Bigg Boss 15 11th October 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 11th October 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 15 11th October 2021 Written Episode

Day 9
1:30 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that I can fight with people but when it comes to feminism, body-shaming so just tell me. I am not well-versed with these issues so just stop me when I go overboard. Shamita says I knew it was wrong when you broke the bathroom door. Shamita tells Pratik and Nishant that they will not be with you two again. If we are playing a game together then we have to hear each other out. Pratik has to listen to me also. Pratik says we will talk to about it. Shamita says but you have to control your anger. Nishant says she is right.

3:45 PM
Vishal asks Miesha what will she name her baby with Ishaan? Miesha says I like girly names. Jay says they have already started preparing for a name. Vidhi says they don’t need 2 blankets now. Miesha is cooking in the kitchen. Ishaan comes there and kisses her cheek. All cheer for them. Jay says they are killing us. Ishaan says I lost my heart as she is pretty. Jay says my girl is at home so Bigg Boss just send her.

7:30 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Afsana was right when she said my old friends for 15 years are not taking a stand for me (Karan). Pratik says she was right. Karan is playing a game with us. He can sacrifice us for the game.

9:15 PM
Miesha asks Ishaan what would my best friend be thinking? That I finally got a good guy. Ishaan says I am a good guy? Miesha says every boy is nice in the starting. Ishaan says you are lucky, I am a one-woman man. Miesha hugs him and kisses his cheek. Ishaan says she is pretty fatty. Miesha teases him and kisses his cheek. She says you are cleaning your bag nicely these days. Ishaan says I am no more single.

12:15 AM
Miesha asks Karan if he likes Shamita? Karan says she is very strict like a teacher. Miesha says I think Shamita is playing a game with us, she has partnered up with Nishant and Pratik. Karan says it doesn’t matter now.

12:45 aM
Nishant tells inmates that I will be the runner-up of this show also. I will do the show Naagraj where I will be the snake. Vishal says we are not scared of snakes in the jungle. Nishant says you can’t avoid a snake’s venom. Vishal says we will keep giving it back to you. Nishant says I am the main lead of the snake show but Vishal can become the antagonist of the show. Tejasswi can become parasmani (fairy) of the show. All laugh.

2:15 AM
Akasa is singing songs with Simba, Karan, Tejasswi and Vidhi. They all sing songs.

Miesha is lying down and asks Ishaan if he is forgetting something? Ishaan kisses her cheek. Miesha says that’s not good. Ishaan says I just kissed on your face, why are you reacting like this? Miesha gets upset and goes away from there.

4 AM
Ishaan lies down beside Miesha and says I love you. You have to build trust in me. I love you and I will keep saying it. I want to request Bigg Boss.. Miesha stops him. Ishaan says Bigg Boss please tell Miesha that I love her fully from my heart. I will marry her if she is on my side. I am promising on my mother. I am telling this on TV. He tells Miesha that I love you and I mean it. Miesha is stunned.

Day 10
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song and they all dance.

8:30 AM
Vishal tells the camera we will see how difficult this day will be. Tejasswi talks about the lunch menu.

9 AM
BigG enters the house with the letter. BigG gives kisses to them. Jay jokes to take Vidhi away. Umar reads the letter that hungry animals are roaming the jungle and can eat each other up. Karan says it’s about nominations.

9:45 AM
Umar tells Ishaan that Miesha will make you crazy, you are being affected by her. Ishaan says I know that, I won’t go crazy. Umar says if you like her from the heart then it’s fine but don’t get away from everyone because of her. Just don’t use your heart but use your mind also. Ishaan says yes.

1 PM
Umar tells Vishal that Miesha told Donal she will do anything to remain in the show. Miesha told Donal she will remain in the show by hook or crook. Donal was good friends with Ishaan but he changed in the last few days. Miesha is making a fool of Ishaan. She will eat him up. I tried to tell Ishaan to not be so emotional. Miesha is playing a clever game.

1:30 PM
The buzzer plays and puzzle pieces come into the cave. Karan gets it. Pratik tries to snatch it but they all protect it. Jay and Vishal run away with the puzzle pieces and hide in the luggage bags. Shamita tries to snatch it from them but can’t. They all laugh. Ishaan tells Pratik to not use too much strength otherwise we will all use power. Pratik asks him to get lost. Ishaan says you are a cheap man, get lost. They curse each other. Pratik charges at Ishaan. Nishant takes Pratik away. Miesha tries to calm Ishaan down and says don’t push me away. Ishaan says I am sorry. Miesha says you keep pushing me away. Ishaan says this idiot Pratik is making me angry. Pratik says you can never make the map when I am here, get lost.

Jay hides puzzle pieces in the bag. He tells Vidhi to keep her bag protected. He tells Vishal that I have put it in Umar’s bag for now.

2 PM
Ishaan tells sorry to Miesha. She says you pushed me away. Ishaan says I am really sorry, I will never raise my hand on him. He kisses her cheek.

2:15 PM
Jay tells Tejasswi that he can’t take it from us using power.
Akasa tells Pratik to not roam around her, he won’t get anything. Pratik is brushing his teeth. Akasa leaves from there. Pratik tries to open their bags but it’s locked.

2:30 PM
Vishal tells Kran that Pratik will sleep at night then we can start making the map. We will do it quickly. We shouldn’t focus on fighting with Pratik right now. He can’t stop us so don’t make him a hero. Just focus on making the map.

Tejasswi is getting ready. Karan says she is getting ready like her baby is going to call her. Bigg Boss says Tejasswi.. Tejasswi gets excited and says my baby is calling. Bigg Boss asks her to wear her mic. Tejasswi says I should put on some perfume also for my baby. Jay says you don’t take baths, Bigg Boss won’t like it. Tejasswi asks him to shut up. Tejasswi says I am getting ready for elimination? Jay says Bigg Boss will say Tejasswi is looking very pretty so she is getting evicted.

6:30 PM
Jay reads about the nomination task. He reads that the nominations will happen between jungle inmates only. A buzzer will play and two inmates will be called. They will decide who to nominate mutually. Then they will burn the paper of that inmate who they want to nominate. The OTT members are safe.

6:45 PM
Vishal tells Afsana we will not nominate Karan and Jay. We 4 are a team. Afsana says okay.
Jay tells Ishaan that I will save you after my friends.
Karan tells Afsana that let’s see how it goes.
Vishal tells Tejasswi that I am scared of Afsana, just tell her to not nominate us.

7:15 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates the first two inmates to come first are Ishaan and Miesha. All tease them. Nishant says fire has started in the jungle. Ishaan tells Miesha to nominate Donal. Miesha says let’s take Afsana’s name. Ishaan says fine. Ishaan says Afsana doesn’t adjust at all so we are nominating her. They burn her paper. Afsana claps. Miesha tells Ishaan that I know it’s not the right decision but I couldn’t nominate Donal. Afsana says thank you. Miesha says Ishaan wanted to nominate Donal but I am close to her. Afsana says they have broken my trust. Miesha tells Ishaan that I know Donal will be nominated so I didn’t want to do it first. He says it’s fine baby.
Afsana tells Pratik that they are getting fame by making a new love story. Pratik says emotions can wake up anytime, it happened with me also so don’t say that.
Miesha tells Jay that Ishaan makes me feel like home so why is Afsana saying all that? Shamita says just ignore her.
Afsana tells Nishant and Pratik that I won’t nominate Miesha out of anger. I will nominate who I want to.

7:45 PM
Bigg Boss calls Karan and Tejasswi. Karan says we can nominate Donal as we don’t have a choice. Tejasswi says yes. She says I have seen change in her behavior, she is better with others but I don’t have a choice so we will nominate her. They burn her paper using the buzzer. Donal says I won’t go so soon. Karan tells Akasa that Donal has attitude.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says the next contestants are Jay and Umar. Jay asks him who he wants to nominate? Umar says I want to nominate Miesha. Jay says I want to nominate Akasa as she said I am unfaithful. Umar says Miesha doesn’t mingle with anyone, her game is just Ishaan and Pratik. Nobody can fall in love in 3 days. Jay says I don’t see Akasa playing a game. Umar says I don’t agree. Jay asks Bigg Boss we can’t come to a mutual decision so what now? Bigg Boss says then you both will get nominated. Jay asks Umar if he has guts now? Umar says don’t talk about my guts, I know what to do in the game. Umar says fine, do it. Jay nominates Akasa saying she is not giving enough efforts in the tasks while Miesha is a good player.

8:15 PM
Akasa tells Karan that Jay proved he is unfaithful. I think Umar wanted to take Miesha’s name.

8:30 PM
Akasa tells Jay that you are keeping a grudge against me. Jay says we are equal now, you took my name and I nominated you so we are equal. Akasa says you try to avoid including me in the tasks. Jay says it’s not like that. You took my name for no reason. Umar says Jay took Akasa’s name because of his personal reasons. Jay says I agree, I accept it. Umar says Miesha doesn’t contribute in the tasks also. Miesha says like you do a lot. Jay tells Akasa you can’t call me unfaithful. Umar tells Miesha that you are making a fake love story just to stay in the game. You can’t play a clean game. Ishaan charges at Umar and says don’t say rubbish things. Umar says you told me that Miesha is playing a game with you and now taking her side? You know she is playing a game with you. Ishaan says get lost, you are a cheap man. Umar says you are a cheap man. I took you as a brother but you are being fooled by Miesha, she is making you look like an idiot. Ishaan tells Umar that if you don’t have love then don’t be jealous. Umar says I have more than you. Umar tells Miesha that I think Ishaan is getting affected by you, he was like my brother so I don’t like seeing him being affected. I care for Ishaan. Ishaan says thank you for clarifying. Umar hugs Ishaan and Miesha.

8:45 PM
Umar tells Vishal that I called Ishaan my brother and didn’t like her using Ishaan. Vishal says it’s just attraction.
Miesha tells Nishant that I really like Ishaan. He treats me nicely. Nishant teases her.

9:15 PM
Vishal tells Ishaan that I don’t have much choices now.

Bigg Boss says Vishal and Vidhi are next to nominate. Vishal asks Vidhi. She says Simba? Vishal says not him. Vishal says I can’t nominate Tejasswi and Karan. You can choose others. Vidhi says Miesha wanted herself to be nominated in Ishaan’s place. I want to take Ishaan’s name. He says do it then. Vidhi says I am nominating Ishaan as I don’t have much connection with him. She goes and hugs Vidhi. Vishal says we wanted to save Miesha. Ishaan says you did good. Vidhi hugs Miesha and says I didn’t want to nominate you.

9:30 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that Vishal is very smart.

Bigg Boss says the next contestants to nominate are Simba and Afsana. He says we can choose. Afsana says I will make it easier for you. I don’t like anyone insulting me. Simba says I won’t let you nominate Vishal. Afsana says Vishal acts like a good person but he goes behind my back. I want to nominate Vishal. Vishal says I never said anything to her below the belt. She taunts people and then thinks they will act normal with her. Afsana says I don’t want to win the show, I just want to be truthful. Simba says just listen to me. I won’t let you nominate Vishal. He takes the buzzer from her. Pratik asks Afsana to listen to Simba also. He gives water to her. Simba says we can choose another person. Afsana says I don’t care if I stay here or not. Pratik asks Afsana to listen to Simba once. Afsana says I will nominate Vishal even if I have to get evicted. Simba says they are all like my family. I won’t fight you. Afsana nominates Vishal.

9:45 PM
Shamita tells Karan and others that she insults people and then say sorry.

Pratik asks Afsana to end this fight by saying sorry. Nishant says just end this fight. You can’t taunt their careers. Afsana says I will do it. Afsana comes to say sorry to Shamita and Vishal but they all ignore her. Vishal says Nishant gave her this tip.

10:15 PM
Bigg Boss says Donal and Akasa will nominate now. Akasa tells Donal that my choices are already nominated. Akasa tells Donal that i want to play the game. I think Miesha is losing the game. Donal says Vidhi is a follower. Akasa cries and says we have to choose a weaker person than us. Donal says I thought Miesha is your good friend? Akasa says you are right. They agree on Vidhi’s name. Donal says Vidhi is just a follower as she doesn’t use her brains. Donal nominates Vidhi. Vidhi says I do what I think is right. Donal tells sorry to Vidhi.

Bigg Boss says the nomination task is done. The nominated inmates are Afsana, Donal, Akasa, Ishaan, Vishal and Vidhi.

10:45 PM
Pratik tells Nishant that Karan is fooling everyone. Nishant says Karan would never want us to outshine him. I know Vishal is playing a game. They think I am useless but I will show them. Pratik says Karan is very cunning.

11:15 PM
Donal tells Miesha that Akasa was crying but she wanted to nominate you. I told her that Miesha is your good friend but she wanted to take your name. She is playing a game.

11:30 PM
Afsana tells Vishal to not talk to her if he doesn’t want to. Vishal says I don’t want to, you don’t want to win the show right? Leave me alone then. Vishal tells Donal to not talk to Afsana if she is intelligent. Afsana says you think I am an idiot? Vishal says your heart is bad, get lost. You talk shit all the time. Afsana asks him to shut up. Don’t make me open my mouth. You are talking to a girl like this? I can go on your family too. You are not a man. Vishal says it’s not a man or woman thing. Pratik asks them to end it. Shamita takes Vishal from there.

11:45 PM
All cheer for Karan and make a small cake for him. It’s Karan’s birthday. They all sing happy birthday for him as he cuts the cake.

1:45 AM
Vishal and Tejasswi talk to the camera. Vishal says it was an interesting day. We nominated each other and it hurt some people. There are people to save us.

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