Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update

Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Update by Atiba

Bigg Boss 16 8th February 2023 Written Episode

Day 130
8 AM
Everyone wakes up and sings the anthem. Priyanka says to Stan I have coffee, take mine. She says I forgot about it. Shiv comes. Stan says she gave me coffee. Shiv says such a nice girl. They laugh. Archana says Mandali thinks only they have given the show entertainment. Shalin says Sajid and Abdu gave content. Archana says Sajid made the mandali and now they’re only benefiting from it. Priyanka asks Stan what earrings she should wear? He says this one. Shiv and Stan giggle. Shiv asks what is happening. Priyanka sings. Shiv and Stan ask her to sing again. Shiv dances with her. They try to sing. Priyanka laughs. She says sing deewana dil.

4:45 PM
Media comes to the house. BB welcomes them and says you can ask contestants any question. A guy asks Stan about love, hate, and a one-day attack. Who would give this line too? Stan says Archana only. She does it in 10 minutes. Another asks Priyanka if she spoke to Tina about intimate things between Tina and Shalin. Priyanka says she was sharing with me. I was saying not to say on TV if she’s not comfortable. I get protective of my friends. Another asks Shalin you made fun of Nimrit’s medical condition and then you were at the same point. Then after Tina left you’re low suddenly became high, and you were dancing. It’s not like a switch. Shalin says I was struggling but my panic got better. A doctor was also treating me. He asks Shiv and Stan if they called it acting and then questioned Priyanka for mocking yet you did the same. Shiv says she was upset. We were there for him. We were joking to make him feel better. Stan says and he acted so many times that we were confused. Shalin says they were good to me. Another asks Shiv, Sajid was a director who plotted your game. Is his direction gone now? Shiv says I am not an actor. I know how to portray for real. He’s a good human and I considered him a friend. If I was looking for big names I would become friends with Priyanka. Sanchita asks Priyanka, when Shiv talks about his friends he talks about Priyanka. Don’t you think you could play together? Shiv says our way was different.

Another asked Shiv Nimrit and Abdu said they wanted to see you as a winner. Would you sacrifice the trophy for Stan? Shiv says I would be happy if he wins but I would be happier if I win. I can say any unrealistic thing to sound like a hero. Hasti asks Archana and Priyanka if their friendship was convenient. Priyanka says no but we did have contention with her words which she is now trying to improve. Another asks Shalin you always say Shalin is a curse? He sends people out. Archana says yes that’s how he is. His kundli can burn your kundli. Shalin says I feel honored. Ridhi asks Stna you always compliment Priyanka from your room and say she looks good. Why don’t you ever tell her that? Stan says I told her. And she would get on my head. Everyone laughs. Priyanka says thank you, Stan. Naina asks Archana you were telling people the cost of food and then you lost groceries 3 times. Archana says the last time I was giving the 4th number which was wrong. Ankita asks Archana did you plan to become Rakhi with all the fight? Archana says no. Akriti asks Stan you said you’re here because of fans. Yet you’re like you want your friends to win, then why should the audience vote for you? Stan says I think the same. If my bro wins I will be happy. It’s the same. Mandali includes me too. Another asks Priyanka you scold Archana for torturing in the task. She was tortured outside it too. Priyanka says you can’t forget humanity. His eye isn’t okay. My nose is also bruised. It goes both ways. Another asks Priyanka you say others cry for sympathy. Priyanka says I liked Sumbul but I had to say something. Surbhi asks Archana you and Shiv had a fight and you went out and you came back. Within 24 hours you did the same things. Archana says I couldn’t just be scared all the time. I had to play. Another asks Stan we all saw you were not interested. Then you saw Stan 2.0. What triggered you? Stan says it was too much for me at the start. Then I learned here slowly. Another asks Priyanka, you said Nimrit got privileged but you also came here with a friend. Priyanka says it wasn’t my decision for Ankit. We were there for each other. It wasn’t my benefit. Another asks Shalin you speak against women. Shalin says no. Another asks Shalin are you weak with relationships? Shalin says I am weak regardless. It’s okay. I am not perfect.

Sonali asks Archana do you fight with Shiv and Stan because they’re stronger so you can get in light too? Archana says I don’t consider them strong from start. Everyone laughs. Priyanka says she’s right. Lipika asks Shiv your strategy isn’t showing here. Shiv says I fell in love there but I can’t fake it. She aks sif you wanted who would it be? Shalin says Archana. Another asks Shiv you accuse people that they played women’s cards. Stan said many bad things about Priyanka. Priyanka says no girl has played any such card. Shiv says they do play. Sarita asks Stan you are very real but you came to Shiv flight and landed here in finale. If you didn’t would you be here? Stan says he’s my friend. He understands me. Almas asks Shalin when Tina came back you lost 25 lacs and said take 25 lacs from me. Why do you keep showing money? Shalin says I don’t have too much money I just said it in emotions. Monica asks Shalin, she says good man, you’re still playing victim card. You said Tina’s name against yesterday. Shalin says no one plays victim card. I take ownership of what I’ve done. Another asks Shiv if you played alone would you be here? Shiv says you can’t live alone here all day. I would still have friends. I like making friends. Sana asks Shalin half season you played lover boy and then broken heart. There is a mastermind behind this confused guy. Was the connection your masterstroke or the breakup? Shalin says I had a different perception. I had many different bonds here. They changed with time. Nawaz asks Shalin you played this game based on girls. Who is real Shalin? Shalin says this is how I am. Archana says he’s baba Shalin. Shiv says he will be in temple after this Shalin baba. Shalin says I am a normal guy. Archana says we’ve never seen a normal guy like this. Priyanka says this is how he is, you asks something and get anther answer. Vijya asks Priyanka you stayed silent when Shalin said bad things about a girl. Shalin said Nimrit and Soundarya wear torn clothes. Priyanka says I always speak against it. She asks Archana you had to throw Ankit out and made Shiv your hero. Then you got insecure. Then same happened with Stan. Archana says I don’t insecure with anyoen’s success. BB thanks all the media.

6:30 PM
Priyanka says to Archana Stan and Shiv said such bad things about me. It’s so weird. Archana says that’s how they are. Stan says you were interrupting when I was talking to Shalin. Shalin says I can talk how I like. Stan says don’t act like this with me. Shalin says what’s the problem? Stan says you know how to act decent. Stan says you said yes yes in a threatening way. Priyanka says Shiv said I could be with Priyanka too. As if we were dying. Archana says if Sajid wasn’t here, the mandali won’t have happened. Priyanka says shiv was collecting people for his mandali. Stan says you play victim all the time. Shalin says I am not the victim of anything. Stop talking to me. Shalin says to be reasonable. Stan says you’re fighting. Archana says Stan finally woke up. Archana says we’re going home in 5 days. Shalin says I was speaking normally. Stan says you ruined the whole point. Shalin says what is even the problem. Archana says stop it. Shalin says sorry bro. Stan says to be happy. Stan says what a man.

7 PM
Priyanka says to Stan and Shiv you both spoke about my looks. Stan says we said she has a cut like a guy. And you said walk. Stan says you ask people to go. Priyanka says you said I want two boyfriends? Stan says I said that in your face. Priyanka says I am not fighting. I am having a normal conversation. Shiv says he said I won’t go with you because you have a guy already. Priyanka says go doesn’t mean. I’ve never spoken about anyone’s looks, body, or clothes. Ask Archana or Shalin if I ever did. Shiv says he was joking. He said her face cut is good.

BB says Archana how many days are left? She says 5. BB keeps repeating it. He says 5 days are left for the audience to choose the winner. The last days also change the decisions. It also has an impact. Priyanka says did you get something? He’s saying the show hasn’t ended. If anyone is fighting, they can. Shiv says she was trying to create a fight. Shalin comes to Stan and says if you have a problem, I wanted to complete it. Stan says let it be. Archana says Priyanka cut onions and potatoes. Priyanka says I made breakfast too. Archana says you will decide on duties now. Archana says I am doing cleaning as well. Priyanka says I do my work. Shalin asks Archana are you making roti? She says yes our queen has a problem working. She doesn’t work. Priyanka says you said you wanna cook. Don’t say things if you cant. Shiv says BB reminded them of 5 days left, so they thought let’s start on roti again. They’re machines. Archana says I will see how you workout tomorrow. I cooked three times. Priyanka says no one can stop me. Archana says Priyanka only 4 days are left and you’ve to do this. You’ve no shame. Priyanka says I cooked breakfast. Shalin says Shiv has to stand there and show he’s the guru. Priyanka says I clean the kitchen. Shalin says this is their understanding to drag points. Shiv says no one is fighting with us so we are fighting with each other. Vote for us. Archana says see yourself. Crazy woman. Priyanka says I am making rotis already.

10:15 PM
Priyanka says Bunty told me Stan said I look good. Stan says I used to tease Sumbul and Nimrit. Stan says Boba will kill me. Priyanka laughs. Archana cries inside. She says no one talks to me. Everyone said I act. No one is there to be my shoulder. Priyanka says Shalin was answering something else. Shiv says he is very sharp. Archana says she sp smart. Now she is trying to act nice to Stan and Shiv. She said Stan is right.

12 AM
Shalin walks outside. Shalin talks to the horse. He says good night. You will stay here. We will go.

Episode ends

Precap-Priyanka meets her fans. BB says you came here with a friend but still you were lonely many times. You had a lot of courage and vision to speak against everyone and stand up for their right. They play her flashback. Sajid said she’s a leader, not a follower. BB says your voice had made places in hearts. Shalin comes on stage. He meets his fans.

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