Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 15 21st October 2021 Written Episode

Day 19
6:30 PM
Karan and Tejasswi take scissors and tape to make their BB points.
Umar tells Jay that nobody helped him.
Vishal tells Karan that you grabbed Pratik tightly. We have a lot of muscle so it looks like you attacked him. Karan says he started attacking me first. Ishaan says everyone saw what Pratik is doing. Karan says he should get a little push.
Jay tells Pratik that we will passionately play till the end. Nishant tells everyone that I will reject the task if you people cheat. Vishal says don’t do that. Karan and Tejasswi are hiding in the washroom to make BB points. Bigg Boss tells them to stop making BB points as the round has ended. Nishant starts checking BB points for every pair. He checks for Vishal-Shamita. Pratik says they didn’t cut it properly. Nishant rejects Shamita and Vishal’s BB points. He rejects Karan-Tejasswi’s points also. Vishal says what is all this? Nishant says you people worked after the round ended. Shamita says I cut it before the round ended. Nishant says they didn’t follow the rules so I am rejecting all the pairs in the first round. Shamita asks Tejasswi to protect each other. Umar says I am with you all. Shamita says let’s play together then. Shamita says Nishant is not being fair. Nishant says don’t tell me what to do, you can do what you want but I can’t do what I want to? Shamita says you just want to scream at others, this is your fair play? Nishant says it doesn’t matter to me, bye. Shamita says you are a backstabber. Nishant says you will know what people talk behind you later on.

6:45 PM
Tejasswi tells Vishal that Jay attacked me so I am hurt. Shamita says Nishant is also wrong. Tejasswi says Nishant and Pratik are not your best friends but Jay is my best friend. Shamita says I have worked with them from before, Nishant kept asking me to trust him but then he backstabs me. He can do humor but he is so unfair.
Jay tells Karan and Nishant that I will not let anyone give 5 lacs to enter the house. I will stop everyone. Karan says to Jay that I will give money to you from my pocket. If someone else wins the show then I will pay from my pocket if I take this 5 lacs. Nishant tells Jay that we will get chances to win back these 5 lacs. Karan says I am promising everyone that I will give 5 lacs from my pocket if I don’t win the show but I want to go in the house right now if I win this task.

7 PM
Jay tells Simba that I am not paying 5 lacs from my pocket but it’s the winning amount that I don’t want to take. Pratik says the title is more important to win. Jay says but I don’t want to take someone’s winning prize. Pratik says but we have to save ourselves by going in the house. Jay says these 5 lacs have become important in my life. I don’t know about family conditions but this money is important for me. Pratik says but we have to go in the house to save myself.
Vishal tells Ishaan and Umar that Jay is justifying all this by saying that he doesn’t want to take 5 lacs from the winning amount. Jay just wants to destroy the game, he is just justifying it by being a bigger man.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that we will start the 2nd round in a bit and the ticket price is 7 lacs which will be taken from the prize amount. Jay asks them all to think. Shamita asks Vishal to help Umar. Jay says I will destroy Umar’s game, he says Pratik and Umar are okay with giving away 7 lacs to enter the house. The next round starts and they all try to get the material coming from the belt. They all fight each other. Nishant says don’t use the rejected BB points for this round.
Nishant gives time to Ishaan-Miesha first. They start making BB points but Jay takes their papers and tears them. Nishant says your time has ended. He calls Karan-Tejasswi next. He gives them little time. He calls Vishal-Shamita next. Umar helps Shamita. Jay takes papers from Umar and tears them. Jay tells Karan to stay away from the task as I might tear your papers also. Jay tries to attack Simba but Pratik asks Jay to be careful. Jay keeps tearing papers. Pratik is helping Miesha and asks Jay to stay away. Pratik asks Jay to let it be. Jay tries to attack Miesha but Simba grabs him. Jay says leave me. Simba says I can’t. Jay attacks Pratik but he gives BB points to Miesha. Nishant gives a chance to Karan-Tejasswi. They start making BB points, Jay attacks Miesha. Tejasswi says don’t do it Jay. The 2nd round ends. Jay tells Simba and Akasa that I have a reason for doing all this. My principles can’t allow wasting 7 lacs from the winning prize. Simba says 7 lacs is not a lot for the winner.

Nishant checks BB points of every pair. Nishant rejects Vishal and Karan’s points. Vishal tries to reason it with Nishant and says we have cut it properly this time. Nishant says I am doing what I think is right. Nishant tells Bigg Boss that Karan-Tejasswi made the most BB points so they won this round. Bigg Boss says Karan-Tejasswi can use the main house now as they have won the ticket. Bigg Boss says they won’t be part of the task anymore. Vishal hugs Karan.
Akasa tells Simba that Jay keeps attacking us. Simba says we will work harder.

8 PM
Nishant asks Pratik if he is upset with him? Pratik says Karan threw me on the floor and nobody cared? Should I start beating people up also? Nishant says they will talk about it on weekend. Pratik says I don’t want him thrown out of the show but at least acknowledge that he threw me forcefully.
Bigg Boss asks Nishant to let Karan-Tejasswi go in the house. Karan thanks Nishant. Vishal says Nishant is playing for Karan only. Nishant tells Karan that I am getting burned for this decision so be on my side now. Tejasswi says just you see. Karan-Tejasswi enter the house. Tejasswi hugs him and shows the home to Karan. Tejasswi says I will cook for 13 people in the kitchen. Umar asks Nishant if he can use scissors to cut BB points? Nishant says no, just make 4 BB points and I will make you win.
Vishal tells Shamita that I want to enter the house, let’s just make 6 BB points. Shamita says we might not get much time.
Karan tells Tejasswi that I am tired of the grass. I am so happy to be here.
Shamita tells Ishaan to protect them when they are making points, you have to stop Jay. Ishaan says sure, I will help you. Afsana says won’t we get more chances? Vishal says we will. I know Nishant is scared of me and won’t make me win.

8:15 PM
Jay tells Tejasswi that Vishal-Shamita promised to not use the winning prize, they won’t go in the house so I will not block them. Tejasswi asks what if they go back on their words? Jay says then I will become their enemy.

8:30 PM
Bigg Boss says the next round will start in a bit. The ticket price is 8 lacs. Tejasswi tells Simba that if you take the ticket then you have to give 8 lacs to the winner if you take this ticket. Simba says why would I pay someone else? Tejasswi says Karan and I promised to give this money to the winner.

The 3rd round starts and they all fight to take the material from the belt. Nishant gives time to Simba-Akasa first. Jay tells Tejasswi that I am just stopping Pratik as I don’t want to win. I can’t keep trying to protect this money if nobody cares. Pratik starts making BB points but jay tears his papers. Pratik tries to print but Jay grabs him. Nishant says don’t damage the property. Jay grabs Pratik. Pratik tries to push him away, Jay tears all his papers. Shamita-Vishal start making BB points. Jay says to himself that this money is important to me, I want to win it. Pratik asks Jay you are not stopping everyone but me only? Jay says I don’t want to go in the house but if you win then I will have to go in the house also. I don’t want to give away 8 lacs. Pratik says but we are a team, we have to play together. Jay says I don’t want to give 8 lacs, I don’t care about others but it’s my principle to not use 8 lacs like this. Akasa sees her BB points gone and asks Afsana if she took them? She says no. The 3rd round ends.

Nishant checks BB points for everyone. Nishant says the winner of 3rd round is Shamita-Vishal. Bigg Boss says Shamita-Vishal will go in the house now. Shamita thanks Nishant. Bigg Boss says the time for today’s time for task has ended. Tejasswi asks Shamita if she will pay 4 lacs from her own pocket? Shamita laughs. Bigg Boss says only people allowed in the house can use house amenities. The new housemates will make sure to not allow others to use any item from the house. He says we will open the gas for the jungle kitchen.

9:45 PM
Nishant tells Karan that I didn’t like the way you tackled Pratik. Karan says I didn’t beat him up, I just tackled him because he was attacking me. I was helping him with the task but then he started attacking me for no reason? He acts like a monkey so I had to put him in place. I didn’t kick or punch him but I tackled him like in sports. I didn’t hurt him at all. I will play his game his way now.

10 PM
Vishal tells Ishaan that Pratik is in shock today. He tells Karan that Pratik never thought Jay would do all this. He always destroys the tasks but this time his own partner destroyed his task. Karan says Pratik is an idiot, he couldn’t even take the material. Vishal says Pratik’s instinct to spoil others’ tasks but Jay took his role today and shocked him.

Nishant asks Pratik to play tomorrow with fierce. Pratik says I am giving my 100%. Nishant says just try to make BB points even if Jay stops you. I will do the inspection my own way. Pratik says just to be fair. Nishant says nobody agrees with me, I am telling you to be calm tomorrow. Just make your BB points and hide them, I will favor you tomorrow. You can make BB points at night time and I will allow those. Pratik says just take fair decisions, if I haven’t worked hard then don’t favor me.

11:45 PM
Ishaan tells Umar that Nishant will try to favor Praitk but we have to make sure Akasa-Simba don’t win the round as Nishant favors them also. Umar says that means we have to destroy their game? Ishaan says we will stay calm in the first round and then see how it goes. Umar says I agree.

Karan tells Shamita that they won’t allow anyone to cheat tomorrow. Shamita says I will also keep an eye on Nishant and Pratik. Karan says I helped Pratik but he tried to attack me. Shamita says Pratik is always selfish, why would anyone help him? Karan says he took away all my points and tore them for no reason. If Pratik is playing with Nishant then why is he attacking me? He doesn’t have brains.

12:30 AM
Shamita tells Jay that he can make money by staying more weeks in this house. Jay says it’s against my principles to waste 7 lacs like this. Shamita says but this game is not about principles. Jay says tomorrow the amount will go up, I didn’t agree on 5 lacs so how can I play and give away more than this money? I would have played the game for anything else but this much money? I can’t give away that much, it’s painful.

1 AM
Vishal asks Akasa to take the BB points and use them tomorrow. Akasa hides some BB points that others left in the garden. Akasa says tomorrow would be a difficult game. Vishal says there will be 2 rounds tomorrow, Afsana can’t play the game so it’s important for you to win. Ishaan takes the BB point from Akasa and shows it to Nishant. Nishant tears them so she can’t use them.

1:45 AM
Pratik is washing the dishes. Nishant says I want to go home. Pratik asks what happened to you? Nishant cries and says I want to go home. Pratik and Akasa hug him. Karan looks on. Nishant says I will be fine. Pratik asks what happened to you suddenly? Nishant weeps silently and goes from there. Pratik follows him. Nishant goes into the washroom.

2 PM
Karan comes to Nishant and asks what happened to you? Nishant says I have grown in life. People have a perception about me which I can’t change. People have stamped me in some way that bothers me. They are not bad people but they just have a perception of me. You can find flaws in someone but I can find good qualities in the same person. Karan asks if Pratik is his weakness? Nishant says not at all. You all make him a hero and villain. You and Pratik are both my friends. I am irritated because I don’t like what happened between you and him. Karan says you can’t keep protecting him. Nishant says I don’t like witnessing all this. Everyone is getting a chance to play in this house, it’s his choice how to play. Karan says if Pratik does things then he will have to face the reactions. Pratik keeps destroying the tasks so he can’t expect people to support him. Nishant says you all got the nomination task rejected also so how are you all different from Pratik?

Day 20
8 AM
The inmates wake up to the song cutie pie. They all dance. Pratik hugs Akasa.
Vishal talks to the camera and says I want more people to enter the house. Tejasswi mimics him.
Nishant tells Pratik and Akasa that I don’t like people cornering one person, it bothers me as I can’t do anything about it. Especially because it’s Pratik that’s being cornered. Pratik wanted to play and no one let him play at all, I was feeling sick. If Jay cares about money so much then why was he not stopping everyone? Nishant leaves. Akasa tells Pratik that I will talk to Karan. Pratik says my feelings got hurt because of Karan’s actions, I never expected him to do all that.

9:15 AM
BigG enters the house. He leaves the message and goes away. Pratik reads that you should take advantage of getting a chance to fulfill your dreams. Tejasswi says this is an awkward message. Nishant says this message was for Jay.

9:30 AM
Umar tells Ishaan that we have to make the perfect BB points. Ishaan says we will attack everyone from the 2nd round.
Tejasswi asks Nishant that he felt bad for Pratik but he always goes wrong. Nishant says no one is right in this house, I am not justifying his actions but Jay’s reasoning was so stupid. Jay is being revengeful towards Pratik. Tejasswi says we promised Jay to give this money back from our pockets. Nishant says no one else will give this money from their pockets but they will play the task. Vishal comes there and says I will convince Jay to play now.
Karan tells Umar that the creative team won’t like Afsana to leave the house, she is your strength as she is an entertaining inmate so just play with confidence. Karan and Umar go to Pratik. Karan asks Pratik to smile a little bit. Pratik says I gave my 100% to the task.

10:30 AM
Karan asks Vishal if he talked to Jay? Shamita says I tried talking to him but his choice is not to give this money. Karan says Jay is being stubborn. Vishal says he doesn’t use his brains. Karan says he keeps the grudge in himself.

12 PM
Nishant tells Pratik that I will give you time to make BB points, I will give you a fair chance. Just don’t retaliate to Jay, I gave chances to others yesterday but today I will give you the chance as you deserve it.
Miesha tells Simba that Nishant’s priority is Pratik and Akasa. Simba says I think Nishant is a fair player, he can favor Pratik but if I am working hard on the task then Nishant won’t disregard it.

12:15 PM
Tejasswi tells Karan that you have to make time to make relationships here. Karan says I am a conscious person, I was an obese kid so I have some issues when people are looking at me. I like to sit in corners. He says Nishant is also asking me to control my anger. Tejasswi says I will help you but don’t give importance to others this much. Don’t let Pratik affect you this much. He is actually very self-centered so don’t let him affect you. Karan says I was so angry at Pratik but I saw him sitting alone in the morning today and felt bad for him. I can’t switch off my affection like that. Tejasswi says fine but don’t show your weakness to everyone. I will keep a watch on you more. Karan says sure.
Vishal tells Umar that Tejasswi doesn’t have an individual game, she is tagging along with Karan. I don’t understand who is going where.

Nishant tells Akasa that last night I was working in the kitchen, Pratik was washing the dishes of others. I got emotional because nobody was letting him play in the task, who has a right to take away his chance? I got emotional.

12:30 PM
Tejasswi asks Jay to not act rebellious. Jay says it’s about my principles and I can’t go against them. Shamita says we are all playing for money. Jay says that’s a competition. Vishal says it’s a big show so they will let us earn it back. Jay says we don’t what will happen in the future. Tejasswi says Jay you are right with your principles but as a friend Bigg Boss is giving us a chance to enter the house, they will end the jungle area soon. Jay says I can’t play money games. Vishal says we will be proud of you anyway. Shamita says yes and just thinks about it.

12:45 PM
Shamita asks Vishal what is Tejasswi talking about? Vishal says she is not real at all, she thinks she has the maturity but she doesn’t have it, she just talks about herself. She just wants to show Jay that she is always right.
Umar tells Karan that Jay is going in a different direction. Karan says he is justifying his acts as he wants to look different.

3:45 PM
Karan asks Pratik if he is stressed? Pratik says no. Karan says you think I am plotting against you? Pratik says I heard that you are angry with me. Karan says yes, I am hurt. Pratik says I never question your acts or game. Yesterday Jay was playing with me in the first round so I put in the effort also. You can play against me and I will be fine with it. Karan says even if I am angry with you, I won’t make alliances against you. I don’t care Jay or Ishaan attacking me but you going against me has affected me. Pratik says I wouldn’t care if Jay had tackled me but it affected me when you tackled me.

4 PM
Akasa tells Karan that Nishant wants to favor Pratik in the game. Karan says Pratik should think about Nishant, Nishant is ready to destroy his relationships with Pratik but Pratik is not being conscious. He says Nishant is making everyone against him but Pratik is being selfish. Just tell Pratik to think about Nishant for once.

Tejasswi asks Nishant if he thinks they are all his enemies? Nishant says no but I see things from Pratik’s perceptive also. Tejasswi says you are becoming a villain because of taking Pratik’s side. Nishant says if people think I am going wrong because of Pratik then it’s their thinking.

4:30 PM
Umar asks Nishant if he will disqualify Pratik if he damages the property? Nishant says yes, I will disqualify everyone. Umar says why all? Nishant says I made this rule for everyone. If anyone breaks the property then all will be disqualified. We all have to bear the punishment together. He leaves. Ishaan says he has given the power to Pratik. Jay says if Pratik is not winning the task then he can damage the property and all will be disqualified.

5 PM
Bigg Boss tells the inmates that the last round of the task will start in a bit and the ticket price is 10 lacs which will be taken from winning prize. Ishaan says last round? Weren’t there 2 rounds left? Karan says everything is changed now.

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