Bigg Boss 16 10th February 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 10th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 16 10th February 2023 Written Episode

Day 133
Shiv comes on stage. Fans welcome him in Marathi. BB says welcome Shiv, winner of BB Marathi. The only player who will be a finalist for 2 BBs. Some people play with hearts and some with minds. There are rare ones who play with both. That credit goes to you. Mandali’s life. Shiv laughs. BB says there were many friends, Shiv did bind them. Sajid asked you to take care of mandali. You played this game fearlessly but respectfully. Shiv says I love you BB. BB says let’s recap your journey. They start with Shiv’s entry. They show Shiv’s stands for his friends. They show how he used to stand in front of Archana and Shiv. They show Shiv’s captaincy. Shiv is shown asking people to keep their words controlled. They show Archana and Shiv’s physical fight and Shiv taking a stand but then understanding what Salman explained and forgiving Archana. They show Shiv’s stance and make friends. They show when Shiv got a little weak in the confession room. They show Shiv’s pure bond with Abdu, Sajid, and Nimrit. They show he was always there for Abdu. They show his fun with Abdu. Abdu said you were always there when I was sad. Shiv’s friendship with mandali is shown. Shiv takes a stand in front of Priyanka. They show how he was provoked. They show Shiv and Nimrit’s fight. Shiv taking a stand for Sumbul. They show when Sajid and Shiv had a rift because of Nimrit but he resolved it. Sajid and Abdy leaving. Abdu said you are my brother. Shiv smiles looking at his moments with Abdu.

Shiv’s mom is shown. He laughs. Aai’s love for Shiv and everyone is recapped. Farah calls Shiv her new brother. They show Salman asking shiv’s aai about mandali. She said Shiv considers his friend’s family. Stan’s mom said they’re like brothers. I love their friendship. They show how mandali rocked together. They show how Shiv took a stand for Abdu and helped him become a captain. Shiv took a stand for MC when he had a fight with Stan. Shiv helped make Sajid captain. Shiv said it’s his family and he will protect it. They show Shiv’s effort in tasks and his support for Nimrit. They show Shiv, Abdu, and Stan asking the audience to not vote against each other. They show Abdu leaving. They show how Shiv always respected Abdu and took care of him. Shiv gets teary. BB says you have made the truest relationships here. Flashback shows Sajid’s eviction. Shiv cried and hugged him. BB says the brave Shiv Thakre got injured in the end. They show how even Priyanka called him a strong player. Sajid said he wants this from his heart. Shiv cries. The audience applauds him. Shiv says you all made me a hero today. BB says Shiv you showed how important this show and this platform are to you. We bow to you, and so do I. We’re proud. Shiv says thank you BB. I just need your blessings. Shiv shows his body.

11:30 PM
Shiv says they showed me everything. It had everything. It was so nice, I was in shock. It was like a movie. Archana says was there music? He says they showed my bond with everyone. It was such a good moment.

Stan comes on stage. He greets the fans. BB says Stan, what do you say? BB says you said you got this show just now, should we extend it? He says no BB. I look good on Tv. BB says let’s talk about your journey. Altaf urf MC Stan. You came from a small place with so many dreams. You wanted to make a name for the rapper community here. the entire country is now rapping and tapping on your songs. BB says you doing Tauqeer Sahab’s acting, sometimes feeling lonely, ups and downs, friends, your journey was a presentation of your true self. Shiv says I learned so much here. It was one of an experience. BB says you had your ammi’s blessings and your fan’s love. He says yes it’s all my mom’s prayers. BB says people kept counting your raps. The country loved your truth. Stan says I don’t like it fake. BB says you got so much love and fans. They start his video with shemri. His video is on his own song. They show Stan’s entry. His fun inside the house. They show everyone asking about his necklaces. His friendship with Shiv. They show how they also had fights. They show how they became brothers at the end of his sweet journey with Abdu. Thye show girls flirting with him. The video shows how he did a hunger strike for Sajid. How Stan was upset. He spoke to Priyanka that he wants to take a stand for Gauri. The video shows Stan breaking down and Abdu hugging him and his friends being there for him. They show mandali’s moments. Stan gets teary. Stan said I can never speak against my brothers. The video shows him getting Boba’s shirt. Stan said I was possessive about her. The video shows Stan taking a stand for Tina when she got injured and had a fight with Shalin.

The video shows Stan being there for Tina. Shalin tried to provoke him against Tina. Stan says the person who’s not loyal to anyone how can I be loyal. They show his fights with Shalin. They show his spats with Archana. Stan always accepts his mistake and Salman scolds him. Stan was nominated for 4 weeks straight. He got upset, and Abdu and Shiv cheered him up. They show Stan getting his mom’s letter. Stan’s mom coming to the house. She loved his friends. They how Stan’s concert on New Year. Everyone calling him real. Fans cheer up for Stan. Stan says love you Bigg Boss. BB says we feel you bro. BB says your originality will always be remembered on this show. You earned this respect, Haq Se. Stan thanks all his fans. He says thank you for all the love. This show has given me a lot. Stan says thank you BB it was so good.

1 AM
Archana comes out. Everyone cheers. Everyone asks kia chal raha hai (what’s up). Archana says I am so scared. I am so happy you’re all here. BB says Archana Gautamn, kia chal raha hai? You can tell them it’s your name that’s up everywhere. We will have some conversation in English now like you always wanted. You played very well. You have had many memorable moments here and BB16 will always be remembered with your memories. BB translates for her in Hindi. He says you made everyone laugh. You wrote poems for me. Now I’ve written a poem for you. Archana says I waited for this day. He reads a poem to her. BB says you are the lioness of this house. Let’s see your journey. They start with Archana’s laughter. They show Archana’s entry. Archana’s crazy moments, breakdowns, and fun in the house. The video shows Archana taking stands alone. Her fun with Abdu. They show Archana’s crazy conversations with Shalin and Gautam. The video shows Archana’s bond with Soundarya. Archana gets excited. The video shows Archana’s bond with Priyanka and their fights. They show when Archna came back and reunited with her friends. The video shows her being there for Soundarya. Vude shows her having fights with her friends as well. Archana says no one cares if she’s alone but she’s strong on her own. Archana asks Shalin to bring the doctor who asked him to eat chicken and his fights with Archana. Archana and Stan’s fights are shown. They show how everyone threw her things outside. Archana’s fight with Sajid. Her fight with Vikaas. The video shows Archana’s fight with Nimrit. The video shows when she had a spat with Shiv and she ended up going out of the show. They show Archana crying and requesting Shiv. They show her repenting over her actions and Salman bringing her back in. It shows Archana hugging Shiv and everyone. It shows her fun with Gulshan. The video shows all the roses Archana got. Her poetry and scenes with all celebrities. The video shows Archana flirting with BB. The video shows her crazy journey in the tasks. Archana dances happily. They show Archana’s moments with Maheen.

Fans cheer for Archana. Archana dances happily. She says thank you so much. I looked so pretty, it was so nice. BB says you have lived it to the fullest. The kitchen queen of this house. You won hearts here. Archana dances and says it was so good. Thank you BB. Archana says I feel so good. It feels like a dream.

Rohit Shetty comes to the house. Everyone claps.

Episode ends

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