Bigg Boss 16 4th December 2022 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 4th December 2022 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 16 4th December 2022 Written Episode

Day 63
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Stan says to Shiv she was mad at us. Shiv says her friendship changed in one day. Stan says she keeps saying I supported you. Tina says to Priyanka I don’t know what to do. If I fight for myself they say I don’t support Shalin. Soundarya and I joke about him but people say I am possessive. Priyanka says I’ve seen your face. Tina says I am not. I am not stopping him. He said he was done with me. I said okay fine. Shalin says to Ankit, why does it affect her so much what others say? Ankit says she’s image conscious. That’s her thing.

11:15 AM
Abdu says mosquitoes are biting me. Sajid says you will become a vampire soon. Nimrit says he is saying I will be a vampire soon. Sajid says should I leave you two alone? Abdu says what? Sajid says you said yes. Don’t fool me. Abdu says no brother. I didn’t say yes.

12:15 PM
Shiv and Stan tease Abdu. Soundarya says thank God Salman didn’t mention my friendship with Ankit. Priyanka would have killed me. Nimrit says but there’s no such thing. Soundarya says he’s started talking to everyone. She doesn’t let him talk. Nimrit says he doesn’t care.

1:45 PM
Priyanka comes to ot Soundarya. She says I was hurt. I was in a bad state of mind and I wanted him to explain. You know how attached I am to him. Soundarya says my intention wasn’t an intervention. Priyanka says I am sorry too. Things got very escalated. Sajid says to Ankit, Stan and you are only real. Everyone Abdu is faking some emotions now. Tina asks Shalin to sleep inside.

2 PM
Tina asks Sajid what did you speak to Shalin about? He says you both were smiling so I said you both have had that conversation and that you like each other. Tina says we do. Sajid says you dropped him like anything. Tina says because I am not possessive about him. I didn’t like what was said about him and myself. I don’t want people to say I am doing this for the show. I can’t be in love if I don’t know his past. Sajid says you’re very childish and confused. You would regret it if you don’t win the show either and then your reputation is also ruined. She says that’s my fear. It’s coming on my reputation. He says then stay away. Tina says I have been trying so hard for weeks now. He says you always give in. She says he says sorry. I want him to stay happy.

3:15 PM
Abdu sleeps with Stan. Abdu says I want to win 200,000 dollars. Archana says to Priyanka I am trying to fix myself. Priyanka says I am worried about work and marriage. Archan says I will find you a guy. She says Ankit? Priyanka says he doesn’t want to marry. Archana says then we will find you, another guy.

Sajid says to Tina and Shalin you both like each other. You’re grown-up adults. Have that conversation. Don’t drop him next time like that. Tina says I didn’t. Sajid says he was fighting for you, you were only fighting for yourself. Archana says to Priyanka your love is real. It’s time to be the hero. He will be yours. Tina says to Shalin people say I am possessive and I am using you. I don’t want anyone to say I am not letting you live. Shalin says are we fake? She says no. Shalin says then we shouldn’t worry about what people say. We like each other, we can’t deny that. Tina says if we were outside things were different. Shalin says Ankit says Bigg Boss is a game for Tina. Shalin says for me it’s a reality. Tian says it’s a reality show where people play games. Shalin says I don’t think that way, I am not playing any games. A genuine friend says we, not me. She says that’s why I am staying away from you. He says it’s impossible to make you understand anything. Tina says I don’t do things for the camera. I am not an easy person.

Archana sings for Bigg Boss hum bewafa hargiz naa that. Priyanka laughs. Shalin holds Tina’s hand. He says don’t be so stressed. Archana sings for herself and Priyanka, Abhi mujh mein Baki thori si hai Zindagi. Priyanka says don’t get emotional. Archana says how do you handle so much? I have one life. I want to do something. Priyanka says you can’t be perfect. Archana says but we can fix our mistakes.

6 PM
Stan and Shiv play with Abdu. Abdu hits his teeth on the wall. Nimrit says he broke his teeth. They check him.

8:30 PM
Priyanka says to Ankit I sat with Archana today. We had so many conversations. Why can’t I do the same with you? He says okay talk to me. Priyanka says I keep talking and then I talk about the game. So I became the villain. He says I did with this place. He hugs her. Priyanka says I wanted you to do better. People were saying you were doing better alone. That’s what I wanted. He says will you sleep in the same room? SHe says you should give space nad talk to people around. He says I can’t sleep. Priyanka says are you in love? She laughs. He says we should give space but we can sleep there.

Abdu acts like Ankit and Priyanka with Stan. Priyanka hugs Ankit. Ankit says give me a peck. She says we are friends He says friends can give you a peck. Nimrit says why is Shalin so upset? Sumbul says I feel bad for him but I don’t want to talk to him. Nimrit says yes please don’t. Shalin asks Abdu how are your teeth? He says Soundarya checked, and she said don’t eat from this side it will fall. Shalin says don’t listen to her. Abdu says I am joking. Ankit says I can take out your tooth. Abdu hits Shiv.

12:30 AM
Priyanka says to Soundarya Archana thinks you’re going on that side. Archana says you both are my friends. I consider you from the heart. Soundarya says you cross the limits. She’s never apologetic. Archana says I didn’t say anything wrong so I won’t say sorry. Soundarya says then don’t care about my hurt.

Day 64
8:45 AM
Sajid says to Abdu say go from here Nimrit. Abdu says no, Nimrit doesn’t joke with me now.

Ankit sits with Priyanka. Priyanka says if I were in your place I won’t have let this happen. I was standing here for you. It was my call, not yours. He says I have done what I did. Priyanka says I have become a villain in all this. I have to go out and live a normal life. I am a family-oriented person. I will get married. Will people say is she the kind of girl we want in our family? I always stand for my relations. Ankit hugs her. He says don’t cry, be happy. Play individual.

Archana says to Nimrit the washroom is so dirty. Nimrit says I will mention it to them. Archana says ask him. Nimrit says I will ask Shalin, Tina isn’t cleaning it. Nimrit says to Shalin Archana is not happy with the cleaning. Tina says I’ve cleaned it. She’s a problem with everything. Archana says we’ve also cleaned it you’re not doing us a favor on us. Tina says, an ill-mannered woman. Archana says we were not born with a silver spoon like you. Tina says I was lucky. Don’t keep barking. Archana says to Shalin to see how was she cleaning. Does Shalin soy mind your own work? It will be closed. Mind your own business. Archana says I will teach you manners in a day. Shalin says Salman told you your family would be ashamed of your words. Archana says he also called you fake. See your own manners. Nimrit says let it be, she will keep saying.

Archana says it wasn’t clean. Tina went for a shower. Shalin says she will clean it in 30 minutes. She doesn’t do her duty. Nimrit says let this topic end.

11:15 PM
Priyanka says someone said I protect him like a mother. Saajid says maybe he doesn’t want you as a mother, he wants you as a partner. Will you marry him if he says today marry me? She says he’s like a kid. He says will you marry someone else? Priyanka says I love him as a friend. I can marry someone else. We didn’t see each other that way. Sajid says wow really? You both are habitual to each other. It’s like an addiction.

11:45 AM
Sajid says Nimrit you’re so beautiful. Sajid says she has a boyfriend. She won’t even talk to you after 15 January. You will go to her, she will be like who are you? Ankit and Priyanka eat with each other. Tina says Ankit is looking good today. Shalin says Ankti she thinks you look good. Tina says he is good looking what can I do? Ankit makes a move for her. Tina says gorgeous. Shalin says we will see. Ankit says it was for you Shalin. Tina says I am a fan girl. Ankit leaves.

12:30 PM
Shalin takes his food. Tina says listen. Shalin says it’s very spicy to Sumbul. She says to eat with an egg. Sumbul says take your oatmeal. Shalin asks Tina if was it a joke. She says yes. Shiv says Shalin is very clever. Sajid says Sumbul was smiling. Nimrit says why does ssheh get awkward? Shiv says this is all seen on TV. Sajid says he’s doing this for captaincy. Shalin comes and says I was only talking to her about oats. Tina hugs Shalin. Sajid says this is Tina’s friendship. Shiv laughs.

1 PM
Shekhar comes as Stan’s doppelganger nd sings with him. He sings with Stan. He says Priyanka might be thinking of getting between Johnny Depp and Amber Hard too. People are after Soundarya’s ring after they lost the 25 lacs. He says Tina didn’t like shiv calling her dear but she was okay when someone called her a dirty woman. Bigg Boss keeps telling Soundarya to not speak English. He says Ankit if you eat Priyanka and Archana’s leftover food. you will start talking too. He says Tina I have a top for you to become captain. Hit someone, get eliminated, go to a ship, and kick the captain. You will be captain of that ship. He says Shalin wanted to be in the spotlight, he became spot boy. He got bro zone from Soundarya, a friend-zoned from Tina, and got dead-zoned from Sumbul.

2:45 PM
Tina says Soundaarya what has she cooked? Soundarya says khichdi. She says it’s not cleaning. Tina says it will take time. Sajid says I am trying. Nimrit says it’s not your duty. Nimrit says it happens. Tina says it’s not doing in the drain. Priyanka clens it. She says it was normal. How could she not do it? Nimrit says she did the same with the bathroom.

3 Pm
Priyanka says it cleaned in one minute. Archana says she doesn’t work she thinks she was born with a silver spoon. Tina says I am privileged. Archana says you’ve to work here. Don’t eat free food and pretend to have your leg broken. Tina says that’s why they sent a doctor.

3:15 PM
Sajid says to Sumbul you’re losing the track again. She says he was asking about breakfast only. Sajid says what did your dad say? She says to stay away. I am not talking to him. Sajid says you’re trying. Sumbul says I swear on my dad. Sajid says to be careful. You’re my concern. Stay happy. Do what you want. If you’re in my care circle so I care for you. It’s okay but I know you crave love.

4:15 PM
Tina asks Stna why did you think my heart is black? He says you didn’t speak to me. You had a fight with them. Tina says it felt so bad. I was hurt that day.

7:30 PM
Bigg Boss says I heard you all speaking yesterday. You have been here for 9 weeks. Away from your family with strangers. You miss your family. Nimrit says yes a lot. He says I know some of you are hurt. I know you all need love, not scolding. You all need emotional support. You can do heart-to-heart with me. Your tears aren’t a sign of weakness. It is your strength. You are not fake and I am proud of that. No one has medicine for all the pains. but some things get better when you let them out. I am oepning confessioon room. You can come one by one and talk to me.

Shiv gets teary. Shalin asks what happened. Nimrit hugs him. Shalin says missing family? Abdu hugs Sajid. Ankit hugs Priyanka. Bigg Boss asks Priyanka to come to the confession room.

8 PM
Bigg Boss says Priyanka you look emotional. Priyanka says I am strong but with Ankit, I am losing myself. I am forgetting why I came here. It’s reflecting badly on me. Bigg Boss asks what’s your relationship? Priyanka says we’re friends but his happiness becomes my priority. I love him being happy. We are friends. Bigg Boss says with this friendship this show has become a second priority. Priyanka says no. Now for three days, he spoke to people and I looked like a villain. I never stopped him. It’s the fault of my overprotective nature. I told my dad, I will make you proud. Now I am worried about them, my work, I am a simple girl. Who will get married? This is how I will look like I am nagging. You get that taunt because of Ankit. Did he ever say you don’t nag and you help him for his better? Priyanka says no. I told him the same. Bigg Boss says why has it become a one-sided responsibility? Your questions are valid. Will you break your promise to your dad that you make will him proud as a friend? Priyanka says never. Bigg Boss says if you’re not here Ankit will find many friends. Will you have another friend? Priyanka says I know. I don’t get too friendly. I can’t sort it with them it will look fake. Bigg Boss says you and Ankit are friends. Did you come here as his mentor? Priyanka says no. Bigg Boss says if Ankit wins, Salman will say Ankit has won. Not that Ankit has won because of Priyanka. Only his name would go down. priyanka says even Ankit won’t say it. She cries. Bigg Boss says you know everything yet you want to lose such a big chance? Priyanka cries and says I know everything. I say okay now I will play for myself. Bigg Boss says three emotional breakdowns because of the relationship where you’re not equally valued. Priyanka says you’re right. It won’t happen again. Thank you.

Priyanka comes out. Ankit hugs her. He says you have cried so much. She says I didn’t care. Ankit says don’t lie. Are you okay? He hugs her and says did he ask you to not hug me? Priyanka says no no. I feel cold.

8:30 PM
Shiv comes into a confession room. Bigg Boss says you got emotional? He says you said all that it made me emotional. I was missing family since yesterday. People think I am strong so I can’t even cry. There are people who care but do not like family. Bigg Boss says are you going wrong anywherE? He says everyone thinks I am over-smart. I don’t want to do anything that can make my mom cry. I give people the benefit of the doubt. Even people like Shalin. I became friends with Nimrit and Sajid. One weekend, I felt like I am doing something wrong. A little hug would make me feel better. Shiv says hug from who? Beena? He says yes Beena or aai. Bigg Boss says being emotional isn’t a sign of weakness. Who is your person in the house? He says Sajid, Abdu, Nimrit, and Stan. Bigg Boss says if you try to own someone just because they’re close to someone you’re close to, you push yourself too much. He says Sumbul? She looks like a little sister to me. I try to help her. Bigg Boss says you listen to your heart and support people. But don’t look like other people’s support system.

Ankit dances with Priyanka. Shiv says this is my dream. I always wanted to come here. Bigg Boss says your truthfulness is being seen. You’re playing from the heart. Stay determined. He says thank you, sir. Shiv speaks to Nimrit. He says Bigg Boss spoke to me about all the confusion I had.

9:15 PM
Bigg Boss asks Archana what are you cooking? Sajid says our minds. Bigg Boss says Archana to come to the confession room. Archana says first I am sorry. I don’t want to fight with you. He says you started crying and singing yesterday. She says I sang for you. We can’t feel anyone is family here other than you. He says you got emotional for me? She says yes. Bigg Boss says your points are never wrong just your language. We heard you will change. Will you be able to live here if you fake yourself? Archana cries and says I never break hearts. I don’t know how have I become like this here because of these people. I keep my house clean and decorated. Bigg Boss says Archana is true to herself. Don’t make a peacock out of your own self. Archana says I am a little scared of Salman sir. Bigg Boss says he asked you to create a balance. Archana says I will be myself. Abdu says Bigg Boss will call you Ankit. He says what will he talk to me about? He will say Ankit listen.. He will start crying instead. Priyanka says he will tell you his problems with them.

9:30 PM
Archana says two bodies one life. Shalin and Tina are going together. Bigg Boss says we called you both together because your problem is the same. You both are scared how are you looking outside? Tina says people name friendships here badly. And then all that the fans said I don’t know how am I being portrayed outside. Bigg Boss says there is a horoscope column in front of you. Tina reads starts thinking about your improvements and implements them from today. You have been known to make promises not deliver them. Shalin read about Tina don’t take things personally when a loved one isn’t eyeing to eye at you. Bigg Boss says this is why we don’t want you to focus on the outside world. Shalin says I don’t think a lot about people. I can’t change myself and decisions based on people. Iw don’t be me. tina says there’s also fear in their heart what will people say? How will people project even a hug? I get scared, then I draw a thin line. He’s my only friend here. Bigg Boss says if you only keep fearing what’s happening outside and what will people think you won’t be able to live here freely. That’s why I did this exercise with you. Shalin says I tell her the same. Just live. Don’t care about what people say. Tina says you give us such small happiness. They go outside. Shalin says I tell you the same. He hugs her and says Bigg Boss is annoyed. She says, are you? He says to stop thinking about people.

10 PM
Bigg Boss calls Stan and Abdu. He says Stan no one can take you out of this house. He says both love music. Bigg Boss plays a song by Stan. Abdu dances. Abdu says I love it. Stan says I feel so good, thank you. Abdu and Stan get chocolates. Tina hugs Stan and says I am so happy you’re here with me in this house. Abdu hides all the chocolates. Nimrit checks her box is empty.

Episode ends

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