipes his tears and says I will turn this around. Salman says good, we brought it up because you gave your version so we thought your family deserves a clarification. We contacted them but they said that they won’t discuss their family matters on national TV. Salman tells Vikas to use his mind and think before speaking on national TV.

Salman says it’s time to talk about the elimination. Salman says Rahul and Nikki are sage. Rubina hugs Nikki. Salman says Devo and Vikas are in danger today. The person who has got the lowest votes is Vikas Gupta. Salman tells Vikas that he might get eliminated today but you won a joker card. Salman says Vikas has got a joker card which he can use to save himself from elimination. You will get benefit from it but someone else will pay for it. Devo has got the second-lowest votes so if you use your card then she will get eliminated which means Eijaz will get eliminated. You have two minutes. Rahul asks Vikas to think if he needs money. Vikas says I would have used my joker card but I have got the least votes. Abhi says you have started playing just now. Vikas says Devo has got more votes as a proxy, I have given what I could have given to the show. I was not mentally stable but I took much time. Aly asks him to think. Vikas says someone has worked hard, better than me, I don’t think I am worth using this card. He hugs Devo and asks her to play her game. Vikas asks Devo to take care of Rakhi. Vikas hugs Nikki and says you are a very good person. Vikas hugs Aly and Rahul. Vikas hugs Rubina and says I hope you do well. Vikas asks Abhi to play alone, take your decisions. Vikas tells Arshi that I have given chances to people in my life, I have given you many chances but you have become a brilliant player. Arshi says you are going? He says yes. Devo asks Vikas to use his joker card. Vikas says I don’t play like this. Vikas asks Abhi to sort out with Rakhi. Arshi asks Vikas to talk to his mother. Vikas says leave it. Vikas tells the inmates to respect this show, I have got courage from this show, this world is fair, unlike the outside world. Nobody is a villain here. Devo hugs him and cries. Vikas cries and says this place has given me so much love, there are devils outside. This is the last time I have come to this place, it’s my time to move on. Aly tells Vikas that we had misunderstandings before, I just want to end it, you have changed for sure. Vikas says I wasn’t a bad person. Aly says it’s a different change. Vikas asks Devo to not cry.

Salman comes back on call. Rakhi cries and hugs Vikas. Vikas says don’t cry, I am not dying. Salman asks Vikas what’s his decision? Vikas says if the audience is not voting for me then it’s useless to use a joker card. I am happy to go today. Salman says I am proud of you. He asks Vikas to sort out everything with his family. Aly asks Vikas to message Jasmin. Vikas meets everyone and leaves the house. All are sad. Arshi leaves from there. Rubina tells Nikki that it’s an opportunity for her. Nikki says it’s a sin to even talk here. Rubina says talk but talks nicely.

Rakhi cries and tells Devo who will take my side now? Devo says I am with you, Rakhi cries and says nice people leave the show.

Abhi tells Rubina that you act righteous, if someone disagrees with you then you go against them. Abhi says the world doesn’t work on ideals, you set standards which everyone will fail. Rubina says I talk because I want to voice my opinion. Abhi says that’s why I am saying to not over-analyze this feedback, just tone down your preaching. If you preach a lot then they will analyze you not following what you preach. The audience like practical people. Rubina says like you? But that will be boring. Abhi glares at her. Rubina says I was joking. Abhi says Jasmin phenomena is happening with you, you are not ready to listen. Rubina says I am listening. Abhi says because you got to know all this on the weekend episode, you have to listen and understand. You just listen but you don’t follow it, I am not shouting at you in front of these people so they will get a chance.

The episode ends.

PRECAP – Bigg Boss asks Rakhi if she wants to save Abhi? Rakhi cries and says he has hurt me a lot, my hands are shaking.
Devo asks Arshi to do the chopping. Arshi says I am not here to take orders of people. Devo shouts at her to do her duty. Arshi asks her to not shout at her, Devo throws a plate in anger.

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